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Quilty Stitches Sampler Thread Colors


Thanks so much for all of the great response to my Quilty Stitches Sampler!  Several of you were asking about the specific threads that I’ll be using for my sampler–so I wanted to pop on today and list them in case you wanted to pick up supplies this weekend. =)

I used a mix of DMC and Sullivans threads.  Where I’ve used the Sullivans thread I’ve noted the comparable DMC color as well.  FYI–my LQS was running a great sale on Sullivans threads which was why I ended up with a lot of that particular brand.  Also, in some cases the Sullivans equivalent of the DMC color wasn’t quite the same which allowed for a more gradual variation of color.  You’ll  see below where I have used both the Sullivan’s shade and the DMC equivalent.

From Left to Right in the above picture:

  • DMC 351
  • Sullivans 45076 (DMC 352)
  • Sullivans 45077 (DMC 353)
  • Sullivans 45496 (DMC 3771)
  • Sullivans 45283 (DMC 945)
  • Sullivans 45221 (DMC 819)
  • DMC 958
  • Sullivans 45293 (DMC 958)
  • Sullivans 45313 (DMC 993)
  • DMC 964
  • Sullivans 45113 (DMC 504)
  • DMC 721
  • Sullivans 45169 (DMC 722)
  • Sullivans 45422 (DMC 3825)
  • Sullivans 45087 (DMC 402)
  • Sullivans 45452 (DMC 3854)
  • Sullivans 45453 (DMC 3855)
  • Sullivans 45156 (DMC 676)
  • DMC 743
  • DMC 744
  • DMC 745
  • DMC 746
  • Sullivans 45338 (DMC 3326)
  • Sullivans 45297 (DMC 963)
  • Sullivans 45220 (DMC 818)
  • Sullivans 45047 (DMC 225)
  • Sullivans 45163 (DMC 703)
  • DMC 470
  • Sullivans 45105 (DMC 470)
  • Sullivans 45345 (DMC 3348)
  • Sullivans 45107 (DMC 472)
  • Sullivans 45121 (DMC 535)
  • Sullivans 45193 (DMC 762)
  • white (not pictured)

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  • Thank you for the suggested list. Would you happen to have a stitch count for the individual quilt blocks?
    Thanks again.


  • I am so grateful for your clever stitchery. I am recovering from Achilles surgery and my sanity after 8 wks would have been in question… were it not for your delightful cross stitching project. Thank you!

  • That is the cutest project…..I’m thinking a trip to Michaels may be in order tonight 🙂

    Peggy in NJ

  • Thanks for this project!

  • I have plenty floss so I will just use it. Will you again tell the size of fabric needed?

  • I will use a mix of DMC and Weeks, and silks..and I will be working on Linen about a 32 ct I think.

  • I will be at the Carlisle Inn this weekend for a Quilt Retreat. I’ll bet I can find a shop with thread!

    Thanks for all you do!

  • I’m going to try to do this project with you. I just recently finished hand therapy for a severely broken radial bone, and have been told to take it easy. I’m going to yse 14 count white aida with bright colored floss I have on hand. Hopefully I can keep up!

  • Can’t wait to get started!!!

  • Thanks for the list. I think I’ll go with these so I don’t have to think much! :/

  • I am sooo excited for this! but I was out shopping today and noticed that the store doesn’t carry a DMC 672 floss color? I also noticed that you have the DMC floss number listed twice? Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for pointing this out to me! That last DMC # should be 762 which I’ve updated. =)

      • ok Thank You!! Have I mentioned I’m sooo excited!

  • i shouldn’t have been tempted, (but i am), i started looking through my thread and such and have very guilty feelings for neglecting my cross stitch passion since i developed a quilty passion. lol its good to dip back in again, and aida is easy stitching on the eyes, i mostly stitch on 28ct linen, but i like the oatmeal, kind of like a good muslin, thanks again for the idea.

  • This is a perfect addition to my there stitch projects…? so excited.

  • Hi… I was writing out the thread colors when I noticed that # 958 and #470 are listed twice right after each other.

    Are these suppose to be different #’s?

    Thanks for some feedback on the matter.

    In Kind Regards,

    • In some cases I am using both the Sullivan’s thread and the equivalent DMC thread when the colors are different enough from each other.

  • I have cross referenced the threads listed on the individual blocks with this list above and wondering on which blocks I am supposed to use the following threads: 45047, 45087, 45107, 45156, 45163, 45452, 45496?????

    Then there are two colors listed on specific quilt blocks that do not show up on this list. They are 45075 (Block 15) and 471 (Block 12).

    On block #5 I believe there was a transposition of the color names with the numbers listed on the first line. DMC 351 is a coral color NOT dark grey.

    Please send me a response via email. I want to get started on this project but want to get clarification before starting. I make enough errors on my own; don’t need to pattern to mislead me. Thanks.

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