Spell It With Moda08.11.14



Do you guys ever wake up in the morning and you suddenly want to make something new and totally not on any WIP list or project list you are currently working on?

Well, I got bit with the new project bug on Saturday.  Some of you may have jumped on the Spell it With Moda band wagon earlier this year.  All of those cute little letter quilts and handy free letter patterns–it was hard for me not to dive right in.  But then, Saturday morning, out of the blue–I “needed” to make a little letter mini of my own.

Spell It With Moda

Moda Fabrics has a wonderful Spell it With Fabric pinterest board with links to all of the blog posts that feature the free printable letter patterns.  I printed off Y,O,D,E,R and pulled together a fun mix of scrappy red fabrics and low volume background prints.

Last Name Mini

In about 2 hours, I had a completed “Yoder” mini quilt.  These letters fly together–including cutting time they probably took about 15-20 minutes each.  And with a short last name (so much handier than the “Hershberger” I used to be!) my little quilt came together quickly.

The quilting took a little bit of time–I opted for a one inch cross hatch and finished that part up yesterday afternoon.


Now, all that’s left is to add the binding!  I have wanted a Yoder sign above my kitchen sink for years.  I thought I wanted a wooden sign–but this little quilt was much more cost effective (I had all of the supplies) and just as cute! =)  Can’t wait to get the binding on and hang it in it’s new spot.

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Chevron Quilt Finish03.24.14

Vertical Chevrons

First off, I want to thank you all for all of the wonderful comments about my post last week!  I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts on applique–and you guys are all so kind!!  Thank you, Thank you!

Chevron Quilt

Today, I wanted to share with you the finished Chevron quilt from the Be Purposeful Bee.  These quilts are being made to help support missionary work from my church.  The group of ladies who joined me in making these quilts was just amazing and we have made some beautiful quilts!  This is the 3rd finished quilt.  The first was the Scrappy Trip Quilt:

Scrappy Trip Quilt

Then the Churn Dash Quilt:

Churn dash

And now, the Chevron Quilt:


Rachael, was in charge of picking the colors & theme for October and she chose a very fun Navy/Aqua chevron theme.  I think Rachael intended to run the chevrons horizontally, but I loved it vertically as well!


Since October was Rachael’s month, she was also the quilter on this quilt.  She recently purchased a long arm and put it to good use on this quilt.  Each of the white strips is quilted in a different design.  It makes for such a striking quilt!–Perfect design choice.

Quilting closeup

Thank you Rachael for such a great month–the finished quilt is beautiful!–Beautiful Quilting!

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Gray Square Scramble Quilt02.11.14

Square Scramble Quilt

I have been trying for about 2 weeks to get a beautiful outdoor picture of my Gray Square Scramble quilt.  It has been traveling along with me, along with my camera everywhere I go in the hopes that I’ll find a perfect spot to take a picture of this quilt to share with you.

The below zero temps, piles of snow everywhere, or way too bright sunlight have deterred me every time I was out and about.  Add that to the fact that we have all been under the weather and stuck inside.

Today, I have admitted defeat & have snapped some inside pictures to share with you. =)

Square Scramble

This is my Gray Square Scramble Quilt (54″ x 72″)–the pattern can be found in the Spring 2014 issue of Easy Quilts.


 The solids are all from RJR’s Cotton Supreme line of solids.


The quilting is done by the oh so talented Natalia Bonner–she rocked it as usual!

I did snag a picture from Fons & Porter’s website to share with you so as to not leave you hanging, wishing for a full picture of the quilt!

Photo Courtesy of Fons & Porter Magazine, All Rights Reserved

Photo Courtesy of Fons & Porter Magazine, All Rights Reserved

The magazine is available to purchase now if you’d like to make one of your own!

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Rainbow Rows Quilt10.31.13

I got Elonie’s Rainbow Rows Quilt back from Abby who did the quilting for me.  I couldn’t be happier with the way that it turned out.  When I had initially talked to Abby about the quilting, I had been thinking about straight line quilting it.  Instead, she suggested using a chevron pattern.  Abby has some great quilts pictured on her blog that she has chevron quilted, of which I’d been eyeing,  so  using that pattern on Elonie’s quilt was a welcome suggestion.

Photo Courtesy of www.latimerlane.blogspot.com

For Elonie’s quilt, I asked that the zigzags run vertically on the quilt to emphasize the rows.

I think it works very well with the rather geometric nature of the quilt.

Elonie is so tickled to have her quilt nearly finished.  She wanted to sleep with it the day we got it but I had to tell her that it still needed the binding sewed to it.  Speaking of the binding, any suggestions for what you would choose?  I had been planning on using a solid grey.  But, now I’m leaning a little bit towards a script print–maybe one of these?:

Image Courtesy of www.fabricworm.com

Or one of the Art Gallery Squared Elements fabrics–maybe one of the greys?:

Image Courtesy of www.hawthornethreads.com

Which direction would you go in?  I suppose I could also do a scrappy binding using all of the solids in the quilt–I’ve always been happy when I go that route as well.

Hope you all are having a great week!


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Deck the Halls Placemats Embroidery Patterns Freebie10.17.13

Hey all!–I’m glad to sneak in some blogging time in between several patterns I am writing up and some quilts I am working on for quilt market.  I love this time of year with all the new fabrics coming out and exciting new patterns!

You all may remember my Wedding Wishes Quilt and Love Pillows from the Moda Sweet Celebrations Book.

But, what you didn’t know was that I had another project accepted into the book–a set of Embroidered Christmas Placemats.  Unfortunately, due to the size of the book, they ended up being dropped from the book.

I had planned to share them with you last year, along with the free pattern, but that sneaky big project I’ve mentioned here and there over the last year was hogging up all of my time last fall and I never got around to sharing them with you.

I know many of you are gearing up and diving into Christmas projects and thought now would be a great time to share these with you.

The set of 4 placemats feature cute, simple embroidery and a bit of applique.  The piecing is also super simple.  I love an easy quick decorating project or gift idea that comes together quickly!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the font info. for the applique(it has been two years!).  But, they were fonts that I had in Microsoft Word that I sized appropriately.  It’d be no problem for you to choose your own fonts and size them—or leave off the applique altogether.

I’m giving away the placemat instructions and the embroidery patterns for you all!  So you can whip up some cute placemats of your own. =)

This little guy is my favorite!

Deck the Table Placemats Instructions

Snowman Embroidery Pattern 

Reindeer Embroidery Pattern 

Santa Claus Embroidery Pattern 

Christmas Tree Embroidery Pattern

I machine stippled all of the placemats being careful not to quilt over the applique or embroidery.  After machine quilting, I added a bit of hand quilting using 8wt. perle cotton.  The edges of my applique were completed using a blanket stitch on my machine.  The fabrics I used were from Sweetwater’s Countdown to Christmas line.  These fabrics are hard to find as they are out of print but, Christmas Countdown by Deb Strain has a very similar feel to my original fabric and is currently available.

If you use my embroidery patterns to make placemats or use them for another cute project I’d love if you’d share them!


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Scrappy Trip Around the World10.04.13

I am glad to be wrapping up a very busy week!  As quilt market approaches I get busier and busier.  And, last year I volunteered to help with my daughter’s annual fundraiser–a soup supper that is held the first Tuesday of October–which was this week.  A friend and I are in charge of putting together the 80+ volunteers needed to pull off this event and then overseeing them during the days just prior to and the day of the soup supper.  It was quite busy but a lot of fun–thankfully my friend is an organizing wizard–between the two of us I think things went pretty smoothly.

In the midst of all the “soupy” preparations, my Scrappy Trip quilt arrived from Abby from Latimer Lane Quilting.  This was the first quilt Abby quilted for me and trust me–I will be sending more quilts her way!

There were a couple different quilting designs that I was thinking about for this quilt and Abby helped me narrow it down to the “Tickle” design–a loopy feathery sort of design.

I used a Grey Moda Bella Solid for the backing–it was a wide backing so I didn’t need to do any piecing for the back.  I really think making backing is my least favorite part of making a quilt–once the quilt top is finished I am ready to move on!

For the binding I decided to use a Navy print from Simply Style by V&Co. for Moda fabrics.  I think it’s the perfect frame for the quilt.

So, the quilt arrived back to me on Monday–I was so thankful that Abby got it back to me so quickly as I needed to have it ready to head off to the auction this Saturday.  I was also super thankful to be able to spend Wednesday with my feet up, stitching the binding on, after being on my feet all day Tuesday.  It was the perfect excuse to sit and relax–and I took full advantage of it. =) 

I finished up the binding yesterday morning and now it’s all ready to head off to the auction.  You can read more about where this quilt is headed in this blog post.

As I was going through the pictures of this quilt I realized that I had made an error in putting the blocks together.  You can see the mistake in the picture above–middle two blocks in the bottom row.  I was so careful when I put the blocks together–laid everything out in advance and made sure everything was oriented properly and yet I completely missed this until looking through the photos.  I’m glad it’s a scrappy quilt in which the orientation of the blocks isn’t a deal breaker!

Thank you again Abby for quilting this quilt for me!

If any of you are looking for a great machine quilter–Abby is running a $.01/square inch special on all edge to edge designs with about a 1 week turn around time.  And she is wonderful to work with!

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Petals Runner03.26.13

Hey Folks!–Today we are enjoying day #2 of Spring Break–we kicked it off with a fun bit of snow yesterday–lots of snow & Spring Break, both events are equally as much fun for me now as they were when I was a kid.

Anyhoo, today I’m sharing my Petals Runner.

It’s in the current issue of Fons & Porters Easy Quilts.  This was another fun collaboration with RJR fabrics using fabrics from their line of Cotton Supreme Solids.

Love these colors!–And I think the back of the runner is just as cool as the front!

This is a great project if you are interested in trying out machine applique.  Gentle curves & a symmetrical template make this a breeze for a beginner.  I finished it off with a bit of straight line quilting–and voila!–a great spring project.

Happy Quilting!

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Quilting with Perle Cotton08.21.12

I have received numerous questions recently about using Perle Cotton for quilting whether by hand or by machine.  So, I thought I’d talk a bit about the two techniques.

The Faux Sashiko pillow(pictured above) that I designed for the fall issue of Stitch magazine was machine quilted using Perle Cotton.  This is a great time saving trick, but one I would really only reccommend on smaller projects–my machine gets a bit cranky when using the heavier weight thread and I certainly wouldn’t want to attempt it on a larger quilt.

When I machine quilt using Perle, I only use the Perle for my top thread–the bobbin thread is regular thread.  I use 8 wt. Perle cotton–although 12 wt. might make my machine a bit happier with me.  I always lengthen my stitches–I usually set my stitch length as long as I can on my Bernina.  And I manually pull the thread off the Perle cotton spool so my machine doesn’t have to work so hard.  I leave my tension at the same setting I would use for regular sewing.

My Fall Petals Pillow is hand quilted using 8 wt. Perle Cotton.  Hand quilting with Perle Cotton is essentially the same thing as hand quilting with quilting weight thread.  The technique is the same, but you take longer stitches and you get to use prettier thread. =p

There are a lot of great resources for hand quilting–one of my favorites is from Mary.

Appliqued Pillow

 I almost exclusively use Finca Perle Cotton which I can now purchase locally.  Prior to purchasing locally, I purchased online from Yarn Bazaar.  I was able to purchase a color card from them which is a wonderful tool if you are unable to view the thread colors in person.

Machine Quilted Journal Cover

 Hopefully this answers some of your burning questions about quilting with Perle Cotton! =p

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X Marks the Goose Pillow11.15.11

I’m excited to be a contributor in the latest issue of Fat Quarterly, issue # 7, which is all about Color!  I had such fun designing & making this pillow which is based off of an old traditional pattern–amazing how fresh fabrics & modern quilting can totally transform a traditional pattern!

Do you remember this rainbow stack of fabrics I showed you awhile back?

These are all of the fabrics I pulled to make my X Marks the Goose pillow.  And incidentally, I have a little baggie with the left over scraps from making my pillow–if you’re interested in some, leave me a comment and I’ll use good old RNG & send some rainbow scraps your way.

Issue #7 is on sale beginning today & includes the pattern for X Marks the Goose as well as many other fantastic patterns.  Fat Quarterly is an online magazine and can be purchased here. 

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Mr. Reindeer and thread winners10.31.11

Mr. Reindeer has been finished–binding all sewn down.  Thanks for all of your machine binding tips!–One great thing about sewing binding on pillows is it sure goes a heck of a lot faster than it does for a quilt. =p

And now on to our thread winners:

Sylvia says:

Would love to win some Aurifil thread, thanks for the giveaway

Anita R says:

Very cute pillow! I would love to win some thread Thanks for the chance!

Jana says:

Mr Reindeer is adorable. Your quilting looks great. Thanks for the chance to win some new threads.

Jenny says:

fun pillow!!

 Carla V. says:

Aurifil is a great thread for all sewing projects. I love how it “sinks” into the fabric when hand sewing a binding.

Congrats winners!  Shoot me an email with your mailing addresses and I’ll pop your thread sampler in the mail! =)

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