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Christmas Pillows11.13.13

For Unto You

Whew!–I am so glad to be able to sit down and take a minute to relax!–Remember that quilt I referenced last week that I thought I was going to complete over the weekend and then have time to work on Elonie’s binding?–Well, I just finished it about an hour ago.    I seriously underestimated the amount of time it was going to take!–I think it was a combo of the size, it’s a queen, and the amount of applique.  At any rate, it is finished and I can now move on to a project that I’ve been itching to work on!  Well, after I get my house/laundry back in shape–they are both out. of. control.

Pillow Centers

A few weeks back, I had the idea to design and print out some fabrics that could be used for some cool Christmas pillows.  I ended up with 3 different designs and uploaded my designs to Spoonflower and had them printed.

Pillow Center

Aside, from printing out some quilt labels with Spoonflower previously, this was my first try at fabric and overall I am happy with the result.  I didn’t realize that often Spoonflower is unable to print a “black” fabric–so, the fabrics I received are more of a dark grey instead of the darker designs I uploaded–my designs were more “chalkboardy”.  However, I am still happy with the result and I might try re-printing them on a different base fabric to see what happens.


I plan to surround the pillow centers with some sort of pieced border(s) and I was looking at some fabrics this morning to use for them.


I ended up pulling a selection of mostly Moda fabrics–there are just a couple Denyse Schmidt fabrics in their and the Laurie Wisbrun stripe at the top will make a perfect binding fabric.

I can’t wait to start working on these pillows!

Today I’m linking up with Lee’s WIP Wednesday. =)

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Deck the Halls Placemats Embroidery Patterns Freebie10.17.13

Hey all!–I’m glad to sneak in some blogging time in between several patterns I am writing up and some quilts I am working on for quilt market.  I love this time of year with all the new fabrics coming out and exciting new patterns!

You all may remember my Wedding Wishes Quilt and Love Pillows from the Moda Sweet Celebrations Book.

But, what you didn’t know was that I had another project accepted into the book–a set of Embroidered Christmas Placemats.  Unfortunately, due to the size of the book, they ended up being dropped from the book.

I had planned to share them with you last year, along with the free pattern, but that sneaky big project I’ve mentioned here and there over the last year was hogging up all of my time last fall and I never got around to sharing them with you.

I know many of you are gearing up and diving into Christmas projects and thought now would be a great time to share these with you.

The set of 4 placemats feature cute, simple embroidery and a bit of applique.  The piecing is also super simple.  I love an easy quick decorating project or gift idea that comes together quickly!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the font info. for the applique(it has been two years!).  But, they were fonts that I had in Microsoft Word that I sized appropriately.  It’d be no problem for you to choose your own fonts and size them—or leave off the applique altogether.

I’m giving away the placemat instructions and the embroidery patterns for you all!  So you can whip up some cute placemats of your own. =)

This little guy is my favorite!

Deck the Table Placemats Instructions

Snowman Embroidery Pattern 

Reindeer Embroidery Pattern 

Santa Claus Embroidery Pattern 

Christmas Tree Embroidery Pattern

I machine stippled all of the placemats being careful not to quilt over the applique or embroidery.  After machine quilting, I added a bit of hand quilting using 8wt. perle cotton.  The edges of my applique were completed using a blanket stitch on my machine.  The fabrics I used were from Sweetwater’s Countdown to Christmas line.  These fabrics are hard to find as they are out of print but, Christmas Countdown by Deb Strain has a very similar feel to my original fabric and is currently available.

If you use my embroidery patterns to make placemats or use them for another cute project I’d love if you’d share them!


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SuperSized Sampler Quilt10.09.13

I finished up my SuperSized Sampler Quilt top yesterday.  Once you have all of the blocks pieced, the quilt top whips together in no time.  If you followed the complete sampler cutting instructions listed in this post then you already have the pieces cut that you will be using.  If you didn’t, you will need (12) 2 3/4″ x 18 1/2″ white strips & (9) 2 3/4″ red print squares.

After that, it’s just a matter of laying out the completed blocks and the sashing strips and squares and sewing everything together.

I hope you have all enjoyed this quick little sampler!  As always you can share your sampler photos over in the flickr group!

Love those little fingers!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Our day will be spent celebrating 5 years with the little miss. =)  She has been counting down the days until her birthday and it is finally here–let the celebration commence!


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SuperSized Star & Chains Block10.02.13

Today we are making the last block in our SuperSized Sampler series.  Next week I’ll be sharing the finishing instructions for the sampler and then we’ll be finished!  What a quick four weeks it has been–these big blocks are a lot of fun to make and come together so quickly!  I hope you have enjoyed making them with me.  There are some fun blocks popping up over in the flickr group–it’s always fun to see these blocks in different colorways.

This weeks block is the 18″ version of the Star & Chains Block.  It’s also known as the Rolling Star block or Ring Round the Star.  I’ve talked a bit about how the names of the star blocks that we are using are sometimes used interchangeably–these blocks are all quite similar in basic layout.  As I was researching this weeks block I came across this image at Sophie Junction blog.

Image Courtesy of Sophie Junction

The vintage quilt pictured was sold at a museum sale in 2007 and was sold under the name Rolling Star.  It’s a great example of our quilt block from last week & shows how easily these quilt block names can be interchanged.

I also wanted to share a closeup picture of one of the blocks.  I’ve talked about how the original blocks would have been pieced–but here is a great example to show you exactly what I have been talking about(click the picture to see it larger).

Photo Courtesy of Sophie Junction

It’s so neat to see these quilts and blocks as they would have been made so many years ago!  I also think the offset sashing on this quilt is pretty stellar–it’s such a great addition to this quilt.

Anyway, on to this weeks block pattern–Star & Chains.

18″ SuperSized Star and Chains Quilt Block PDF

As always, if you are making these blocks I’d love if you’d share them in the flickr group!

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SuperSized Star of Bethlehem Quilt Block09.25.13

This weeks 18″ SuperSized block is the Star of Bethlehem block.  Many of you are probably familiar with this block as it recently became quite popular due to Camille Roskelley’s “Swoon” quilt pattern which features  24″ Star of Bethlehem quilt blocks.

The Star of Bethlehem quilt block was originally published in the 1930′s and is also known as Christmas Memory Quilt, Jewels in a Frame, Rolling Star, Star of the Magi, & Winged Star.  The original block would have had corner triangles instead of the squares pictured in my version.  However, the corner squares work much better to tie all the blocks in the sampler together.  And, of course, like all of the other blocks in the SuperSized Sampler series, the original block would have been made using templates and inset seams/y-seams.

As you have been piecing these blocks you have probably noticed how similar in design they all are.  It really gives you a great idea how important fabric placement is within a block & how quickly it changes the overall look of a block!

18″ Star of Bethlehem Block PDF Instructions

If you are following along and making your own SuperSized Star Sampler, I would love if you would share your blocks in our flickr group!

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Scrappy Trip Finish09.20.13

I finished up the Scrappy Trip quilt top that I’ve been working on.  The blocks for the quilt were made by the ladies of the Bee Purposeful Quilting bee.  The quilt will be auctioned off in October with the funds raised to benefit a mission team headed to an Ecuador orphanage this winter.

The fabrics used were a mix of Scrappy Brights from our stashes.  It was fun to see how all of the fabrics worked together.

I had planned to straight line quilt this quilt but in the end opted to send it off to Abby  for her to machine quilt.  I can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

If you are interested in making a Scrappy Trip quilt of your own you can find the tutorial for the blocks here.

SuperSized Sampler Flickr Group

For those of you following along with this Block Along, I’d love if you’d join our flickr group to share photos of your completed blocks!  I’ve seen some great ones already!  You can find our flickr group here.

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Rainbow Row Along {Row #10}09.16.13

Whew!–What a busy week and weekend I just had.  Fortunately I was still able to keep on track with my next row of Elonie’s quilt.  I’ve been excited about this block since designing the quilt–and it turned out just as cute as I had hoped.

For this row you will need:  1/2 yard of Tile Blue Pure Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics & 7/8 yd. Moda Bella PFD White.

From the Blue Fabric cut: (2) 8 1/2″ x wof strips; cut into (8) 8 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ rectangles

From the White Fabric: cut (4) 2 1/2″ x wof strips; cut (16) 2 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ rectangles, cut (3) 2 1/2″ x wof strips; cut into (8) 2 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ rectangles, cut (2) 4 1/2″ x wof strips; cut into (16) 4 1/2″ squares, cut (1) 2 1/4″ x wof strip; cut into (16) 2 1/4″ squares

Place a 4 1/2″ white square right sides together in the corner of the blue rectangle.  Sew a diagonal line.

 Trim a 1/4″ seam allowance and press.   Sew a 4 1/2″ white square on the other top corner(on the 8 1/2″ side).  Sew a diagonal, trim a 1/4″ seam and press.

 In the same manner, complete the bottom two corners using the 2 1/4″ squares.

Sew a 2 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ white rectangle to the sides of the Raindrop block.  Press away from the center.  Sew a 2 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ rectangle to the bottom of the block.  Press away from the center.  Make a total of (8) 12 1/2″ Raindrop Blocks.

 Sew the Raindrops together to complete Row #10.

Sew the row onto the Rainbow Rows quilt top.

Next week we are onto the purples!

On a side note: For those of you following along on the SuperSized Block Along, I updated the the “Cutting Instructions for the Whole Sampler”.  If you saved or printed out the cutting instructions before Saturday morning double check to make sure that you have the current version on my blog.  I changed up the piecing on one of the blocks to make it a little bit easier.  If you have already cut the pieces for the entire sampler you will have just a few more pieces to cut.  It doesn’t change the yardage requirements at all.  

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Rainbow Row Along {Row #9}09.09.13

It’s time for another dotty row in our Rainbow Row Along.

Fabrics: 1/4 yard Cozumel Blue Pure Elements Fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics and the 3 1/2″ x 96 1/2″ white strip that you set aside from Row #7.

You will also need 1/2 yard of Heat n Bond Lite.

From here, I’m going to refer you to the directions for Row #3.  Make an identical row using the Cozumel Blue fabric.  Remember this handy tip:

When you are ready to iron the circles onto the white strip, place the long white strip directly over top and centered onto the pink polka dot row in your quilt top.  Then you can lay the aqua circles in place without having to measure their placement & it will be identical to all the dotty rows.

After completing the strip, sew it onto the quilt top.

In just 3 more weeks our quilt top will be complete!

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My Little Sewer09.06.13

Did my title leave you wondering whether I was referring to needle and thread or flushing the toilet?  I have often wondered how two such very different words are spelled exactly the same and yet pronounced so differently with drastically different meanings.

In this case, it’s the needle and thread kind. =)  After I finished up the Chevron Cover last week, Chloe decided she wanted a cover for her Bible also.  She had been digging around in my fabrics and picking and choosing as I was working on the Chevron cover so I wasn’t surprised she now wanted one.

I had given this a little bit of thought and figured this was a sewing project, with the right pattern, that she could handle mostly on her own.  Chloe was very meticulous about her fabric choices–I was very careful not to influence her with my likes and dislikes.  This can be very hard to do as a mom!–The last time we worked on a sewing project together I couldn’t wrap my head around some of her choices and I did a bit of steering.

She started with a number of Kate Spain, Cuzco,  fabrics that she liked, then she added in some fabrics from Aneela Hoey’s Sew Stitchy line of fabric.  She’d add fabrics in, take some out, add some others in.  She’s got a great eye for color and the choices she was making were pretty much the same choices in fabrics that I would have made.  She finished off her fabric choices by adding in two fabrics from The Birds and the Bees by Tula Pink.

I cut the strips for her and did the ironing and she did all the sewing(every last stitch).  She did a great job–got good 1/4″ seam allowance practice –kept her fabrics lined up nicely & she’s got a nifty little Bible cover to show for her work.

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SuperSized! Sampler {Patchwork Stars Edition}09.04.13

Yay!  I’m excited to bring you a fun block along.  This project has been stewing along for a bit now and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.  For four weeks starting next Wednesday, I will be sharing a SuperSized (18″) block pattern of some old favorites.

There is a definite “bigger is better” trend taking place in the modern quilting world right now and I have been wanting to SuperSize these stars for quite awhile.

I will be using Reminisce by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics for my blocks.  Since purchasing these little lovelies I’ve been waiting for the right project and this is it.

We’ll be kicking off next week with a block that has at least 10 different names–I’m calling it the Morning Star Block(that was my fave of all the names I’ve heard it called).

Each week the block pattern PDF will be available for you to print out.  I hope you all join in!  The completed Star Sampler will measure approx. 43″ x 43″.  This would also be a fantastic Christmas Project!  Look how pretty the Morning Star block is in Winter’s Lane Fabric(this is my favorite Christmas line this year).  Ha!–I totally might convince myself to make a 2nd sampler in these colors. =)

Fabric Requirements

1/2 yard of 7 print fabrics for pieced blocks, 1 1/2 yard white solid for block background and quilt sashing(Note: if you plan to sash the blocks in a different fabric than your block background then you will need 1 1/4 yard of fabric for the block background and 1/2 yard fabric for the sashing), 1/2 yard binding fabric, 2 7/8 yard backing fabric.

Hope to see you all back here next Wednesday!

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