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More International Quilt Market Pictures

 This week is such a busy week for me!–School is out which is always excited and we go right into frantic VBS prep.  Our VBS starts on Sunday and as one of 2 VBS directors that means this week gets quite busy for me!  I love it though–I have always wanted to be involved in a serious way with Vacation Bible School and am so excited to be involved every year.  I could almost get a little bit teary about it–it is just so fun to plan for & exactly where I feel I am supposed to be right now at this stage in my life.  I am sure that those of you who have been plugged into your perfect ministry know just what I’m talking about. =)

With that being said, I have found that as my mind gets to going 100 miles an hour, sitting down and spending some time at the computer whether it’s via blogging, designing, or just to answer emails, gives me a little bit of down time and I feel ready to tackle my to do list in a much more productive way.  Whew!–That was a long sentence! =)

So this is my VBS downtime Quilt Market report round 2. =)

Fig Tree

I wanted to kick off this round with pictures of one of my favorite booths at Quilt Market–the Fig Tree booth.  I love this line of fabric–I love the new patterns–large and mini.  Just beautiful!

Fig Tree Quilts

Next up is Hatched & Patched, “Gossip in the Garden” quilt.  Every time this quilt pops up somewhere I think it’s the cutest ever.  This quilt has it all–embroidery, applique, great blocks, all over cuteness.  I was excited to see this one in person.

Gossip in the Garden


This is Moda’s Modern Building Blocks quilt which is pretty stellar.  Definitely caught my eye every time I walked past.

Modern Building Blocks

I had to snap a picture of Playful Petals in the United Notions booth! =)

Playful petals

I chatted a bit with Vanessa of Lella Boutique.  She was debuting her first line with Moda, Into the woods.  She was the sweetest ever! =)  Her fabric palette is beautiful.



Next up Violet Craft’s new line, Brambleberry Ridge.  Really pretty line & some great patterns coming out.

Violet Craft Booth


This pillow was adorable.  On another note, I used the word “adorbs” to my husband last week just to see what he would say.  I thought he was going to fall over laughing–I don’t think I’m an “adorbs” saying sort of person.

Violet Craft Pillow


So, there you have it!–Some more photos to wet your fabric buying appetite! =)

Pillows Projects

Christmas Pillows

For Unto You

Whew!–I am so glad to be able to sit down and take a minute to relax!–Remember that quilt I referenced last week that I thought I was going to complete over the weekend and then have time to work on Elonie’s binding?–Well, I just finished it about an hour ago.    I seriously underestimated the amount of time it was going to take!–I think it was a combo of the size, it’s a queen, and the amount of applique.  At any rate, it is finished and I can now move on to a project that I’ve been itching to work on!  Well, after I get my house/laundry back in shape–they are both out. of. control.

Pillow Centers

A few weeks back, I had the idea to design and print out some fabrics that could be used for some cool Christmas pillows.  I ended up with 3 different designs and uploaded my designs to Spoonflower and had them printed.

Pillow Center

Aside, from printing out some quilt labels with Spoonflower previously, this was my first try at fabric and overall I am happy with the result.  I didn’t realize that often Spoonflower is unable to print a “black” fabric–so, the fabrics I received are more of a dark grey instead of the darker designs I uploaded–my designs were more “chalkboardy”.  However, I am still happy with the result and I might try re-printing them on a different base fabric to see what happens.


I plan to surround the pillow centers with some sort of pieced border(s) and I was looking at some fabrics this morning to use for them.


I ended up pulling a selection of mostly Moda fabrics–there are just a couple Denyse Schmidt fabrics in their and the Laurie Wisbrun stripe at the top will make a perfect binding fabric.

I can’t wait to start working on these pillows!

Today I’m linking up with Lee’s WIP Wednesday. =)

Giveaways Quilts

Nightfall Quilt Pattern & Scraps Giveaway

Nightfall is the quilt that I was working on last week for P&B Textiles for Quilt Market.  I designed this quilt to showcase P&B’s “Intersections” line of fabric.  It’s a paper pieced pattern and is now available for free on P&B’s website here.

If you haven’t tried paper piecing before, this is a pretty simple pattern and would make a great 1st project.

I always like seeing what my patterns look like in other fabrics–so here’s an idea of what it would look like in HoneySweet–Fig Tree Quilts newest line of fabric.

I just happen to have some scraps left over of Intersections that I would be happy to pass on to a new home.  This fabric won’t be available for a couple weeks yet so if you’ve been itching to get your hands on some now is your chance!  Intersections will also be for sale at Hawthorne Threads once it’s available.

Just leave me a comment to enter to win some Intersections scraps and I’ll draw a winner next week.

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Embroidery Projects

Deck the Halls Placemats Embroidery Patterns Freebie

Hey all!–I’m glad to sneak in some blogging time in between several patterns I am writing up and some quilts I am working on for quilt market.  I love this time of year with all the new fabrics coming out and exciting new patterns!

You all may remember my Wedding Wishes Quilt and Love Pillows from the Moda Sweet Celebrations Book.

But, what you didn’t know was that I had another project accepted into the book–a set of Embroidered Christmas Placemats.  Unfortunately, due to the size of the book, they ended up being dropped from the book.

I had planned to share them with you last year, along with the free pattern, but that sneaky big project I’ve mentioned here and there over the last year was hogging up all of my time last fall and I never got around to sharing them with you.

I know many of you are gearing up and diving into Christmas projects and thought now would be a great time to share these with you.

The set of 4 placemats feature cute, simple embroidery and a bit of applique.  The piecing is also super simple.  I love an easy quick decorating project or gift idea that comes together quickly!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the font info. for the applique(it has been two years!).  But, they were fonts that I had in Microsoft Word that I sized appropriately.  It’d be no problem for you to choose your own fonts and size them—or leave off the applique altogether.

I’m giving away the placemat instructions and the embroidery patterns for you all!  So you can whip up some cute placemats of your own. =)

This little guy is my favorite!

Deck the Table Placemats Instructions

Snowman Embroidery Pattern 

Reindeer Embroidery Pattern 

Santa Claus Embroidery Pattern 

Christmas Tree Embroidery Pattern

I machine stippled all of the placemats being careful not to quilt over the applique or embroidery.  After machine quilting, I added a bit of hand quilting using 8wt. perle cotton.  The edges of my applique were completed using a blanket stitch on my machine.  The fabrics I used were from Sweetwater’s Countdown to Christmas line.  These fabrics are hard to find as they are out of print but, Christmas Countdown by Deb Strain has a very similar feel to my original fabric and is currently available.

If you use my embroidery patterns to make placemats or use them for another cute project I’d love if you’d share them!


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Winter’s Lane Framework Quilt

Today, I’m sharing another new pattern with you. =)  The name of this pattern is Framework and it will be available for you free on the RJR Fabrics website shortly! =)

I purchased Kate & Birdie’s Winter’s Lane fabric to use to test my quilt pattern & I love the way my quilt turned out!  I still need to add the borders yet but I think it’s just as pretty without them.

I love the framed birdie print fabrics in this quilt.  Really, any fabrics that lend themselves to fussy cutting work really well.  Wait until you see the line of fabrics this quilt is designed to complement…so cute!

I think I dived into making this quilt the day I shared the fabrics with you.  After photographing them, I couldn’t wait to get started. =)

This quilt is an easy quilt and the pattern will work well for beginning quilt makers and beyond.

I will be sure to share with you when the pattern is available for download!  Speaking of free patterns, my Grace’s Flower Garden Quilt pattern is now available free on the RJR Website!  If you have been waiting for this pattern you can go and snag it now! =)

Thanks so much for swinging by my blog!  If you make any quilts using my pattern(s) I’d love if you’d share them in my flickr group–LMS Quilts! =)

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Fabric Fabric Stash

Winter’s Lane Fabric

I have been just itching for a reason to purchase some Winter’s Lane fabric.  My LQS got the complete collection in several weeks ago and the last 3 times I’ve been in I have ogled this fabric trying to figure out if I need it and what to make with it.

You might remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned this fabric in my Supersized intro. post.  I thought this would make a beautiful SuperSized sampler.  I almost convinced myself to purchase some then to make another sampler but then I thought that I really don’t “need” two samplers.

 It was totally that aqua & red berry fabric that kept calling my name.  It’s my favorite print from the whole line.  It’s the perfect aqua-y, not too teal color.  Well, and of course the cute birdies.  Which incidentally are perfect with the aqua berries.

And, come in delightful colors.

They are going to lend themselves very nicely to some fussy cutting.  I also really like that this line is a “Winter” line and not a Christmas line.

I have another pattern that I designed for RJR fabrics that I need to test and these fabrics will do just the trick.  I had planned to use fabrics from my stash–but new fabrics sounded a lot more exciting.  Plus, I had been searching for a reason to purchase them! =p

I am waiting on one fabric that my LQS already sold out of from this line.  It’s just like the aqua berry print except in that fab taupe color.

It should be here soon and then I am diving into these fabrics–actually I might have to start doing some cutting today. =)  I love when Moda gets new fabric designers!  This is Kate & Birdie’s first line of fabric for Moda and they have another cute one coming out next month called Bluebird Park.  Actually you can purchase pre-cuts for Bluebird Park already.

Anything fancy you have your eye on these days?

Projects Quilts

It’s Free Thursday {Free Patterns From Moda}

Last week I shared some of my favorite free patterns available on the Art Gallery Fabrics website.  This week I’m sharing some of my favorite free Moda ones!  As if Moda Bake Shop didn’t have enough free goodness, the United Notions website has designer freebies!

I love this pattern and it’s available free here:

Image Courtesy of United Notions

I love the new fabric line Sweet Baby Jane & this great pattern perfectly showcases these great fabrics!:

Image Courtesy of United Notions

This quilt has been on my to do list ever since I it became available!  I think the colors are perfect and the design is stellar.  Here’s the free pattern:

Photo Courtesy of United Notions

This is a great quilt pattern by Kate Spain which showcases her Good Fortune line of fabric:

Photo Courtesy of United Notions

And last but not least(this is another one that I would love to make!) is this free Urban Cowgirl pattern by Urban Chics:

Photo Courtesy of United Notions

You will find more free Moda patterns available here.  I hope you find some great ones to add to your growing to make list!

Projects Quilts

Dancing Pinwheels {A Free Quilt Pattern}

Welcome to anyone visiting from the Electric Quilt blog today!–and of course welcome to you who visit me often! =)  I was excited to be contacted by Heidi of The Electric Quilt Blog last month to see if I would be interested in being featured on their blog.  The first sentence of her email was “We noticed your website and it looks like you use EQ7”..oh boy, do I ever!

Long time followers of my blog have seen many of my finished designs but maybe not that much behind the scenes of my design process.  Almost everything I design begins in Electric Quilt–from the initial block designs to the finished quilt layout.  Above you can see the finished quilt design for my Organic Elements Quilt which I designed for Moda Bake Shop.

Free Tutorial available here: http://www.modabakeshop.com/2012/03/organic-elements-quilt.html

I am able to try out different fabric options and see what works and what doesn’t work quite as well.  My Organic Elements quilt doesn’t work nearly as well in prints–and the addition of sashing in the solid version was a must.

Many fabric companies offer their fabrics as free scans online which can very easily be imported into Electric Quilt which allows you to see exactly what your quilt will look like as a finished product.

Always Blooming Fabrics by P&B Textiles

Moda Fabrics does a wonderful job of providing free fabric scans for anyone to use.  You can find all of them available here.

When I designed the Ruby, Pearl, & Opal quilt:

Ruby, Pearl, & Opal Quilt Free Pattern Available here: http://www.modabakeshop.com/2011/09/ruby-pearl-and-opal-quilt.html

I had originally planned to use Central Park by Kate Spain:

Central Park Fabrics for Ruby, Pearl, Opal Quilt

 But when it came time for my fabrics to arrive, Moda didn’t have the precut  in Central Park that I needed to complete the quilt.  Making the change to the Ruby line of fabric was a no brainer after seeing it in those fabrics!

 I have also totally used EQ to make cool coloring pages for my daughters.  I’ve got a whole portfolio of these to keep them busy on a rainy day!

Today, I’m excited to be sharing my Dancing Pinwheels block with you all.

This is a great little easy block that’ll look neat in any setting…basic horizontal layout:

On point(it’s so easy to try out different layouts in EQ):

Or in solids:

And here’s the easy little block pattern:

Click picture to enlarge image

The HST units will finish at 4 1/2″ within the block so instead of cutting triangles as indicated by EQ you could also cut squares at 5 1/2″ and piece them using this method(trim after pressing):

Also, in my Dancing Pinwheel layouts I have two different block orientations.  To achieve the 2nd orientation, all you have to do is cut your piece A blocks diagonally in the opposite direction (instead of cutting them from the lower left corner to the upper right corner, cut them from the upper left corner to the lower right corner).  If you are using a solid background fabric that you can use either the back of the fabric or the front of the fabric you can cut them all the same and just use the opposite side for a portion of the blocks.

Thank you so much Heidi for featuring me over on the Electric Quilt Blog!  I hope you all have enjoyed this tiny little peek into my design process!

Projects Quilts

Fresh Forest Quilt & Giveaway

I’m always pumped when I get to share another finished project with you all!  This is my Fresh Forest quilt which I designed for the holiday issue of Stitch Craft Create.

Fresh Forest is made using Vintage Modern & Ruby fabrics–both by Bonnie & Camille for Moda.  This is the bundle of fabric that I used.

The quilting was done by Mary of Quilt Hollow.  She used an all over pattern which turned out beautifully.

Of course I went with a stripey binding–it totally reminds me of peppermints or candy canes…perfect for this quilt!

The folks over at Stitch Craft Create Magazine liked my design so much they asked me to make a 2nd quilt for them.  This time using Tilda fabrics.

I was very excited to work with the Tilda fabrics.  They’ve been on my radar for awhile now–they are fabulous in person.

Photo Courtesy of Stitch Craft Create

The kit for the Tilda version of Fresh Forest can be found here.

And of course, SCC has been kind enough to send me an extra issue of Stitch Craft Create to give away to a lucky reader.  Just leave me a comment!

Fabric Stash


Today’s the big 34 for me…does anyone else have trouble remembering how old they are? Seriously, I’m all…”so, I was born in ’78, that makes me 30 in ’08–add another 4 years…ok so I must be 34 this year…Ryan is 3-4 years older than me so he’s 37 right now…so, yeah 34 sounds right”. It is such a thought process each time I try to figure out how old I am–Chloe thinks I’m nuts that I have such a hard time remembering. But now, I think I have it figured out…see Tracey, is 1 year younger than me and her birthday is exactly 1 week before mine. So, as long as she posts every year on her birthday, I should be good to go! =p

Everyone attending Quilt Market this weekend or visiting there LQS in the upcoming months is in for a realy treat. The new lines are all just marvelous! I was anxious to see Vanessa’s debut line of fabric after seeing her sneak peeks on her blog;

Pinned Image
Photo Courtesy of http://www.vanessachristenson.com

It totally doesn’t disappoint!–Wonderful line of fabric and I love seeing those purples in there–definitely need more purple fabrics!

Aneela’s new line “Sew Stitchy” fab as usual! You can see a great quilt Aneela made using Sew Stitchy here.

And I’ve been scoping out Kate Spain’s new line Cuzco–I always love a fabric line that has a rainbow of colors & I always feel like Kate really incorporates color into her fabric designs…love it!

And we all know how I feel about Bonnie & Camille’s lines of fabric–fabulous! Another little bundle of Vintage Modern fits right in!

Thank you, Thank you Moda Fabrics!