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Quilty Stitches Block #3

Rolling Stone


Block #3 in our Quilty Stitches Sampler is the Rolling Stone block.  You’ve probably seen this quilt block popping up in a variety of places.  I knew it had become a popular block, but I didn’t realize exactly how popular until I started poking around a little bit.  You will find Rolling Stone quilt blocks or a variation of one in all of the following patterns:

Fig Tree Quilts “Wheels” Pattern (Scroll Down)

Thimbleblossoms “Puddling Jumping” Pattern

Cluck Cluck Sew “Spin Cycle” Pattern

Red Pepper Quilts “Labrynth” Pattern

And this is just a brief list of some of the places this block has been showing up lately.  If you feel like you’ve been seeing it around a lot–you probably have! =)

Block 3

Quilty Stitches Block 3 PDF Pattern

I used DMC 351(Coral), DMC 958(Aqua), DMC 744(Yellow)

And all 3 blocks together so far:

1st Three Blocks

Hope you are all enjoying stitching along!

Use #quiltystitches to share your blocks on IG or share over on flickr.

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  • Mercy de partager avec nous les belles grilles du quilty stich bonne journée Marie-Claire

  • Thank You

  • I am loving this! PLEASE consider doing more quilt-theme (or any type) cross-stitch patterns. This is so much fun! I love the colors!

  • I’m enjoying this sew along a lot too…’s so relaxing to sit down at night to watch TV and have the best of both worlds….quilting related & cross stitch!!!

    Peggy in NJ

  • Oh my! Number three already. I haven’t done number two. Aaaahhhhk!

  • I haven’t posted any pictures, but I’ve kept up so far. Better than most BOMs I do. I can’t tell, but are you stitching in the background? I have a sashing, but it didn’t look ‘finished’.

  • Yea! I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to it this week.

  • Ooh! I can’t wait to get started, thanks so much!

  • Thanks so much for this stitch along. I just started on block one and am loving an excuse to cross stitch again.

  • The cross stitch blocks look so cute. I will be watching the progress.

  • I will try and post a picture back to you when this is done as I have changed up the colors. I hope it comes out as beautiful as yours. Thanks for sharing this. Having fun.

  • […] it until I’ve done the last few stitches. Care to stitch along? Here are the links for blocks three and four. Fun […]

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