Cerulean Dreams Quilt04.11.14

Blue Stars

I hope you guys aren’t tired of seeing new quilts!  Last fall I worked on a number of magazine quilts and they are all coming out at the same time!  This is Cerulean Dreams–I looove this one!

Cerulean Dreams

As I was working on this quilt, I kept calling it Blue Plate Special because all I could think about was this type of Blue & White Porcelain Dishes.

Image Courtesy of Mothology.com

Image Courtesy of Mothology.com

The fabrics I used are from the Meridian line of fabric by P&B Textiles.  McCall’s Quilting is actually having a giveaway thru May 31st if you’d like to win some of your own!


This quilt features applique–but, you might be surprised how simple the applique is on this quilt.  I used one of the fabrics in a nifty way that makes the applique quite a bit simpler than it appears. =)


Cerulean Dreams is featured in McCall’s Quilting May/June 2014.  You can see my quilt on the cover!–That’s always a fun sight for a designer to see.  =)

Cover full (1)

Hope you all have a wonderfully productive weekend!

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Mini Medallion Quilt04.01.14

Mini Medallion Quilt

The past couple of weeks I have been working on a new pattern, Mini Medallion.  The finished mini is 25″ square making it an adorable wall hanging or even a table topper.

Fabric Stack

I started off with a bunch of stash fabrics from various designers.


The center portion of the mini(including the pink border) measures 12″.


And then there are several little borders.


The little 3″ Friendship Star border is my favorite.  I think I am on a Friendship Star kick lately! =)

Friendship Star Border

This little mini is a perfect excuse to use up some of your scraps and make a cute medallion at the same time.  Interested in making one of your own?

I will be sharing the free tutorial over on Sew Mama Sew later in April as a part of their Spring Sew Along.  And, even better, there are prizes for sewing along.  Go check out their post yesterday for more details about the sew along and to see the other quilt in the sew along.

And in the meantime, gather up some cute scraps and a bit of background fabric and you’ll be all set to start making your mini medallion. =)

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Chevron Quilt Finish03.24.14

Vertical Chevrons

First off, I want to thank you all for all of the wonderful comments about my post last week!  I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts on applique–and you guys are all so kind!!  Thank you, Thank you!

Chevron Quilt

Today, I wanted to share with you the finished Chevron quilt from the Be Purposeful Bee.  These quilts are being made to help support missionary work from my church.  The group of ladies who joined me in making these quilts was just amazing and we have made some beautiful quilts!  This is the 3rd finished quilt.  The first was the Scrappy Trip Quilt:

Scrappy Trip Quilt

Then the Churn Dash Quilt:

Churn dash

And now, the Chevron Quilt:


Rachael, was in charge of picking the colors & theme for October and she chose a very fun Navy/Aqua chevron theme.  I think Rachael intended to run the chevrons horizontally, but I loved it vertically as well!


Since October was Rachael’s month, she was also the quilter on this quilt.  She recently purchased a long arm and put it to good use on this quilt.  Each of the white strips is quilted in a different design.  It makes for such a striking quilt!–Perfect design choice.

Quilting closeup

Thank you Rachael for such a great month–the finished quilt is beautiful!–Beautiful Quilting!

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Weekend at the Lake Quilt03.13.14

Quick pink

Today I am sharing my Weekend at the Lake quilt I designed for McCall’s Quick Quilts featuring Little Friends by Yuko Hasegawa for RJR Fabrics.

Weekend-at-the-Lake flat

This little quilt features two oversized blocks that come together quickly–and the Little Friends fabric line is adorable!


You might remember my Framework Quilt/Pattern which I also made featuring these fabrics.

Framework Quilt

Natalia Bonner quilted my Weekend at the Lake quilt and she knocked it out of the park as usual!


You can find the pattern in the April/May issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts which is available now.

Quick Quilts

I snapped this picture taken just minutes after my quilt arrived back home from McCall’s:

Weekend at the Lake

Elonie was pretty quick to snatch it up!

By the way–I’ve heard that preorders of Playful Petals are starting to ship.  I’m excited and nervous about this at the same time as I start receiving feedback from everyone about something I worked on for so long.

Playful Petals

The folks over at Moda were kind enough to ask me to share a bit about Playful Petals on their blog.  If you’d like to read a bit more about my book just pop on over and take a peek.

And of course I’ll be sharing a lot more about it here!!–Can’t wait!

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Bust those WIP’s!01.22.14

Pinwheel Quilt

What is it about quilter’s and the endless WIP’s and UFO’s?  I am certainly as guilty as the rest of them!  I know part of the problem is all of the new fabric lines that come out.  For me, as soon as I have the fabric in hand I want to work with it–but then the next new line comes out and the cycle repeats and the unfinished projects pile up.

Mini Pinwheels

This pinwheel quilt top is an example of one of those projects that has been just waiting!  I finished it up several years ago as part of Rachel’s quilt along over on PS I quilt.  I about fell out of my chair when I popped over to grab the link to her page for you…2010…4 years ago!


I had actually almost forgotten about it a little bit until one of my blog readers asked me about it earlier this week.  I’ve even had the backing and binding just waiting for F.O.U.R. years–ridiculous!


I’ve done a fair share of quilt alongs–many of them courtesy of the Old Red Barn quilt alongs over on flickr…do you all remember those!–what fun!  It is now time to get some of these bad boys quilted!  I’ve worked with Abby from Latimer Lane quilting a couple times over the last few months and she is always a delight to work with.  She quilted both Elonie’s Rainbow Rows quilt:

Chevron Quilting

and the Scrappy Trip Along quilt I donated:


So, my plan is to send my pinwheel quilt over to her to quilt it on up.  I’d much rather be able to enjoy it then having it stuck away on a quilt pile somewhere!  And while I’m at it, I might just send over a couple more quilts to have quilted.  I can’t believe how many quilt tops I have just waiting to be quilted and bound and then enjoyed!

If any of you are looking for a great machine quilter, I can’t recommend Abby enough–especially if you are looking for someone who offers affordable, well done, all over designs.  If you tell her I sent you, she’ll quilt your first quilt for .01/sq.in. for an all over quilt design–and she has lots to choose from.

Here’s to some 2014 finishes!

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Scrappy Faux Piped Binding Tutorial11.25.13

Faux Piped Binding

On Friday, I shared a little sneak peek over on facebook of what I had been working on .  And today, I’m excited to bring to you a binding tutorial that I’m pretty excited about.

You all know that I was finishing up the binding on Elonie’s quilt and had pretty much decided to do a scrappy binding after getting all of your opinions.  But, it stuck in my head that several of you had mentioned that you felt a scrappy binding usually detracts from the quilt itself.


After mulling this over a bit, I decided to try a scrappy faux piped binding done completely by machine.  Now, I have tried machine binding methods before and I have n.e.v.e.r. been happy with the results…pin this, glue that, and after binding only 15.2 quilts you, too, will have great machine bound quilts.  I’m picky about my binding, and I want the back to look as good as the front(preferably on the first try–if you click the picture above you can see the back side of my quilt binding in larger detail)–which I have never had success with with machine binding.  I found this method to be less finicky than other machine binding I have tried and I was much happier with the results right out of the gate.  I’m also excited to have a machine binding technique that I am happy with so I can choose not to hand stitch!  So, I’m excited to share this tutorial with you and some tricks I learned along the way.

Make Binding

First off, you’ll cut your binding strips as you normally would with one exception–you will be cutting two sets.  Cut the strips for the piping 1 3/4″ x wof(these are the colorful strips) and cut the strips for the main binding 1 1/2″(these are the white strips).  Sew all of the piping strips together(I use a mitred seam) & sew all of the white strips together(again, I use a mitred seam).  Tip:  Cut your strips as accurately as possible.  This will help with the accuracy of the piping width and seam along the backside of the quilt when you sew the binding down.


Next, sew the binding strips and the piping strips right sides together using a 1/4″ seam allowance.


Press the seam to one side.  I pressed toward the piping fabric to bulk it up a little bit to give it more the look of actual piping.  Tip:  Be careful when pressing to keep your strips as even as possible–the less ripples the more accurate the final result will be.  Next, press the strips wrong sides together–be careful to align the raw edges.  You’ll end up with some great piped binding.

PIped Binding

The next step is to sew the binding to the back of the quilt using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Complete this step as you normally would when initially sewing binding to a quilt.  Somehow, I managed to not take a picture of this step but I think you get the idea. =)  After sewing down the binding to the back of the quilt, flip the binding to the front and machine quilt it down.

Align Walking Foot

Initially when I started this step, I carefully pinned the binding into place to insure everything lined up.  But, somehow, everything didn’t line up.  So, I gave it a whirl with no pinning and I found out that on my Bernina with a walking foot, if I lined up the right side of the foot with the fold and the needle in the ditch of the piping/binding that the seam on the back was perfect.  As long as I kept everything lined up the back was fantastic.  Now, of course there were times when I veered off a tad but all in all, pretty good!–You can click the 2nd picture from the top to get a larger view of the back to see the stitching(the row with no piping is the back of the quilt).   For the corners, I mitred them together as I got to them–this will take a bit more practice to get perfect–the key here is to make sure when you initially sew the binding to the quilt that your corners are neat and tidy.


You should end up with a great alternative binding to hand stitching–and hopefully with less frustration than machine binding can be!

Piped Binding

And, here’s Elonie’s finished quilt.  I think the scrappy piping is just perfect it doesn’t overwhelm the quilt and it’s not as harsh as a solid might have been or as busy as a print might have been.

Hope you all enjoy the tutorial!

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Churn to the Dash Quilt11.22.13


My daughter Elonie has taken to adding “to the” to her sentences–for example “Mom, can I have “yo” to the “gurt”?

This little “to the” has taken over the way Ryan and I talk as well–”Lilli needs some dog to the food” or “After school we’ll head to the book to the mobile”.  Or even–”Let’s watch some T to the V”.

So, in my head this quilt has been the “Churn to the Dash” quilt every time I think about it. =p

Churn dash

This is the completed quilt using the churn dash blocks I shared in September for the Be Purposeful Quilting Bee.  Toni was the quilter for the month of September so she chose the quilt design/fabrics as well as piecing and quilting the quilt top.  She did a beautiful job!

Churndash Quilt Closeup

Toni wrote up an excellent tutorial for the blocks on her blog for making this “skinnier” style churndash block.

Churndash Quilts

The blocks are such a fun mix of both large and small churn dash blocks and colors are a great mix.  It’s always interesting to see how these quilts come together since we are each working from our own stash of fabrics!

Thanks so much Toni and the ladies of Be Purposeful!

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Scrappy Trip Around the World10.04.13

I am glad to be wrapping up a very busy week!  As quilt market approaches I get busier and busier.  And, last year I volunteered to help with my daughter’s annual fundraiser–a soup supper that is held the first Tuesday of October–which was this week.  A friend and I are in charge of putting together the 80+ volunteers needed to pull off this event and then overseeing them during the days just prior to and the day of the soup supper.  It was quite busy but a lot of fun–thankfully my friend is an organizing wizard–between the two of us I think things went pretty smoothly.

In the midst of all the “soupy” preparations, my Scrappy Trip quilt arrived from Abby from Latimer Lane Quilting.  This was the first quilt Abby quilted for me and trust me–I will be sending more quilts her way!

There were a couple different quilting designs that I was thinking about for this quilt and Abby helped me narrow it down to the “Tickle” design–a loopy feathery sort of design.

I used a Grey Moda Bella Solid for the backing–it was a wide backing so I didn’t need to do any piecing for the back.  I really think making backing is my least favorite part of making a quilt–once the quilt top is finished I am ready to move on!

For the binding I decided to use a Navy print from Simply Style by V&Co. for Moda fabrics.  I think it’s the perfect frame for the quilt.

So, the quilt arrived back to me on Monday–I was so thankful that Abby got it back to me so quickly as I needed to have it ready to head off to the auction this Saturday.  I was also super thankful to be able to spend Wednesday with my feet up, stitching the binding on, after being on my feet all day Tuesday.  It was the perfect excuse to sit and relax–and I took full advantage of it. =) 

I finished up the binding yesterday morning and now it’s all ready to head off to the auction.  You can read more about where this quilt is headed in this blog post.

As I was going through the pictures of this quilt I realized that I had made an error in putting the blocks together.  You can see the mistake in the picture above–middle two blocks in the bottom row.  I was so careful when I put the blocks together–laid everything out in advance and made sure everything was oriented properly and yet I completely missed this until looking through the photos.  I’m glad it’s a scrappy quilt in which the orientation of the blocks isn’t a deal breaker!

Thank you again Abby for quilting this quilt for me!

If any of you are looking for a great machine quilter–Abby is running a $.01/square inch special on all edge to edge designs with about a 1 week turn around time.  And she is wonderful to work with!

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Rainbow Row Along {Row #12} Last Row!09.30.13

We’ve made it 12 weeks and we are now ready for the last row of your Rainbow Rows quilt!  Yay!–I know Elonie is ready to have her quilt finished!

For this row, I am using Pure Elements Cabernet.  I had such a hard time photographing the true color of this dark purple fabric.  You can best see it in this post–so just pretend that all the pictures below are a nice dark purple and not some off shade of black! =p

Fabric Requirements:  1/4 yard Cabernet Pure Elements Fabric by Art Gallery and  1/2 yard Moda Bella PFD White

From the Purple fabric cut (2) 2 1/2″ x wof strips; subcut into (16) 2 1/2″ squares, cut an additional (2) 2 1/2″ x wof strips; subcut into (8) 2 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ rectangles

From the White Fabric cut (2) 6 1/2″ x wof strips; subcut into (7) 6 1/2″ squares and (2) 3 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ rectangles, also cut (2) 2 1/2″ x wof strips; subcut into (32) 2 1/2″ squares

Sew together two white 2 1/2″ squares and one 2 1/2″ purple square as pictured.  Make a total of 16 units.

Sew together two of the units made above and one 2 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ purple rectangle to make a plus block.  Make a total of 8 blocks.

Sew together the plus blocks and the white 6 1/2″ squares–alternate pieced/white squares beginning and ending with a pieced block.  Sew a 3 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ white rectangle to the top and the bottom of the strip.

Sew the final strip to the Rainbow Rows Quilt Top.

And we now have a completed quilt top!  I hope you have all enjoyed these weekly installments of the Rainbow Rows Quilt.  I am glad to have a finished quilt that I hope Elonie will enjoy for years to come!

If you have made or are making a Rainbow Rows Quilt of your own I would love if you would share it in the LMS flickr group!

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Rainbow Row Along {Row #11}09.23.13

For this weeks row we will be making our last appliqued polka dot row.  Row #11 Details:

Fabrics:  1/4 yard Verve Violet Pure Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics & 1/3 yard of Moda Bella PFD White and 1/2 yard HeatnBond Lite.

From the White solid cut (3) 3 1/2″ x WOF strips, trim selvages and sew end to end, cut 1 strip 3 1/2″ x 96 1/2″

From here, I’m going to refer you to the directions for Row #3.  Make an identical row using the Verve Violet fabric.  Remember this handy tip:

When you are ready to iron the circles onto the white strip, place the long white strip directly over top and centered onto the pink polka dot row in your quilt top.  Then you can lay the purple circles in place without having to measure their placement & it will be identical to all the dotty rows.

Sew the violet strip onto your Rainbow Rows quilt top.

Next week we will complete our quilt top with one last dark purple row.  If you’ve been sewing along for the last 11 weeks you’ve now got a pretty cool quilt top!

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