More International Quilt Market Pictures06.03.14

 This week is such a busy week for me!–School is out which is always excited and we go right into frantic VBS prep.  Our VBS starts on Sunday and as one of 2 VBS directors that means this week gets quite busy for me!  I love it though–I have always wanted to be involved in a serious way with Vacation Bible School and am so excited to be involved every year.  I could almost get a little bit teary about it–it is just so fun to plan for & exactly where I feel I am supposed to be right now at this stage in my life.  I am sure that those of you who have been plugged into your perfect ministry know just what I’m talking about. =)

With that being said, I have found that as my mind gets to going 100 miles an hour, sitting down and spending some time at the computer whether it’s via blogging, designing, or just to answer emails, gives me a little bit of down time and I feel ready to tackle my to do list in a much more productive way.  Whew!–That was a long sentence! =)

So this is my VBS downtime Quilt Market report round 2. =)

Fig Tree

I wanted to kick off this round with pictures of one of my favorite booths at Quilt Market–the Fig Tree booth.  I love this line of fabric–I love the new patterns–large and mini.  Just beautiful!

Fig Tree Quilts

Next up is Hatched & Patched, “Gossip in the Garden” quilt.  Every time this quilt pops up somewhere I think it’s the cutest ever.  This quilt has it all–embroidery, applique, great blocks, all over cuteness.  I was excited to see this one in person.

Gossip in the Garden


This is Moda’s Modern Building Blocks quilt which is pretty stellar.  Definitely caught my eye every time I walked past.

Modern Building Blocks

I had to snap a picture of Playful Petals in the United Notions booth! =)

Playful petals

I chatted a bit with Vanessa of Lella Boutique.  She was debuting her first line with Moda, Into the woods.  She was the sweetest ever! =)  Her fabric palette is beautiful.



Next up Violet Craft’s new line, Brambleberry Ridge.  Really pretty line & some great patterns coming out.

Violet Craft Booth


This pillow was adorable.  On another note, I used the word “adorbs” to my husband last week just to see what he would say.  I thought he was going to fall over laughing–I don’t think I’m an “adorbs” saying sort of person.

Violet Craft Pillow


So, there you have it!–Some more photos to wet your fabric buying appetite! =)

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B&C Swap Update05.30.14

Hey all!–Hope your Friday is off to a great start!  I just wanted to pop in with a swap update for you all.

I sent out email confirmations to the first 39 people who responded on Tuesday with their contact information.  If you didn’t receive an email from me, you weren’t among the first 39 to respond.  For those that are in Round 1–Congrats!–I’m so excited for all the great fabric!

This leaves a lot of you still hoping for a Bonnie & Camille fabric swap….So, keep an eye out for Round 2!  Those of you who sent me your info. but didn’t make it into round 1 have been added to my round 2 list.  I’ll see how this swap finishes out but I’m thinking Round 2 would start July/August.  I’ll be in touch with my Round 2 list gals before opening up signups on my blog.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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Bonnie & Camille Fabric Swap Sign-ups!–SWAP IS FULL05.27.14


Emails will be sent out tomorrow.

Here it is folks!–Judging by the great response, there are a lot of Bonnie & Camille fans out there!  This is the official sign-up post for Round 1 of the swap–here are the details:

  1. This swap will be open to 40 participants (myself included).  This swap will include fabrics from any of Bonnie & Camille’s fabric lines with the exception of Cotton Blossoms & Simple Abundance.  You’ll find a complete list of the fabric lines we are using listed below.
  2. Each participant will purchase 3 yards of 1 Bonnie & Camille Fabric.
  3. Fabric must be new, unwashed, and from a smoke free environment.
  4. Cut your yardage into 10″ squares, 40 squares total.  Press your fabric and remove the selvages before cutting.
  5. Ship the squares to me by June 24.  This gives you 4 weeks to purchase the fabric, cut into squares, and ship them.
  6. Place your squares into a ziploc bag along with an index card listing your name, mailing address, and email address.  Also include a self addressed, stamped envelope so I can mail your 10″ layer cake bundle back to you.  I will not be billing anyone via paypal for the return shipping.  Double check that the cost of your SASE is equivalent to the cost of mailing the squares to me.  Priority shipping is required as the return package will weigh over 13 oz.
  7. This swap will only be open to US participants.
  8.  Choose a fabric that has not been chosen by another participant.  We want all the fabrics in our 40 piece layer cake to be different.  All participants must join the Bonnie & Camille Fabric Swap flickr group.  Once you have decided on the fabric you will using, check to make sure it has not been chosen by another member by checking the flickr group.  If the fabric has not been chosen by another member, upload an image of the fabric, along with the fabric line and specific print/color information to the flickr group.
  9. You will receive a 40 piece layer cake bundle of 40 different 10″ squares of Bonnie & Camille fabrics.

Once I receive all of the squares, I will have everything back out in the mail to you in 2-3 weeks.

Some of you questioned the availability of some of the older lines we are using.  I was able to find fabrics from even the oldest lines I had listed just by googling.  Of course, your local quilt shop is a great place to check–I know mine have great selections of Bonnie & Camille fabrics.  If you can’t find something older that’s fine!–Choose yardage from a newer line. =)  Each line has between 35-40 different prints available–since we’re working with 7 different lines, that’s approx. 245 different prints!

Interested in Joining in the fun?

Email me the following information to join in (use the bright pink “contact me” button on the upper right side of my blog.

  • Your Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number (Just in Case)
  • Blog Address (if you have one)
  • Flickr ID (I will send you an invite to join the group once you’ve been confirmed into the swap)

After you have been confirmed into the swap, I will email you back the address to send the 10″ squares to.

Here are the lines we are working with:

AprilShowers-Bundle-450 Bliss HappyGoLucky-450 Marmalade Ruby-bundle-450 VintageModern-bundle-450 Scrumptious

Sign ups are on a first come, first serve basis–so get those emails to me quickly!–Once we are full, we’re full!  I’ll look at hosting a round 2 depending on the numbers and how this one goes.

Note:  I will be out this evening(track meet time!)–so if you don’t hear back from me right away, don’t fret. =)

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Quilty Stitches Block 1005.26.14

Quilty Stitches Block 10

As promised!–Quilty Stitches Block #10. =)

This block is a little bit of a nod towards Playful Petals and I’m sure you’ve seen some other great petal quilts popping up here and there.

 This is a free pattern I did for P&B Textiles:

Stems using April Showers Fabric

And I have always loved this Fig Tree Quilt:


And Allison of Cluck, Cluck, Sew just released this great pattern a couple weeks ago:


So, So many great petals quilts!–I thought it only fitting to include one in our sampler.

Quilty Stitches Block #10

Quilty Stitches Block 10 PDF Pattern

For my Petals Stitchery block I used the following colors

Left(Top to Bottom): DMC745, DMC743, Sullivan’s45076, DMC 351

Right(Top to Bottom): Sullivans45297, Sullivan’s45338, Sullivans45313, DMC958

My stems are Sullivan’45345

Now, I think we are all caught up and back on our regular cross stitch schedule.  The next block will be posted on Monday, June 9. =)  Make sure if you are posting your blocks on instagram that you are using #quiltystitches!

Happy Stitching!

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Quilty Stitches Block 905.23.14

Quilt Stitches Block #9

I spent this morning stitching so that I could post 2 Quilty Stitches blocks this weekend(the one after this will be up on Monday) for you all. =)  I know some of you may have some weekend outings or camping trips or even just some down time & some extra stitching time might be in order.

I thought our little sampler needed a pinwheel block–I don’t know any quilter who can say that they have never made a pinwheel quilt block.  It’s pretty much a staple block in a quilter’s quilt block repertoire.

Pinwheel Block

Quilty Stitches Block 9 PDF

For my Pinwheel Block, I used:

Sullivan’s 45076 (coral)

Sullivan’s 45105 (green)

DMC 964 (aqua)

Sullivan’s 45169 (peach)

And here’s how we’re looking so far!–that cute little petal block will be up Monday.

Quilty Stitches

Hope all of you enjoy your 3 day Memorial Day weekend if you are lucky enough to have one!–and that you get a lot of great stitching and sewing or gardening and spending time with family(if you are like me). =)

Bonnie & Camille Fabric Swap Update

Wow!–I was excited about all the interest in this swap. =)  I’ll definitely go ahead with it–and I plan to get all of the swap details and signups posted next week so keep an eye out for it if you were interested in joining in.  It looks like it will fill up quickly(a 2nd round may be in order).

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Bonnie & Camille Fabric Swap?05.22.14

I think I’m going to host a Bonnie & Camille Fabric layer cake square swap and I wanted to test the waters a bit to see if there would be interest in me hosting one.

The swap would consist of 40 members, each of which would purchase 3 yards of one Bonnie & Camille fabric from any of the following lines:








Aren’t they fabulous altogether?!?  Each person would cut their yardage into (40) 10″ layer cake squares mail them to me along with a SASE and would receive back a scrappy layer cake which would have 40 different Bonnie & Camille 10″ squares.  The swap would be set up so there would be no duplicate fabrics.

If this is something you think you might be interested in just comment below–if I’ve got enough people thinking this is a nifty idea I’ll go ahead and host a swap.

Note:  Commenting below does not sign you up for the swap–if enough people are interested, I’ll make a fancy schmancy sign up post explaining the swap in detail with sign-ups taking place at that time.

I also wanted to let my Quilty Stitches peeps know that the next pattern, (maybe even the next two) will be available here on Monday(or maybe even sooner–but def. by Monday).

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Mod Cabin Quilt05.20.14

Mod Cabin Quilt


Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!  My Monday was spent getting my house & laundry into better shape.  I had a dear friend who spent time with my littlest last Wednesday so I could do some hard core cleaning before I left for Pittsburgh & this helped me out a ton.  So, I didn’t have a lot of cleaning that needed done–however, the laundry and refrigerator were tackled and conquered yesterday…phew!

Mod Cabin

Photo Courtesy of Fons & Porter

Today, I wanted to take a little bit of time to talk about my Mod Cabin quilt.  I designed this quilt for RJR Fabrics to showcase their line of Cotton Supreme solids and the quilt is featured in Fons & Porter Easy Quilts Summer 2014.  It’s a fun little modern variation on the traditional log cabin block–easy to make blocks, and a high impact pattern.

Just for fun, I tried this pattern out in prints in EQ to see what it would look like–It’s a scrappy mix of various Bonnie & Camille lines and a little bit of Fig Tree.

Scrappy Mod Cabin

Natalia, once again, did an amazing quilting job on this quilt.  I seldom have a design that I have to have in regard to the quilting, but for this one, I knew I wanted “bubbles” in the white space.  I think it turned out beautifully!


The quilt finishes at 72″ x 89″ & you can make your own if you pick up a copy of Easy Quilts Summer 2014.


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International Quilt Market Part 105.19.14

Hubby and I got back Saturday from a fun few days attending International Quilt Market.  Although, Ryan didn’t come into the show with me, I was glad to have him chauffeuring me around as the traffic in Pittsburgh is a far cry from the Amish buggies in Berlin! =p

If you’ve ever been to Quilt Market before, you know how much there is to see!–The strangest part for me was knowing that I “knew” people through the blog/online world but having no idea what they looked like in person.  I did get to meet a lot of wonderful people in person that I had only known electronically prior to market–and there were so many more that I wanted to meet but never ran into(at least not that I knew!).  I tried to take plenty of pictures as I went along but I already can think of things I should have photographed that I missed. However, I’ll be sharing the photos that I did take over the next few days so you can get a little taste of market. =)

One of the first sections of Quilt Market I hit was the Free Spirit booths.  I went to Sample Spree on Thursday evening and had been hoping to score some Free Spirit Fabrics–namely Up Parasol, but Free Spirit was not at Quilt Market.  So, I was excited to check out their booths right away Friday morning.

This is a shot of Amy Butler’s new line Glow–beautiful as always!

Amy Butler Fabrics

And Heather Bailey’s Up Parasol–this is a line I know I’ll be picking up some, or all of.  The little flower wall hanging features Up Parasol & the dress is from Heather’s line Momentum which will be available in Voile & Rayon.

Up Parasol

This next shot shows a bit of Moon Shine by Tula Pink on the right and Palermo by Erin McMorris on the left.

Moon Shine

And I really liked this quilt made using Denyse Schmid’ts Modern solids.

Free Spirit Solids

I took a little shot of this Cori Dantini scallop fabric.  You can barely make out in the photo that there is text fabric behind the scallops.  I thought it was such a pretty fabric–I’ve seen it online and was never drawn to it.  But in person it is stunning, a very soft beautiful print.

Cori Dantini

I had to take a photo of my Jelly Beans quilt hanging in the P&B Textiles booth.  This pattern will be available as a free download on the P&B website before too long.  This is the first time that I’ve gotten to see my quilts in person in the booths at market–so much fun!

Jelly Beans

I seldom work with batiks–but every time I see Edyta Sitar’s (Laundry Basket Quilts) masterpieces, I think I really need to give them a whirl.  Her applique is always so colorful & fun and adds so much to her meticulous piecing.

Laundry Basket

The next two photos are of April Rosenthal’s new line, Best Day Ever, for Moda.  This is her first fabric line with Moda and it’s a beauty!  Very colorful and fun.  The dahlia quilt on the right was beautiful in person.

April Rosenthal

April had a lot of great new patterns showcasing her fabric.

Best Day Ever

I’ll be back with more market goodness later! =)






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No Quilty Stitches Today!05.12.14

Sorry Guys!–I know you have been checking in this morning for the new pattern.  I have been super busy with Quilt Market prep among other things!  I’ll be back to share all kinds of fun things next week. =)

I did want to announce the winner of the Great Granny Squared Book from my giveaway last week.  My girls chose comment #64–Karen. =)  Karen I’ve emailed you. =)

And I drew a winner for my Quiltmaker 100 blocks giveaway last week and that winner was #231–Julie.

I will be at Quilt Market this week so I’m sure I will see some of you there!–Can’t wait. =0)  And if you are at Market on Saturday, I will be signing Playful Petals in the C&T Booth #1935 from 10-10:55.

Have a wonderful week!

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Great Granny Squared Blog Tour and Giveaway05.05.14

GG2-SewAlong-HeaderHello!  Welcome to my stop on the Great Granny Sew Along blog tour!  If you are here for the first time, I welcome you to browse around my blog a bit as I share what’s been going on in my quilty life.  I am a new author, long time designer, and passionate about fabric.  There is always something fun going on around over here!

Great Granny Along

I have been enjoying following along each week of the Sew Along!  This week we will be making the Mama Blocks for our sampler.  And I just finished mine yesterday.

Mama Blocks

There are 20 of these blocks to make for the sampler.  When I started cutting them on Saturday, I thought no way was I going to be able to finish them in time to share all of them on Monday.  I got a late start Saturday–and I try not to do a lot of sewing on Sundays.  But, much to my surprise these little blocks whipped up in no time–just a couple hours including cutting time(I should have known as all of Lori’s patterns are so user friendly and quick!).  So, I finished all 20 of them with no problem–and here they are:


You will find all of the information to follow along over on the Jolly Jabber.  You will need a copy of Lori’s book Great Granny Squared, & the pdf instructions for each week.  Here is the pdf for this week.

Great Granny Sew Along

The Fat Quarter Shop was kind enough to send me an extra copy of Great Great Squared to give away to one of my readers!

So just leave me a comment about your current favorite fabric line to enter. =)

Comments are now closed.

Also, make sure to add the Mama blocks you make this week to the GGS flickr group for a chance to win a Creative Grids 6 1/2″ Square it Up Ruler.  This makes squaring up those Mama blocks a breeze!

And stop by Amy’s,  Amy’s, Lori’s , and of course The Jolly Jabber for more Great Granny Squared Fun today.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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