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11 Responses

  1. Sarah Schraw says:

    Mmm, pretty! I saw those when I was there yesterday. I was good an only bought 2 yards but now I wish I’d at least gotten the purple plaid… Why aren’t there more plaids in the world?

  2. Ellyn Z says:

    I bought stacks of both! LOL DS and Cloud 9. greedy me.

  3. Gill says:

    I wish we had Joanns in the UK!!!

  4. Sherry says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I plan to stop by Joann’s for a couple of other items tomorrow but will have to pick up some of this beautiful fabric while I am there.

  5. Andee says:

    Thanks so much for the reminder! Will hustle over there tomorrow.

  6. Can I send you the bill for what I just purchased there this morning after getting your e-mail? 😉 I actually got a whole bunch of rainbow cottons too at $2.49 a yard – inspired by your rainbow rows ……

  7. Heather says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have several of those pretty Cloud 9 fabrics but will head out soon to get some more!

  8. palak says:

    Thank you for letting us know!

  9. Sally says:

    I went to JoAnn’s on Sunday and saw they had these fabrics on sale. Luckily, I get paid tomorrow and can go back and buy some 🙂 Plus, I can add my teacher discount on top of the % off! I was planning to buy several of the fabrics that you have in your stack 🙂

  10. Grabbed myself a stack of DS at Jo-ann’s too! Thanks 🙂

  11. I was just there last night! And now I remember that I forgot (does that make sense?) to buy the cute little fabric on the top of your stack. Back to Joann’s I go…