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Quilty Stitches Sampler Along Block #1


I’m so excited to have so many of you stitches along with Quilty Stitches! =)  Today we are going to be kicking off with Block #1.  If you missed out on the intro. post or the thread colors post, you can find them here & here.

First off, below you’ll find the “Quilty Stitches” Layout in PDF format so you can easily print it out.  This includes the stitching diagram for all of the “borders/sashing”.  Each square denotes one stitch.  I am doing all of this in white thread.  If you want to go ahead and stitch all of this ahead of time you certainly could.  Then you could fill in the blank holes with the blocks as I introduce them.

Quilty Stitches Layout

 If we have any cross stitching newbies stitching along and you are unsure about how to cross stitch, first off it’s so easy!  Secondly, if you pop onto youtube and search for Cross Stitch you will find a lot of great info. about how to stitch.

We will be using a regular cross stitch as well as a 1/4 cross stitch for our blocks.

Our sampler is 116 stitches by 116 stitches.  If you are using 14 count aida cloth like I am your sampler will be just under 10″ square.  To find my starting point on my cloth, I folded my aida cloth vertically in half and finger pressed a small crease in the center and then did the same horizontally.  I measured over 5″ to the left and then up 5″ to find my starting point in the upper left corner.  You will also want to make sure to either fray check the edges of your aida cloth before starting.  If you don’t have any on hand you can run masking tape around all the edges of your aida cloth.

And now onto Block #1 the “Swoon” block:

Quilty Stitches Block #1

I’ve decided to offer the pattern for you in a “color your own” type of format.  I think it’s such a handy way to offer the pattern.  Each square denotes one cross stitch.  Any square that has a line diagonally through it would be comprised of (2) 1/4 stitches.  I am opting not to backstitch but you certainly could if you wanted to!

 Print out the pattern, color it in with your desired colors and you’re ready to stitch.  Not happy with your color choices?–print a 2nd and try again.  For my Swoon Block I used DMC 351(Coral) DMC 470(Green), DMC 964(Aqua).

Quilty Stitches Block 1

And here’s the pattern ready to print out in handy pdf format:

Quilty Stitches Block 1

If you are stitching along, you can grab my button from the sidebar on the right for your blog to help spread the word.  Also if you are an IG’er we’ll be using #quiltystitches to share our work.  If you are on flickr, I’d love if you’d share over in the LMS group.

If I’ve forgotten to mention something or if you have questions please let me know!

Can’t wait to see all of the Quilty Stitches samplers starting to pop up! =)

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  • Woo Hoo! And we are off to an amazing start!

  • So excited! Need to buy my supplies!

  • Thank you!!!!! I can’t wait. . . .cross stitch is so much fun. Love that you are doing so many great blocks from some of my favorite quilters. Happy stitching, everyone!

  • Thank you!

  • Thank You!

  • Are you filling in with white inside each block too? I tried to zoom in and I think I see stitches.

    • I was wondering the same thing.

      • Yes, the rest of the block is filled with white. I am confused about a white frame surrounding white. I guess as a visual learner, I will have to wait awhile 🙂

  • I need to buy my supplies today!

  • Hope my question is not too complicated. Say the diagonal line where the quarter stitches should be is bordering too colors. Using your example the green uppermost point which borders the white. Would half of the quarter be in green and the other half be in white?

    Also are you using the sharp tipped or blunt tip needle?


  • Thank you very much for your generosity. I have printed the charts and will be on to my start soon.

  • Been wanting to learn cross-stitching for some time but can’t seem to keep the patience for it. So, hopefully, this small project will get me moving.

    I’ll check out some instructions on youtube so I don’t have to ask a lot of questions — like, how many strands of thread is used? Silly things like that LOL

  • This is such a fun idea! Looking forward to seeing all those pretty blocks. Thanks for sharing and greetings from Germany

  • Oh this looks like fun. Wonder if I can find Aida cloth tucked away in my cupboard. Thank you.

  • Votre blog est magnifique Marie-Claire(Belgique)

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  • I agree this looks like fun! Thank you for sharing you pattern. I’m just getting my supplies together.

  • I blogged about this today and shared some of my cross stitched pieces displayed in our home. I’ve printed out the pattern and can’t wait to get started!

  • Thanks …need magenta ink…my printer is not working….need to wait till Wednesday..:(

  • I look forward to new posts.

  • Oh yes! yes! yes! I have to do this! My DH just brought home a big box of cross stitch fabric from the local thrift shop today & I really want to stitch something. How adorable! Thanks so much for doing this. Have a super day!

  • I would like to know how many strands of embroidery floss you used? Thanks

  • Newbie her. I understand to find the center of the aida. Then you measure 5 inches over and five inches up, but what stitch goes in that spot? Is that we’re the smashing starts or the first quilt block and how to I center the quilt block in the square created by the smashing? How many strands of floss are you using?

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  • One more “Thank you” Corey:) I finished my block last night and I’ve just posted into the flick(er) group.
    This was a lot of fun!

  • Hey Corey, I know I asked this before, but didn’t see a response. When I count the five inches up and over, is this where the smashing starts?
    Or is this where the swoon block starts? If it is the swoon block, is this the top right of the block? I am still waiting to get started. Lucky me,because I have some wonderful stitchers in my quilt guild that have offered to help.

  • These blocks are SEW clever and how great that you used EQ for them. makes me want to cross stitch now, hmmm. How big do you need the canvas to be? I guess how many stitches across? I heard it’s 16 blocks, so 4 x 4 and I’ll count the swoon block, I have a ton of presencia for embroidery but using it for something like that would be darling, just wondering about the thickness

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  • Hello Corey,
    I’m here via Sew We Quilt! Samm talked with me several weeks ago and has asked me to be one of the Cheerleaders for her new site Sew we Stitch!! I LOVE Quilting but my old love of Cross Stitching can now be incorporated into my quilting!! How many of us have a drawer full of unfinished cross stitch projects or finished projects but nothing creative to use them for…until Now!!! I’m excited to reclaim my love of everything cross stitch and think I’ll join in with your Stitch Along once Christmas is voer and I finish quilting a quilt for a client. No more paid clients, 2015 is going to be stitching for ME!!!!
    Gmama Jane
    Grandmama’s Stories

  • Mmmmm just what is needed now in the middle of our winter, in new Zealand, just perfect. Now that Aida ‘ n’ thread, where rrrrrr u. Thanks, this will be fantastic 2 do just 4 me also this year.

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