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Mod Twist Quilt {Free Pattern}

Hey All!–I hope your summer is off to a great start!  Mine has been busy, but good busy!  I was director of VBS at my church this year which just wrapped up last week.  We had a fantastic week and averaged about 125 kids per night.  So my summer kicked off with a bunch of VBS prep–like I said, busy but oh so good busy. =)  I would almost be ready to dive right in again…almost.  VBS came right on the tail of Quilt Market–I’m sure you all have seen pictures and read other reports on various blogs.  So many great lines of fabric debuting!

Remember this little teaser?:

It was a little sneak of a quilt that I made showcasing P&B Textiles new line of fabric which was shown at Quilt Market this Spring.

My quilt, Mod Twist, is a fun little folded quilt.  It looks more complex than it actually is.

It is made of many rows of carefully folded fabric, pinned, ironed and then quilted into place.

It does requires a bit of patience.

If you fancy making a Mod Twist quilt of your own my pattern is available on the P&B Textiles website here.  And Hawthorne Threads is carrying the complete line of Classical Elements fabrics.

I’m working on responding to all of my emails & questions so if you sent one to me just hang tight! =)

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  • very pretty! and how unique! thank you for the pattern.

  • Lovely….so clever..thanks so much for the pattern!!

  • I was a co-director for VBS, twice in fact. A TON of work! Now, I found my niche in coordinating the Missions. I like that I can make it as big or as simple as I wish. This year, I went with BIG. Our VBS is filled by March or April. We average 200 children each year, 100 of which are preschoolers. So I decided to crochet an offering coin pouch for each child. I had some help, but still made over 100 myself! Then, I painted a cardboard castle for the display – with moat and all. Add an informational blurb and a take home for each day! A lot of work, but this is the creative work I enjoy. It was fun! My prep is done. I set up my display on Sunday and VBS begins on Monday.

  • Wow – that is a really cool quilt! And I think it is just the perfect pattern for my son. 😉

  • What a clever idea. Thanks so much for the pattern. I love the fabrics you have chosen and am thinking about getting some to make this but I’m also thinking it would look amazing in rainbow shades.

  • Hi Corey….. I LOVE your quilt “Mod Twist”! I so want to make it, but for some reason all I get is the dreadful little black square with a black x in it! I tried yesterday and today. Any suggestions?

    Thanks loads!


  • Corey it’s just fabulous! I bet if it were made for a baby, s(he) would love exploring the little crevices. But the soft neutrals are outstanding. I love it!

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