Scattered Squares Pillow08.01.14

Scattered Squares Pillow

My Scattered Squares pillow tutorial is now up over on Moda Bake Shop! =)  I had a lot of fun designing this one–it’s a quick to make pillow cover that uses very few supplies.

Scattered Squares Fabrics

My pillow is made using Miss Kate by Bonnie & Camille.  The precuts for this line have just started hitting stores this week.  You needed an excuse to visit your LQS this weekend right! =p


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WIP Wednesday Progress Report07.30.14

Scalloped Binding

Well–I made some progress on my WIP goals this past week.  First off, let me start with my finishes.

My Moda Bake Shop project, check!, finished–sneak peek up above & the tutorial will be posted on MBS this week!–You won’t have to wait long to see the finished project.  I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up over there. =)

If you remember, my Sew Together Bag looked like this last week:

Sew Together Bag


Sew Together Bag Front

I used my Mini Posies block tutorial for the little pieced posies--tutorial here.  If I were to piece these again for this bag, I would move them up and forgo that little fabric border at the very top.  That would center them better on the bag.

My Fabric!

The back of the bag uses my fabric–exciting! =)  I stippled the back and did a little bit of straight line machine quilting on the front of the bag.

The inside of these bags is always the coolest part.

Inside Sew Together Bag

This was my first time sewing zippers–not sure why I held off for so long–not really any more difficult than sewing a straight line. =)


I’m not gonna lie, this bag did kick my butt a little bit.  I managed to cut all of the pocket lining pieces 1″ too small–which I didn’t realize until after sewing in all of the zippers and side panels.  At that point in time, there was no way I was going to rip everything apart, recut, and resew.  So, I went with it and adjusted sizes as I went along.  I broke 3 sewing machine needles (I think I can say that I don’t even break one a year–so to break 3 in one day over the course of a couple hours was quite extreme).  One even broke while I was sewing just two layers of fabric together–no pins in sight or anything heavy to push through–I think my machine was just over it.  My walking foot rebelled as well–totally quit working.  So, I’m very glad to have a finish on this one.

If you want to try a Sew Together bag for yourself you can find the pattern over on Craftsy.  And once you have purchased the pattern, you can follow along with The Quilt Barn’s excellent set of Sew Together Bag tutorials–Heather walks you through sewing this bag together.  The cute factor of this bag makes it all worthwhile!

And now, my Metro Rings, not quite finish–here it was last week:

Metro Rings

I made a lot of progress over the last week but couldn’t quite get it finished.  All of the blocks are almost finished:

Metro Rings Blocks

The one on the bottom is finished and all of the other 47 blocks stacked on top need the aqua triangles added and then trimmed up.  After that they are ready to be sewn into the quilt top.

By next Wednesday, these are my goals:

-Finish the Metro Rings Quilt

-Complete the next Quilty Stitches Block(this actually needs done by Sunday)

-And finally turn these blocks into a quilt top.  This one is going to be so amazing when it is finally finished!:


Here’s hoping for a productive week!

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WIP Wednesday07.23.14

MBS Project

I think it’s time to let you all in on a secret…drumroll…I am a serial project starter–much less so of a project finisher.  Ha!–I know many quilters claim to have this same dilemma.  But, seriously ladies–sometimes the unfinished projects take over!

When I started quilting over 15 years ago, I told myself that I would only purchase enough fabric to work on one project at a time, finish said project and then move onto the next.  I even said this out loud…to other quilters…I am sure they all had a good laugh at that one!

So, my hope is that by sharing a couple WIP’s with you every Wednesday, it will give me the motivation to finish the project by the following Wednesday so I can share the finishes with you.  Hopefully it will help a bit, but I know that my personal projects often get pushed to the back burner for other deadlines.  Well, and of course, it is still summer and that means all kinds of summer fun with the girls!  I’m curious to see how my schedule pans out this fall…the littlest miss will be heading off to Kindergarten and it will be the first time in 9 years that I will have days with no kids at home.  Our school district is still deciding as to whether our Kindergartener’s will be going to school every other day or every day.  Either way, there are going to be kidless days…weird!

So, the project at the top of the page is MBS project–I won’t be able to share the finish with you next Wednesday but it will be completed by then!

My 2nd project is my sew-together-bag….it still needs sewn together. =)

Sew Together Bag

And the last project I would love to finish in the next week is a Metro Rings Quilt.

Metro Rings

I’ve been wanting to try out the Quick Curve Ruler and when I was asked to make a quilt to donate to auction off, I knew now was the time.  I am very excited about this quilt–the lady(a relative of my husband) left the pattern design and fabric choices 100% up to me…but, she mentioned several times during our conversation how much she loved my Ruby, Pearl, & Opal Quilt(my pattern is available on MBS).

Ruby, Pearl, & Opal Quilt

Ruby, Pearl, & Opal Quilt

I showed her the new Miss Kate line of fabric knowing it was a sister collection to Ruby which was used in my original design.  I got the feeling she wasn’t entirely sold on Miss Kate(much as I would have loved a good excuse to purchase some more of this line!)–so I raided my stash and pulled fabrics with a similar color palette to make a scrappy quilt with the same feel.  I cannot wait to see this quilt finished, I think it is going to be beautiful. =)  And, I think she will love it!

So, those are the 3 projects I would love to have finished by next week at this time…fingers crossed! =)

Tell me, what are your tried and true tricks for keeping the unfinished projects under control?

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Free Pattern Friday07.18.14

Hey all!–hope your week is finishing off with a bang.  There have been a number of quilt patterns I have done recently that I haven’t yet shared with you and today is the day!

I know some of you are gearing up for some Christmas sewing–or at least making a vain attempt to get things in gear to begin Christmas sewing(as is usually the case for me) so I’m kicking off with a fun Christmas wall hanging.

This is a fun, free pattern I designed for P&B Textiles showcasing the Merriment line of fabric:

Holly Days

It finishes at 50″ x 50″ and you can find the free pattern here.

And since I always enjoy seeing patterns made up in various fabric collections, I am going to be sharing an alternate version of all of the patterns I am sharing with you today.

My Holly Days quilt in 25th and Pine by Basic Grey for Moda Fabrics:

Holly Days 25th and Pine

Next up is my Maple Harvest table runner for P&B Textiles featuring Fall Bounty Fabrics:

Maple Harvest Fall Bounty

It finishes at 18″ x 45″ and you can find the free pattern here.

Pictured below in Autumn Woods by Kate & Birdie for Moda Fabrics.  I love this line of fabric!–Really any line that Kate & Birdie make is stellar. =)

Maple Harvest Kate & Birdie

Jelly Beans is a super fun quilt that I designed for P&B Textiles showcasing their Zenith line of fabric.

Jelly Beans Quilt

You might remember this quilt from my Quilt Market post:

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans finishes at 64″ x 72″ and is a showstopper as a solids quilt.  You can find the free quilt pattern here.  I feel that this quilt is going to be most striking in solids/near solids so I chose not to share an alternate version.  If you make a Jelly Beans quilt in prints I would love to see it!

And lastly is my Blooming Star Quilt I designed for RJR Fabrics.

Blooming Star Pink

I designed this quilt to showcase Patrick Lose’s line of fabric Lily’s Garden which will be available in September.  This line of fabric is available in two different colorways, a Blossom colorway(pictured above) and a Spice colorway (pictured below).  The quilt below was the 2nd quilt that I had on display at Spring Quilt Market.  It finishes at 72″ x 96″ and you can find the free pattern here.

Blooming Star Quilt

I have been anxious to see how this quilt would look made up in different fabrics.  I love it in Miss Kate by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics.

Blooming Star in Miss Kate

I saved my Blooming Star quilt for last–it’s my favorite of the ones I have designed for fabric companies lately!  It’s an easy quilt to make and you get a lot of bang for your buck. =)

Have a wonderful weekend!–I’ll be back on Monday with the next Quilty Stitches block.

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Bonnie & Camille Fabric Swap Sign-ups!–SWAP IS FULL05.27.14


Emails will be sent out tomorrow.

Here it is folks!–Judging by the great response, there are a lot of Bonnie & Camille fans out there!  This is the official sign-up post for Round 1 of the swap–here are the details:

  1. This swap will be open to 40 participants (myself included).  This swap will include fabrics from any of Bonnie & Camille’s fabric lines with the exception of Cotton Blossoms & Simple Abundance.  You’ll find a complete list of the fabric lines we are using listed below.
  2. Each participant will purchase 3 yards of 1 Bonnie & Camille Fabric.
  3. Fabric must be new, unwashed, and from a smoke free environment.
  4. Cut your yardage into 10″ squares, 40 squares total.  Press your fabric and remove the selvages before cutting.
  5. Ship the squares to me by June 24.  This gives you 4 weeks to purchase the fabric, cut into squares, and ship them.
  6. Place your squares into a ziploc bag along with an index card listing your name, mailing address, and email address.  Also include a self addressed, stamped envelope so I can mail your 10″ layer cake bundle back to you.  I will not be billing anyone via paypal for the return shipping.  Double check that the cost of your SASE is equivalent to the cost of mailing the squares to me.  Priority shipping is required as the return package will weigh over 13 oz.
  7. This swap will only be open to US participants.
  8.  Choose a fabric that has not been chosen by another participant.  We want all the fabrics in our 40 piece layer cake to be different.  All participants must join the Bonnie & Camille Fabric Swap flickr group.  Once you have decided on the fabric you will using, check to make sure it has not been chosen by another member by checking the flickr group.  If the fabric has not been chosen by another member, upload an image of the fabric, along with the fabric line and specific print/color information to the flickr group.
  9. You will receive a 40 piece layer cake bundle of 40 different 10″ squares of Bonnie & Camille fabrics.

Once I receive all of the squares, I will have everything back out in the mail to you in 2-3 weeks.

Some of you questioned the availability of some of the older lines we are using.  I was able to find fabrics from even the oldest lines I had listed just by googling.  Of course, your local quilt shop is a great place to check–I know mine have great selections of Bonnie & Camille fabrics.  If you can’t find something older that’s fine!–Choose yardage from a newer line. =)  Each line has between 35-40 different prints available–since we’re working with 7 different lines, that’s approx. 245 different prints!

Interested in Joining in the fun?

Email me the following information to join in (use the bright pink “contact me” button on the upper right side of my blog.

  • Your Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number (Just in Case)
  • Blog Address (if you have one)
  • Flickr ID (I will send you an invite to join the group once you’ve been confirmed into the swap)

After you have been confirmed into the swap, I will email you back the address to send the 10″ squares to.

Here are the lines we are working with:

AprilShowers-Bundle-450 Bliss HappyGoLucky-450 Marmalade Ruby-bundle-450 VintageModern-bundle-450 Scrumptious

Sign ups are on a first come, first serve basis–so get those emails to me quickly!–Once we are full, we’re full!  I’ll look at hosting a round 2 depending on the numbers and how this one goes.

Note:  I will be out this evening(track meet time!)–so if you don’t hear back from me right away, don’t fret. =)

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Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour04.30.14

Star Gazing

Today is my stop on the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour!

Quiltmaker cover

My block, Star Gazing, is on page 51 of this issue–and can I tell you how much I love this block!

Star Gazing Quilt Block

Star Gazing creates a wonderful secondary pattern when used within a quilt.  I loved playing with all sorts of settings in EQ.  This black version uses a black tonal fabric from Basic’s Grey’s Little Black Dress 2 line of fabric.  Using just one fabric allows you to really see the pattern the blocks create.

Star Gazing Quilt

I also played with how the block looks using prints–and here it is in Miss Kate by Bonnie & Camille.  Aren’t you guys excited for this line to come out!

Star Gazing Miss Kate

And, as I am on a little bit of a medallion kick lately I had to make up a medallion quilt as well.  I used Elementary by Sweetwater–another line I am very excited about!

Star Gazing Medallion

Quiltmaker has been kind enough to off all of my readers the chance to win a copy of the magazine.  Just leave a comment below and I’ll draw a winner on Monday!

Comments are now closed.

Also, be sure to visit Quiltmakers Blog, Quilty Pleasures, for a chance to win more great giveaways throughout the blog tour!

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Sweet as Honey

Sweet as Honey by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics

I feel like I’ve been around in circles lately!  I think all quilt makers get to that point sometime or another.  For me, it’s when I have so many projects and commitments swirling around in my head it’s hard to keep them all straight.

I have definitely learned as I have gotten older that I must keep lists of what I need to get done.  Not only does it help me not to forget anything I need to get done, but I also find I am able to accomplish more when I write it down.  Plus it’s very satisfying to cross things off a list!

Plum Paper Planner

Last year I had an Erin Condren planner.  If you spend any time on the internet you will come across these planners referenced pretty often–and they are truly the Rolls Royce of planners–all the bells and whistles–worth the spendy price but more than I needed in a planner.

This year I decided to go with a Plum Paper Planner.  I am very pleased with my purchase!  Not quite all the bells and whistles–still enough to be fancy, and more in tune with my budget.  I’m more of a Jeep girl instead of a Rolls Royce girl anyway. =)

Once I could start writing down my weeks again, I have felt a bit more settled with all of my various projects.  Still a lot going on but more manageable!

Bonnie Christine

I have had some new fabric purchases roll in lately.  One of my favorites is this little stack of Sweet as Honey by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics.  I loved Reminisce and Sweet as Honey is just as pretty.  I think Bonnie and I are on the same wavelength colorwise–just love the colors she chooses for her lines!  I think her two lines of fabric play together quite nicely–Reminisce is the little stack on the right.


I took a little bit of time this weekend for a fun fabric pull for an upcoming project I’ll be working on.  I really like this little collection of flowers & cherries.  I’ve got a couple more prints on the way from Fabric Shack to round out my choices before I start cutting and sewing.

Here’s hoping to a week filled with lots of marked off checklists!

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Candy Scraps Quilt02.13.14

Candy Scraps

If you follow me on IG or over on Facebook, you have seen a few peeks of this quilt in progress:

Candy Scraps Beginnings

This is my Candy Scraps quilt designed for Moda Bake Shop.  It uses a bit of yardage and either a variety of mini charm packs for this scrappy version or a charm pack and a mini charm pack for a less scrappy version.  I loved working on another MBS quilt.  I didn’t do any of them last year–it’s been fun working on another one.

Candy Scraps

This was the perfect quilt to hand quilt–it’s a throw sized quilt 48″ x 72″ & quilted up pretty quickly.  Lilli loves sitting on my lap as I quilt & bind—she sees me sitting down with quilt and needle and and I can immediately hear her little jingly collar heading my way!

Lilli Candy Scraps

Today, I am blogging about Candy Scraps and giving the free tutorial to make a Candy Scraps quilt of your own over on Moda Bake Shop.

Stop over at MBS to check it out!

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Friday WIP12.06.13


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week last week!  I was lucky to have my girls home with me from last Wednesday(they had a snow day–perfectly timed weather!) all the way though Monday.  Ryan had off for most of these days also–we took the girls out for supper and to see Frozen on Wednesday evening.   It was Elonie’s first trip to a movie theater and Chloe’s 2nd and the movie was pretty cute so we all had a great time.  Thursday was spent with Ryan’s family for lunch and my family for supper, Sunday was at my cousin’s house and the rest of the time was spent relaxing at home.

I totally drank way too much coffee on Sunday and a coke–so got only a couple hours of sleep Sunday evening–I knew all that caffeine was a bad idea–it does me in every time!  Monday I woke up with some weird, extreme head cold–but it mostly moved out by Tuesday–must have been some strange sleep deprived, caffeine induced illness…is that possible? =p

So, with all that said, it has taken me a bit to get back into the swing of things!


I did have a chance to work on the chalkboard pillows that I shared with you.  I cut up the fabrics into 2 1/2″ squares and got to sewing.

This turned out to be one of my favorite bits once I started piecing the top.  The little “beautiful” right under the manger scene couldn’t have been more perfect if I had planned it.


And here’s what the pillow top looks like completely pieced.

Pillow Top

I love the way it is turning out.  I’ll probably go pretty easy on the quilting to not detract from the pillow center.  Hopefully I’ll have this finished up soon and get a chance to work on the other two pillows.

I had a lot of you express an interest in buying these little pillow centers.  If you were one of those folks, be sure to stop back on Monday–I’m participating in Sew Mama Sew’s giveaway day and you just might find one(or more) of these little panels included in my giveaway. =)

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New and Coming Soon07.26.13

I’ve had some great fabrics arrive at my door recently.  I hope to get to them soon–but in the meantime I thought I would share some of them with you. =)

First up this little stash of fabulousness from Hawthorne Threads.  These are all Cotton Couture fabrics by Michael Miller.  They have some of the dreamiest colors available in their solids range.  I recently ran across a vintage quilt top using these colors and it was be-u-tiful!–This is not a combo I would normally put together but you are just going to have to trust me on this one–it was stunning!

And of course Reminisce coming to my house was kind of a no brainer.  These colors are my current favorites so I knew I was gonna need some of this amazingness.  Reminisce is Bonnie Christine’s first line of fabric for Art Gallery Fabrics and I love it!  Reminisce comes in two different colorways “Sweet Reveries” & “Vivid Reflections”.  Both are lovely but, all except one of the fabrics in my little bundle are from “Sweet Reveries” & there is at least one more print in that colorway that I would love to have.

 Some Scrumptious has made it into my home as well–thanks to a great market goer who picked up this bundle for me.  (By the way dear friend, I haven’t forgotten about you!)  I’m not sure what I will be making with this bundle–I do have an idea or two.  I feel like I totally need to pick up this Aurifil thread though!:

Photo Courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop

The thread will be available from Fat Quarter Shop next month.  Precuts of Scrumptious are popping up all over Etsy and yardage will be available later this fall.

And last but not least(and not something that I have in my stash yet…but will!)….have you guys seen this?:

Lottie Da by Heather Bailey!–I saw pics of it a few weeks ago but now that it’s on Fat Quarter Shops website it feels a bit more real. =)  I feel like I have been waiting forever for Heather’s next line of fabric–so I’m pretty excited about this one.  It’s gonna be available in September…can’t wait!

Ok, so Lottie Da wasn’t last but I remembered a couple more fabric lines currently on my radar…Modern Roses by Stephanie Ryan for Moda–I think the color palette is spot on!

We’re gonna have to wait until November for this one though. =)  It’s so pretty isn’t it!

And last(for real this time), these fabrics by Denyse Schmidt for Joann’s.

Denyse just shared this photo on her DS Quilts facebook page.  You can pop on over to see more pics of this fabric line, Croquet for Joann’s.  The colors in this line are fantastic.  I know my fabric stash is very light on the purples–I think these would be a great addition.  The rest of the fabrics in the line are pretty amazing as well!

Anything you guys are excited about or saving your pennies for?

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