Happy Monday!11.10.14

Fall Fabrics

We are kicking off another week over here at the Yoder’s.  After last week, I am happy to move into this week.  We had a few fun things last week, hubby’s 40th birthday & our 17th wedding anniversary.  But some not so goods as well, most of which happened on Friday–our fridge quit working, our water heater quit working, and our garage door opener quit working….Friday was a little bit pricey! =p  There was some other drama thrown in there last week for good measure as well.

So needless to say, I am happy to move onto another week–and very thankful for friends(and moms) who will listen!

This morning, while I was waiting for the refrigerator repair guy to show up(btw, totally thankful that he has shown up already and I don’t have to wait here for him all day!–love when they show up at the beginning of the “window” rather than the end!), I had some time to play with some fabrics and pulled some fallish purples/mustards/browns.  I always forget how much I enjoy pulling fabrics–and sharing them with you all.  It’s always very intriguing to me the fabrics others choose to pair together.

I also took a little bit of time yesterday to work on a patchwork Christmas cheater print.

Christmas Cheater for Blog

I thought it might be fun to have something cute to make some festive Christmas items–and I wanted something I could add some hand stitching to.  So, I designed this print yesterday afternoon and sent it off to Spoonflower to have it printed.  I’m excited to see how it turns out–it’ll arrive in a couple weeks.  Chloe also played around and designed a fabric on Saturday–so I ordered a Fat Quarter of that as well–she’s excited to see how it turns out. =)

So, that’s what’s going on here–hope your week is off to a great start! =)

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Vintage Fancy Quilt11.05.14


I’ve been working on my Vintage Fancy quilt this week.  Yesterday was spent making and attaching the grey border along with the flying geese border.  Just a couple more borders to go and I will call this one done.


It has been a very enjoyable project!

In other news, look what showed up in my mailbox today.


A Daysail Moda scrap bag!  I love working with Moda Scrap bags and in fact have worked with a number of them over the years.  I made this strippy quilt using a Bliss Scrap Bag along with aqua and white yardage–you can read more about this quilt here.

Bliss Quilt

Bliss Quilt

And I made a little zippy chevron pillow using a Fig Tree scrap bag–more on that one here.  And I came across these string blocks I was working on also using a Scrap Bag–that one is a Martinique scrap bag.

If you aren’t familiar with Moda’s Scrap Bags, you really need to check them out.  They are made up of the strips left over from cutting fabrics for precuts(FQ bundles, Layer Cakes, F8 bundles etc.).   Usually all the strips in one bundle are from one line of fabric but occasionally they are from different lines of fabric–the strips vary in size–2″-3″ or so wide by around 30″ long.  And, if you are lucky you can snag them before precuts and yardage of the fabric come out–like I did with Daysail!  They are such a fun potluck surprise. =)

And lastly, the winners of the Make Modern Magazine Giveaway are comment #30 & #85.

Winner #1

Winner #2

Congrats Jean & Kelly!–I have sent you both an email. =)

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Quilty Stitches Feature and Giveaway11.03.14

Make Modern Issue 2

A couple months ago the folks over at Make Modern, a new digital Australian based magazine, asked me if they could feature Quilty Stitches in an upcoming issue of their magazine…What fun!

Issue 2 of Make Modern was just released on November 1 and with it, a Quilty Stitches Feature.  The powers that be over at the Make Modern headquarters have kindly offered to give away three individual digital issues for 3 winners. =)


I haven’t had a chance to peruse my copy yet but I have scoped out all of the preview pics of issue 2 and it looks great!  You can check out the preview pics here.

So, I’m giving away 2 issues here on my blog–I want to know your favorite hand project you will be working on this winter.  Here are a couple that have recently caught my eye:

This Alphabet cross stitch sampler by Stitchrovia looks so fun!–You can find the pattern on Etsy.


Image courtesy of Stitchrovia on Etsy

The 2nd hand project that has recently caught my eye is one that I couldn’t find a great picture of easily.  I’ve seen it popping up here and there on instagram.  It’s an adorable little tote bag that Moda fabrics gave out at Quilt Market–it’s not available to purchase as far as I know but it’s oh so cute!!  The tote came with the threads needed to do all of the hand stitching on the bag.  There is a beautiful flower design on one side and on the other it says “There’s no place like Moda”–so cute!  This was the best picture I could find to give you a little bit of an idea of the design.

Moda Project

By the way, that is the front cover of the digital issue of Piece.  If you didn’t already know, Moda puts out a fun little digital catalog featuring the new and upcoming fabric lines several times a year.  You can find the newest issue here if you want to browse fabrics coming out in the next several months.  Keep in mind you can’t buy the fabrics here–you’ll need to ask for them at your local quilt shop and the new collections featured won’t be available for purchase until Spring 2015.

If anyone comes across or has an extra one of these little lovely totes I would loooove to take it off your hands!! =)

So, those are the 2 most recent projects that have caught my eye in the world of hand work.


Giveaway is now Closed.

If you’d like a chance to win a digital copy of Make Modern magazine, leave me a comment below letting me know your current hand work project or one you would like to give a whirl.  I’ll draw two winners sometime this week.  If you follow me on IG @lmshabby I’m giving away the 3rd copy over there. =)

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Wednesday WIP10.29.14

Pinwheel BlockHappy Wednesday everyone!  Last week, I decided to dive into the B&C fabrics that I shared with you.  I think about right after I published that blog post, I just had to start on my next project.

ProjectsAll of these fabrics have been cut up–with the exception of the top 4 fabric on the left stack.  Those are all border fabrics and I couldn’t decide which order I wanted them in, so I’m going to cut them as I go.

The center of my project is the 21″ pinwheel block at the top of the page.

PetalsAnd I also cut out 160 petals for this project as well.  I will guiltily confess to watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey as I cut them out…

Completing the applique on them is next up on today’s list.  Luckily I have a great line-up of podcasts just waiting to be heard as I sew.

Hope you all have a productive Wednesday!

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Waiting in the Wings10.24.14

Bonnie & Camille


You know when you finish(or at least, mostly finish) one project you have a million others just waiting for you to dive in?  Well, that’s where I’m at this morning.  I just finished up my Underground Railroad quilt top yesterday:

Underground Railroad Quilt Top

And, now I’m ready to start another project–I know I should finish the quilting on this one but there is something so much fun about starting a new project and cutting into new fabrics.


It’s a little bit like when you finish a book you’ve been reading for awhile, you’ve become quite familiar with the characters, have lived with them, know their flaws and imperfections, their strengths.  And then, the book is over…and the characters in the next book are waiting, waiting to surprise you with their quirks and personalities.  It’s a blank slate, another opportunity to fall in love with a new cast of characters.  Finishing and Starting a new quilt is kinda like that.


I have 2 stacks of fabric taunting me from the sidelines, this wonderful Bonnie & Camille stack which is a mix of a number of different lines.  I have the pattern written up for this one and am just ready to dive in.

And I also have another Bonnie stack waiting for me–this one from Bonnie Christine:

Bonnie Christine

A mix of fabrics from Winged, Sweet as Honey, & Reminisce.  For this quilt I have the pattern somewhat ready–I think that I am going to offer it in tutorial form on my blog so I don’t really need to make a fancy pattern.


So, two bundles just waiting to be made.  And of course my little houses bundle also anxiously waiting to be built.

Liberty & Essex

Oh how much fun it is having fabrics just waiting to be transformed into a quilt!

I’m not headed to Quilt Market this weekend so that means I will have some sewing time.  Now to decide which project to start on!

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Underground Railroad Mini Quilt10.16.14

Underground Railroad


So, I finished up all 48 blocks needed for my Underground Railroad mini quilt(pattern is from Primitive Gatherings).  These are mini Jacob’s Ladder quilt blocks finishing at 3″.

Mini Jacob's Ladder

I used a variety of Cotton & Steel basics for this quilt.  These were a lot of fun to work with.  Scale is so important when working with very small pieces like those little 1/2″ squares–very little print is going to show up so I knew I needed to choose wisely.   This little Goldish-Silver block is one of my favorites.

Favorite Block

The blocks are all pieced using traditional piecing methods, no paper piecing involved–very fun to make.

Mini Quilt

I still need to cut all of the sashing–I believe, if I remember correctly, that I need 110 little rectangles & there will be little colorful cornerstone blocks in the sashing.  This little quilt is going to finish at roughly 20″ x 30″–it’s so cute!  I have no idea how I am going to quilt it–any suggestions?–Maybe straight line quilting following the diagonals?

Liberty & Essex

I also picked up some background fabric for my next project–these are Libertys and some Essex Yarn Dyed in Olive–and I plan to use for the little house pattern I referenced a couple weeks back.

Image Courtesy of McCall's quilting

Image Courtesy of McCall’s quilting

The free mini quilt house pattern can be found here.

I will be sharing my house making progress on my blog as I go–I probably won’t start for a little bit yet though–I have a few projects on my schedule that I need to wrap up.  So if you want to join in/follow along, check out the fabric requirements at the above link and do a little bit of shopping or stash pulling. =)

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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It’s a Party!10.14.14

Birthday Pillow

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Quilty Fun by Lori Holt is celebrating it’s one year birthday.  To celebrate, Lori & Fat Quarter Shop, have put together a fun Birthday Cake quilt block for you all.

I was excited when FQS asked me to participate in the Birthday fun as it just so happens that my little Elonie (by the way, her name rhymes with Melanie for those of you who read and wonder how in the world do you say her name!) just had her six year birthday this past Thursday.

Elonie Picture

I decided to let her pick out all of the fabrics for this Birthday Cake quilt block and turn it into a pillow she can have in her room.


Watching her pick out the fabrics was such a treat.  I didn’t give her any guidance and let her have free reign of all of my fabrics.  She picked out the blue background fabric first–blue is her favorite color.  The next fabric she picked was the blue fabric for the candle, followed by the little bit holding the candle.  She probably spent 1/2 an hour choosing fabrics.  She laid the fabric out, vetoed some, pulled out other ones & decided early on that her cake was going to be a layer cake.


I quilted the pillow with a quick stipple, added an envelope enclosure for the back, and bound it with a coordinating striped fabric.  I think it turned out so cute!  And I love that I didn’t cringe about her fabric choices as I was piecing the block together–she did such a great job picking out a fun scrappy mix that really goes quite well together.

Happy 6 Years Elonie and  Happy 1 Year Quilty Fun!–Thank you for asking me to participate FQS–The little Miss and I really enjoyed this project!

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Playful Petals Giveaway Winner!10.03.14


Thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway!  I really enjoyed reading through all of your comments & I especially loved how many of you are ready to begin applique after reading through the book.

The Playful Petals Giveaway winner is comment number 78!

Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Pat!


I just sent you an email! =)

Rainbow Petals

If you are interested in owning a copy of Playful Petals, Amazon currently has a great price on them.  They have just a handful of copies left so you’ll want to snag one quickly!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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A Quilty Stitches Finish10.02.14

Quilty Stitches Sampler Copy

I’m able to check off another item on my WIP list.  I put the last stitches into my Quilty Stitches cross stitch sampler just a couple weeks ago.  You’ll remember that I debated about how I was going to finish this project, whether I was going to frame it, or possibly turn it into a pillow.

Now you guys have seen photos I’ve posted of the overflowing pillows on my couch and hubby’s apparent dislike for not being able to sit on the couches because of the pillows, so I decided a pillow might not be in my best interest.

Quilty Stitches Copy

I, then, decided to nix the framing idea as well–it felt a little bit more traditional and expected and was not quite what I was going for.  Instead, I decided to mount the finished stitchery to canvas.  It is such an easy way to finish this project and super easy to do.  All you need is a canvas approximately the size of your project or a tad larger, and a staple gun.

Quilty Stitches Sampler Picture Copy

Trim, your stitchery so it’s approximately 1 1/2″-2″ larger than the canvas on each side.  Center the design, pull the edges to the back, and using the staple gun, staple into place.  Pay attention to the corners as you want them to be neat and tidy.  And that’s it, it’s ready to hang!–so easy, and perhaps a little bit unexpected.

I hope you have all enjoyed stitching along with me.  I find that I really enjoy these hand projects and sharing them on my blog motivates me to finish them.  The links to all of the Quilty Stitches designs can be found at the top of my blog under the Quilty Stitches tab.  I have really enjoyed seeing all of the different Quilty Stitches designs being made up–so many great ones over on Instagram using #quiltystitches.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the winner of my Playful Petals Giveaway–still a little bit of time to enter if you haven’t already!

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Minis on the Mind09.29.14

Mini Quilt

Now that the Playful Petals blog tour has wrapped up, I am excited to be back to regular programming.  Of course you can still enter the giveaway if you’d like.  And, thank you all so much for the wonderful comments about my book!–you guys really know how to make a girl blush. =)

Apparently I have had mini quilts on the mind lately.  I have thoroughly been enjoying working on these little mini blocks recently.

Small Blocks

They will finish at 3″–those little squares are just 1/2″ finished in the block.  I have also really been enjoying using Cotton & Steel basics.  The colors are just “beauty-full” (as Elonie has been saying recently).


I have 24 blocks finished and I need a total of 48–I have found that it takes longer than I think it should to make these little guys.  It seems that if they are half the size(or in this case 1/4 the size) they should take half the time, right? =)  So not the case!

Mini Blocks

The pattern for these blocks is called Underground Railroad by Primitive Gatherings.  It was a pattern I picked up last year at a quilt show.  Just waiting for the right fabrics.

Underground Railroad

I also took some time to make another Mini Buds quilt–this one does not have the applique added if you were wondering what it might look like without.

Mini Buds

It’s done in a mix of Art Gallery fabrics.  I still might end up a scrappy mix of petals–we’ll see.

Stained Glass

I also came across this free pattern, The House that Kaffe Built, over on the McCall’s website:

Image Courtesy of McCall's quilting

Image Courtesy of McCall’s quilting

I think it’s the cutest little quilt!–These blocks finish at only 2 1/8″–just teeny!  I think it’s so cute and I’m inclined to give it a whirl.  Would anyone be interested in a sew along?  Pretty laid back, maybe making a few blocks a week until it’s finished?–Let me know what you think!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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