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Kelly Rachel Come On Down!

Kelly is the winner of my Birthday Giveaway Pillow! =)  I loved (loved) designing this pillow. =)  Here is the comment that Kelly left:


Wow, this is a fantastic idea. And how super awesome would it be to win??!!
I’ll give this a go, but my mind is known for resembling an autobahn with many ideas zooming around at breakneck speeds, so I’m not sure what’s going to pop out at this present time. Let me think…

Colours: Cream, coral, peachy pink, robin’s egg blue, yellow-green
Images: Soft pink cotton candy; an old fashioned swing with ribbons tied on the handles; bunting; umbrellas
Sewing: Ruffles, hand quilting, patchwork, bows

Wow, that was fun! I didn’t know what I’d get, but that’s kind of a dreamy concoction don’t you think?

Good luck to everyone!

So, I guess this is what ya get!–I could have gone in so many different ideas with all the fab inspiration this brought to mind but, for me it was all about the umbrellas & the wonderful color combo.

I think that Kelly commented on every post I did featuring sneak peeks for this pillow so I knew I was going in the right direction.  I hope you love it Kelly!  I’ll be sending you an email soon. =)

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  • Hooray for Kelly. The pillow is fabulous, you lucky girl!

  • Judging by Kelly’s description, I would say that you have nailed the design brief!! What a sweet pillow – congratulations Kelly!!

  • Get out!!! I feel like the luckiest person in. the. world. Corey, thank you soooo much. I love the pillow so much! I can hardly believe it is coming to my house. Somebody pinch me!!!

    I’m so happy you chose my little comment to win. I am so flattered. I will stop rambling/babbling now… But just one more thank you …

    THANK YOU COREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just love this love this love this… I want one for me..!

  • beautiful job Corey. Kelly is one lucky girl.

  • Congratulations Kelly!! It was fun to so your pillow in the making. 🙂

  • Congratulations, Kelly! Corey, you made a gorgeous pillow!

  • Congrats, Kelly, lucky you! Corey, this pillow is just darling (like everything else you create)! Again, what a sweet thing to do, making a pillow for someone else to celebrate your birthday 🙂

  • Wonderful pillow Corey!! Congrats Kelly! Kelly, your inspiration was wonderful and knocked it out of the ballpark 🙂 Ya can’t help but smile when you look at the pillow! Corey, love the umbrella applique technique.

  • I love the umbrellas. Lucky winner.

  • Super Duper Cute!

  • Congrtaulations to Kelly…what a lucky duck….and a superb rendition of her idea Corey……! just so perfect!
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) X

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