Wednesday WIP

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18 Responses

  1. Kathleen OGrady says:

    What a beautiful quilt top! It turned out just gorgeous and I love those colors. Your work is awesome!

  2. Carla says:

    I just love your quilt. My theory is, if it lends itself to straight line quilting then I do it myself. If I want something a little fancy then I give it to my long arm quilter. I’m just starting a wedding quilt. It will be going out for quilting : )

  3. Cheryl says:

    It turned out so nice! I don’t machine quilt, except the few, small projects, so, I’m of no help for your question. Sorry. I’d be happy to hand quilt your top, but, you might never get it back again ; )

  4. karen f says:

    The colors are so precious. Congrats on the finish. I’m finishing up a 96×96 quilt and will be tackling it on my home machine so I’ll be reading up on the replies you get here! For anything biggish (65″ or more) I usually do a random overall FMQ and leave the controlled stuff for the throw size and smaller.

  5. Peg says:

    Cory, it’s beautiful and precious. I’m still gaga over the color combo and I love the block/sashing/cornerstone combo you use. So fresh and happy!

  6. robin says:

    Your setting is such a nice addition to thise beautiful blocks!

  7. I love this quilt! Can you tell me what the two solids you used were? I have been looking for the perfect coral color. Thanks!!

  8. I have recently taken some lessons & I agree – I struggle with the space – have been looking into longarm sit down options – but will need to sell some vital organs or kids to afford one. I used to roll the quilt – but my teacher encouraged me to just shove & quilt (ie. suck it up) I recently got a BSR which has also complicated matters. I also got a super slider – a piece of high gloss silicone which helps the quilt slide more. And I always start in the middle & work out so the effort gets easier as I go along. Finally – the more you do it on the Bernina the easier the big pieces will seem. Not sure if any of that helps.

  9. margaret says:

    what a gorgeous quilt corey, I also struggle quilting when it,s a large quilt, as i have arthritis both arms and it takes me ages to do. If i was you i,d send it of to be quilted. Maybe i will send my next quilt to be professionally done.

  10. Marcia R. says:

    Love this quilt! I’m looking forward to using your pattern someday soon.

    My Juki has a deeper throat, so that makes quilting a little easier. But I would just say it takes a lot of practice and patience. I recently had accumulated 7 quilt tops, all your quilt’s size and smaller. I put my machine on the dining room table for the duration, came up with a quilting plan before I started each quilt, and then just took my time with it. I was an improved machine quilter by the end of the last quilt, for sure. I just watched many, many hours of Netflix, and didn’t rush. I used some straight line quilting and some fmq (and sometimes both on a single quilt). I also kept a quilt sandwich close by to practice each quilting style or thread change before using it on the real quilt. I just do too much sewing to send all my quilts out. Queen size or larger though…not sure I’d attempt!

  11. Marcia R. says:

    Oh and I’ve found FMQ overall swirls to be much faster for me than a random stippling.

  12. Anjeanette says:

    What a lovely finish! The colors are soo soothing too.

    I have yet to send anything to be quilted. I really want to. But until I start making money at this, I can’t justify sending them away. I have a list of who I would send them to, once I get to that point though;)

    I have a Janome and it is a decent size arm. BUT it is still a pain in the butt to quilt anything too big. I quilted an almost queen quilt that had two layers of batting and it was not fun! But in the end it did turn out lovely.

    I’ll be interested to see what you decide. Good luck!

  13. kaholly says:

    Certainly something to drool over. I’ll be careful not to get any on your beautiful quilt top!

  14. elsa says:

    Your quilt turned out so lovely!

  15. Yvonne says:

    I just bought a Baby Lock Tiara sit down mid arm for quilting and I love it. I am truly loving the quilting process now and getting much better at it. Also have been taking all kinds of quilting classes on Craftsy and that is helping too.
    I love your quilt, thanks for sharing!

  16. Lisa says:

    I think so many of us struggle with that question. My criteria are flexible. If I decide that I want to say (brag) that I did it ALL myself, then I quilt it. I recently quilted a 96 inch square Swoon quilt on my Bernina. I did the centers of all the blocks with a design one at a time. It helps to just concentrate on a small area at a time. If I feel casual about the quilt and it is large, I occasionally send them out. And sometimes, if I love a quilt top and it is large and I’m afraid I’ll wreck it with my quilting, then I send it out. Hope this helps.

  17. gardenpat says:

    I find it essential to use 505 temporary basting spray to hold my layers together while I machine quilt using my regular home machine! I’ve quilted queen size quilts using this and not a single pin was needed to keep it from bunching!!!