Quilty stitches

Quilty Stitches Block 7

Quilty Stitches Block 7


This week’s Quilty Stitches block is a variation of the Lone Star of Paradise Block–an old traditional block you’ve probably seen popping up in a lot of places recently:

Lone Star of Paradise

 You may be familiar with this block from Camille’s super cute “Fireworks” quilt pattern which uses a variation of this block as well.

This time of year with quilt market just around the corner is always so busy for me so I don’t have a quite completed block to share with you but mine is almost done!

Block 7

Quilty Stitches Block 7 PDF

For my block I am using Sullivan’s 45422 for the light orange, DMC 958 for the aqua, and Sullivan’s 45121 for the grey.  And of course filling in everything else with white.

I have a couple Quilt Market quilts that I’m working on this week so hopefully I’ll get a bit of time in to work on my stitching!

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  • Merci de la belle grille bonne journee Marie-Claire

  • So excited! I’m just about to print this out and go stitch on the front porch by the azaleas while the boys play in the yard. Aaaaaaaah! Thank you! Have a super day!

  • I have such a stupid question. I have crossed stitched for years. Haven’t done much lately but I really love the look of this. But I am having a hard time figuring out how to read the chart. Every thing that I’ve ever stitched had little symbols inside each square to represent a stitch. All I see is lines…how do I find out how to read this? Ok…if I didn’t want to do this so bad..I would have kept that to myself..lol. Thanks!!

  • All of the little blocks are so cute. Used to X-stitch a lot, but as I grow older it’s harder to see the teeny tiny squares. Am thinking I could do these blocks on plastic canvas. Will give it a go and let y’all know if it works.

  • Up to date on Quilty Stitches and ready for more blocks. When will 8 be posted?

  • Kathy- maybe you can color in the squares to match and see if that helps.
    This is too nice of a pattern to not do it.


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