Free Pattern Friday07.18.14

Hey all!–hope your week is finishing off with a bang.  There have been a number of quilt patterns I have done recently that I haven’t yet shared with you and today is the day!

I know some of you are gearing up for some Christmas sewing–or at least making a vain attempt to get things in gear to begin Christmas sewing(as is usually the case for me) so I’m kicking off with a fun Christmas wall hanging.

This is a fun, free pattern I designed for P&B Textiles showcasing the Merriment line of fabric:

Holly Days

It finishes at 50″ x 50″ and you can find the free pattern here.

And since I always enjoy seeing patterns made up in various fabric collections, I am going to be sharing an alternate version of all of the patterns I am sharing with you today.

My Holly Days quilt in 25th and Pine by Basic Grey for Moda Fabrics:

Holly Days 25th and Pine

Next up is my Maple Harvest table runner for P&B Textiles featuring Fall Bounty Fabrics:

Maple Harvest Fall Bounty

It finishes at 18″ x 45″ and you can find the free pattern here.

Pictured below in Autumn Woods by Kate & Birdie for Moda Fabrics.  I love this line of fabric!–Really any line that Kate & Birdie make is stellar. =)

Maple Harvest Kate & Birdie

Jelly Beans is a super fun quilt that I designed for P&B Textiles showcasing their Zenith line of fabric.

Jelly Beans Quilt

You might remember this quilt from my Quilt Market post:

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans finishes at 64″ x 72″ and is a showstopper as a solids quilt.  You can find the free quilt pattern here.  I feel that this quilt is going to be most striking in solids/near solids so I chose not to share an alternate version.  If you make a Jelly Beans quilt in prints I would love to see it!

And lastly is my Blooming Star Quilt I designed for RJR Fabrics.

Blooming Star Pink

I designed this quilt to showcase Patrick Lose’s line of fabric Lily’s Garden which will be available in September.  This line of fabric is available in two different colorways, a Blossom colorway(pictured above) and a Spice colorway (pictured below).  The quilt below was the 2nd quilt that I had on display at Spring Quilt Market.  It finishes at 72″ x 96″ and you can find the free pattern here.

Blooming Star Quilt

I have been anxious to see how this quilt would look made up in different fabrics.  I love it in Miss Kate by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics.

Blooming Star in Miss Kate

I saved my Blooming Star quilt for last–it’s my favorite of the ones I have designed for fabric companies lately!  It’s an easy quilt to make and you get a lot of bang for your buck. =)

Have a wonderful weekend!–I’ll be back on Monday with the next Quilty Stitches block.

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Quilty Stitches Block 1307.07.14


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Our weather here was perfect–in the 70s all weekend long and beautifully sunny.  It was truly a perfect, weatherwise, 4th of July weekend.

I spent a little bit of time sorting my Bonnie & Camille layer cake squares.  I received the last package in the mail on Thursday and couldn’t wait to start sorting all of those fun fabrics.  For those of you on the waiting list for round 2 it won’t be too much longer until we will begin. =)

Onto Quilty Stitches Block 13

Friendship Star Quilt Block

According to Barbara Brackman, this week’s Quilty Stitches Block is called a Friendship Star Block.

Quilty Stitches Block 13

Quilty Stitches Block 13 PDF

I used Sullivan’s 45169 for the peachy color and DMC 964 for the aqua.

I have been mulling around different ideas for finishing off my sampler when it’s finished.  The top two contenders are turning it into a framed sampler to hang on the wall–which I have done before with cross stitched items.  Or to turn it into a pillow–which I haven’t done before but I think it would be pretty cute.

With the pillow idea in mind, I picked up this Keepsake Calico’s fabric from Joann’s.


The only other fabric that I buy from Joann’s are some of the fabrics from Denyse Schmidt. I just couldn’t resist this one–look how perfectly it goes with the sampler:


If I turn it into a pillow, this fabric is gonna happen.

I checked online to see if I could still find it available and I couldn’t locate it but you still might be able to pick it up locally.

3 more Quilty stitches blocks to go!

Happy Stitching!

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Mini Posies Quilt Block Tutorial06.30.14


Hey All!  Hope your Monday is off to a wonderful start!  We had a weekend full of swimming and hanging out with family at our annual family campout.  We all had so much fun and today we are slowly getting back into the week.

Last week I promised you a mini version of my Posies quilt block featured over on Moda Bake Shop and here it is:

Mini Posies Quilt Block

This will make a tiny 2″ x 4″ finished block just like the ones pictured in my photo.

I have also made my pattern available in an easy 1 page PDF printable for you all to enjoy.  Just Click and Print!

Mini Posies Quilt Block PDF pattern

Enjoy the free pattern!

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Fabric Design Fun06.25.14

Fabric Design

This summer I have been having so much design playing around and designing fabrics!  This is something new for me and I have really enjoyed dabbling with this side of quilt design.

Cherries Fabric Design

These are two fabrics that I designed and had printed through Spoonflower.  If you aren’t familiar with Spoonflower, it’s a great resource that allows you to print any design you upload onto fabric, or even wallpaper and gift wrap.

Sew Together Bag Fabrics

I pulled together some fabrics to go with one of the fabrics I designed with intentions to make a Sew Together Bag.

Mini Posies

And I made a couple mini Posies blocks which I plan to use on the bag as well.  These little blocks will finish at 2″ x 4″.


The 4″ x 8″ version is available over on Moda Bake Shop.  When I posted these little blocks over on IG, someone asked about sharing the measurements for the mini size–so I’ll be posting that sometime soon.

Hope you all are managing to know some projects off your to do list this summer!

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Quilty Stitches Block 1206.23.14

Quilty Stitches Economy block

Quilty Stitches Block 12 is the Economy Block.

Economy Block Stitchery

Quilty Stitches block 12 PDF Pattern

For my block I used Sullivans 45345, Sullivans 45313, DMC 743, DMC 471, Sullivans 45338, Sullivans 45077, Sullivans 45121, Sullivans 45113.

Happy Stitching!

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Posies Quilt Block Tutorial06.19.14

Image Courtesy of Moda Bake Shop

Image Courtesy of Moda Bake Shop


Hello All!  Are you all following along with the Trifle Dish Sew Along over on Moda Bake Shop?  It’s running the month of June and about every other day there is a new tutorial for the next row.  Today, my Posies Quilt Block is featured.

Posies Quilt Block

I think it’s the cutest little thing–finishes at 4″ x 8″.  I am super tempted to make a mini using these blocks sized down to 2″ x 4″–it would be so cute.  Although, really, just using four of the blocks as I originally sized them would make a super cute mini.

This version would be 35″ x 41″:

Posies Wall Hanging

And if you made it just 3 blocks by 2 blocks, the center would measure 14″ x 17″.   You can snag the free pattern here.

I made a little sample block to double check my measurements when I was designing this block and it’s now hanging right by my computer:

Posies Block

It’s right beside an adorable little print that the “sweet as honey” Bonnie Christine sent to me.  And, I’ve got to explain about that little drawing there right above my computer–my daughter Elonie drew that for me.

Ryan and I had been wanting to purchase a new grill since last year and had meant to as our b’day gift to ourselves but we never got around to it.  So last month, my birthday rolled around again and I mentioned that I’d still like a grill.  Elonie drew me a picture of a grill to give to me for my birthday so I would finally have one. =)  She was so proud that she was able to give me one for my birthday.  So that little picture has the prime spot on my desk where I see it every time I do any computer work.

And, I’ve got more goodies to share with you!–I’ve been wanting to share some of the other things that I made for Quilt Market and just haven’t gotten around to it–so here they are.  I decided I needed a little patchwork goodness to wear at Market–I had planned to purchase from Patchwork Threads.  Many of you have seen her cute Patchwork tees.  Unfortunately, when it came time to order, all of the tees I was interested in were sold out…so, I designed my own tee and had it made:

Pinwheel Tee

So fun having a quilty shirt!–I may need to make some more in different designs!

I also made 40 pincushions to hand out during my book signing at Quilt Market.  And of course they needed to have a petal theme!


I had 2 pincushions left when I returned home and I just listed them for sale in my Etsy shop this morning.  You can find them here.

I also had new business cards made!–Aren’t they cute!

Business Cards

So, there you go!–A bunch of LMS happenings. =)  Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Quilty Stitches Block 1106.09.14

Japanese x Block


The Quilty Stitches Block for today is one you probably recognize as being called “Japanese x & + block”–at least in blog world.  This block really came back in popularity in 2011 when Amy of fame posted a tutorial for the block here.  She fell in love with the block after seeing it in a quilt designed by Setsuko Inawaga at the Tokyo Quilt Festival.  The original block is credited to Nancy Cabot in 1938 and is called Spool Block.

A quick google or pinterest search will show you many Japanese X block quilts as the block lends itself to a very striking quilt.

Quilty Stitches Block 11

Quilty Stitches Block 11 PDF Pattern

For my block, I used:

DMC 470 for the green

DMC 958 for the Aqua

Sullivan’s 45076 for the Coral

Happy Stitching!

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Liberty Bag06.04.14

Liberty Bag

One of the items that I made for myself before heading off to Quilt Market this past May was a Liberty Bag.  I didn’t really have a nice handmade by me bag and I knew I wanted something roomy to carry all my goods in.

I shared my bag making progress over on Instagram, but I realized that I hadn’t shared over here!

Liberty Petals

I made the petals using HeatnBond lite (my go to fusible) and a wonderful stack of Liberty Fabrics.  I like using Liberty Fabrics where small bits of fabric are needed so I can stretch them further.


I didn’t really have a pattern for my bag although I started with this Moda Bake Shop pattern initially.  I mostly used the tutorial for the basic construction technique.  My bag is larger and of course pieced differently and appliqued.  And, I made the handles longer so I can wear it cross body if I want to.


I machine appliqued using a 50 wt. Gutermann thread and also machine quilted using a 50 wt. Gutermann thread.


Picked up a nifty big button from my LQS to finish off the bag.  It’s roomy, durable, and has come in handy for more than just at Quilt Market.

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More International Quilt Market Pictures06.03.14

 This week is such a busy week for me!–School is out which is always excited and we go right into frantic VBS prep.  Our VBS starts on Sunday and as one of 2 VBS directors that means this week gets quite busy for me!  I love it though–I have always wanted to be involved in a serious way with Vacation Bible School and am so excited to be involved every year.  I could almost get a little bit teary about it–it is just so fun to plan for & exactly where I feel I am supposed to be right now at this stage in my life.  I am sure that those of you who have been plugged into your perfect ministry know just what I’m talking about. =)

With that being said, I have found that as my mind gets to going 100 miles an hour, sitting down and spending some time at the computer whether it’s via blogging, designing, or just to answer emails, gives me a little bit of down time and I feel ready to tackle my to do list in a much more productive way.  Whew!–That was a long sentence! =)

So this is my VBS downtime Quilt Market report round 2. =)

Fig Tree

I wanted to kick off this round with pictures of one of my favorite booths at Quilt Market–the Fig Tree booth.  I love this line of fabric–I love the new patterns–large and mini.  Just beautiful!

Fig Tree Quilts

Next up is Hatched & Patched, “Gossip in the Garden” quilt.  Every time this quilt pops up somewhere I think it’s the cutest ever.  This quilt has it all–embroidery, applique, great blocks, all over cuteness.  I was excited to see this one in person.

Gossip in the Garden


This is Moda’s Modern Building Blocks quilt which is pretty stellar.  Definitely caught my eye every time I walked past.

Modern Building Blocks

I had to snap a picture of Playful Petals in the United Notions booth! =)

Playful petals

I chatted a bit with Vanessa of Lella Boutique.  She was debuting her first line with Moda, Into the woods.  She was the sweetest ever! =)  Her fabric palette is beautiful.



Next up Violet Craft’s new line, Brambleberry Ridge.  Really pretty line & some great patterns coming out.

Violet Craft Booth


This pillow was adorable.  On another note, I used the word “adorbs” to my husband last week just to see what he would say.  I thought he was going to fall over laughing–I don’t think I’m an “adorbs” saying sort of person.

Violet Craft Pillow


So, there you have it!–Some more photos to wet your fabric buying appetite! =)

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B&C Swap Update05.30.14

Hey all!–Hope your Friday is off to a great start!  I just wanted to pop in with a swap update for you all.

I sent out email confirmations to the first 39 people who responded on Tuesday with their contact information.  If you didn’t receive an email from me, you weren’t among the first 39 to respond.  For those that are in Round 1–Congrats!–I’m so excited for all the great fabric!

This leaves a lot of you still hoping for a Bonnie & Camille fabric swap….So, keep an eye out for Round 2!  Those of you who sent me your info. but didn’t make it into round 1 have been added to my round 2 list.  I’ll see how this swap finishes out but I’m thinking Round 2 would start July/August.  I’ll be in touch with my Round 2 list gals before opening up signups on my blog.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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