Bee Purposeful {Scrappy Trip}

About 2 months ago I wrote this blog post to see if anyone was interested in starting up a bee with me to benefit missions trips from my church.  Ryan and I are fortunate enough to attend a church where missions work is in the forefront, as such, we have many teams traveling throughout the year .

I was blown away by the response to my post and within just a couple days had a team of amazing ladies ready and willing to participate in this venture with me.  I am so thankful for their willingness and generous hearts to work with me on this! =)

We kicked off our bee in August and I had the fun of choosing our month theme and fabric colors.

I decided to go with a Scrappy Trip Around the World(appropriate, right?) and fun, bright happy colors.  You’ve probably seen these blocks all over the internet–there’s a great tutorial for making them here.

These are the blocks I made for the quilt–I’ll probably end up making a couple more to finish off the quilt.  They are fast to make!

We are all working from our stash for this bee so there is a wonderful scrappy vibe to this quilt.  But at the same time, the ladies have chosen perfect fabrics that are all very cohesive together.

I can’t wait to receive the last couple blocks for this quilt and start putting it together!  The ladies in this group have all been so quick in sending back the blocks so I should have them all soon!  I think it will be such a pretty quilt.

I am really excited for September in this bee also.  Toni has already chosen our theme and fabric colors and I’m in love with both!

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  • Such a pretty quilt. Wonderful cause 🙂

  • This is looking really great. Enjoy putting it together ; )

  • Oh it’s looking beautiful!

  • OOH Corey! I’m so happy to see it coming together! Need me to make a couple more blocks?

  • Love it love it love it!!!

  • Absolutely love it!

  • I love the look of this quilt, Corey. You and all the ladies are very generous with your time and talents. These quilts will be wonderful for your missions’ work. I think I might have to try that block for myself. It looks like a great scrap buster.

  • Corey I absolutley love all your designs and do not want to miss one, how do I find the start of the above. I presume the squares are 2 1/2″ ? You are so talented and have great taste in colours and design.

    kind regards

  • The quilt is beeeautiful!!! So happy to have been a part of it!

  • […] I finished up the binding yesterday morning and now it’s all ready to head off to the auction.  You can read more about where this quilt is headed in this blog post. […]

  • Absolutely gorgeous! If this is an auction that is open to anyone, can you provide a link so we can bid?

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