Birdie Stitches

Birdie Stitches Block #7

And the birdies are bringing in the 4th in style.=)  I hope you all have a lovely weekend as well—maybe a little stitching thrown in with the parties?

Birdie Stitches Block #7

Block Construction(All blocks will be constructed in the same manner):

Center square: 8.5″ square

 Border Squares: (20) 2.5″ squares

I like to assemble the block before doing the embroidery work–it’s just a little bit easier to hoop it up.  Sew together 2 sets of (4) 2.5″ squares–these strips will measure 8.5″long–sew one set to the top and bottom of the 8.5″ center square.  Sew the remaining 2.5″ squares into two sets of  6.  These will measure 12.5″ long–sew one strip on each side of the block.  And Voila! a 12.5″ square block all ready for embroidery.  You will find the embroidery pattern below in pdf format

Birdie Stitches Block #7

(Note:  If you ever have trouble with the size your pattern is printing out at, be sure that your page scaling is set to “none’ prior to printing)

A couple embroidery notes:  I used 3 strands of floss for the stars on the Birdies belly.  I used 6 strands of floss for everything else.  This pattern incorporates a simple back stitch and french knots.  Please note, as I used 6 strands of floss I only wrap the needle once for my french knots.  I used a water erasable marker to transfer the embroidery pattern onto my fabric–this was done after the block was assembled.

We have some stellar blocks over in the flickr group.  Be sure to add yours! =)

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  • Yet another gorgeous block! Such cute birdies. For me this one would have to be for Bonfire Night as we don’t celebrate the 4th July.

    • I knew some of you gals wouldn’t be celebrating the 4th as it’s a US holiday but I just couldn’t resist! =)

  • Love the stars and stripes on the birdies! I will catch up to you all this month, I’m finishing May and can’t wait to get to June! Thanks for doing this LMS, it’s been lots of fun!

  • After seeing all the lovely blocks in this quilt all the ladies I follow have made … I give in. Yes, I have printed out all the info I need for all blocks so far – and will be adding this to my ever-growing list of BOMs I need (lol) to do!
    They are absolutely adorable!!!

  • Yay another cute Birdie Stitches …. Thank you

  • How cute is this one!! I have some traveling coming up…I am this will allow me to catch up!

  • Thanks for another darling stitchery!! Perfect for July 🙂

  • thank you corey. 4th of july is my favorite holiday. i have been anxiously awaiting my fabric to get started on this project. i may be how many months late starting but i am going to enjoy the bom. it’s my first bom project. thank you for the inspiration!!

  • Thanks for another cute block. I am having so much fun stitching these blocks.

  • One of the best yet! I love that the birdies are celebrating the 4th of July. I especially like the sparklers.

  • I just realized I’m 3 months behind on these!! But I’m going to get them done this month. I love your block designs. Thanks for doing this!!

  • I love the birdie blocks.. I have yet to start, but am collecting them for when I get ready.. thanks so much.

  • I have made the 6 blocks and I love them. This 7th block is so beautiful as it can be. You are fantastic.
    Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  • I was so excited that today was the 1st! I love the new block and the fireworks are super cute. Now to just catch up 🙂

  • Another adorable winner 😀 This is such a great project.

  • Very cute block, but I’ll have to edit it to make it Canadian!! Happy Canada Day today (July 1)!!!!!!!!

  • I just love these blocks. I recently joined your Block of the month and took the blocks traveling with me so I am caught up. I think I joined about three weeks ago. Thanks sooooo much

  • Too, TOO cute! Thank you for another darling block 🙂

  • I love it! Thank you so much!

  • Another really cute block….thank you again for sharing with all of us!

  • So darn cute!

  • Another lovely block… thanks….

  • Wow, thank’s this is so beautiful. I found your blog last week this is fabulous. I’ll try it very soon.

  • Thanks again Corey! I can’t wait to stitch this one!

  • I was stitching on my June block at the Drive In last night – the light lasted until after 9PM… then I had to watch a movie…. 😉

    • just can’t believe it’s already time for fireworks!!! LOVE the July block!!!

  • I love this block of the month project. Can’t wait to get started but cannot seem to find the Sunkissed Fabric that you used. I know I can choose something different but I LOVE that fabric. Anyone know where I can get some? Thank you again for a very fun and happy quilt.

  • As always your birdie block is fabulous.

  • Thanks for all your birdie blocks, i was a late starter but have caught up, making for my granddaughter. Just love all your artistic work. thanks Corey

  • How might I get the Birdie Stitches block patterns and quilt. This is darling!!!
    Thanks Linda Jones

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