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Birthday Giveaway Day #6

I have been so excited to share today’s giveaway with you!  I have two great sponsors today and one lucky winner is going to win an amazing giveaway!

Today’s Giveaway is sponsored by A Little Sweetness and Pinks & Needles—Get ready for cuteness overload!

Tasha the creative mind behind A Little Sweetness has some of the cutest little embroidery patterns–and you know I love myself some good embroidery. =)

Photo Courtesy of A Little Sweetness
Photo Courtesy of A Little Sweetness

She also does the cutest little illustrations:

I think I could buy about one of each from Tasha’s shop and I’d be one happy camper! =)—Hubby probably not so much…LOL!  Tasha has a great blog full of wonderful photography and great inspiration–you will definitely want to stop on by!

Gigi of Pinks & Needles is the 2nd sponsor of today’s giveaway and wait until you see the cuteness in store.  Gigi makes the cutest little pin toppers–just browsing her shop or stopping by her blog will bring a smile to your face. =) <- see!

Photo Courtesy of Pinks & Needles

Photo Courtesy of Pinks & Needles

Photo Courtesy of Pinks & Needles
Photo Courtesy of Pinks & Needles

I think every pin cushion needs at least one (or 50) or these adorable toppers! =)

Tasha and Gigi have teamed up to bring you an amazing giveaway!  I have been dying to share this one with you!  The winner of this giveaway will win:

1.  Their choice of a Dresses Embroidery pattern set or a Russian Dolls Embroidery Pattern set

Photo Courtesy of A Little Sweetness


Photo Courtesy of A Little Sweetness

2.  A Window Shopping Illustration from Tasha’s Quilt Shop Mini Series

Photo Courtesy of A Little Sweetness

3.  A coordinating Pin Topper Set (made just for this giveaway)

Photo Courtesy of Pinks & Needles

The 4 piece pin topper set includes the adorable bunting, mushroom, small aqua flower, & small pink flower.

Photo Courtesy of Pinks & Needles

I promised cuteness overload, right?!?

You have 4 chances to win this giveaway…Make sure I have a way to contact you!

1.  Leave a comment.

2.  If you are a follower of mine or become one, leave a 2nd comment.

3.  Stop by Tasha’s shop and let me know your fave item.

4.  Stop by Gigi’s shop and let me know your fave item.

This giveaway will run thru Thursday, May 19 and I will draw a winner on Friday.

So, this is giveaway #6 for this week–if you haven’t entered 1-5 you still have a chance to do so.  I have one more fun giveaway planned for tomorrow so be sure to stop back!

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  • That is a tremendous amount of sweetness!! Hope your birthday is just as nice 🙂

  • I’m a follower of your blog.

  • These are the cutest things ever!!

  • I am a follower

  • My fav thing at Tasha’s shop is the Little Bunting Bird Embroidery Pattern. Who can resist that birdie and that mushroom?

  • My fav thing at Gigi’s shop is the Lil Birdie and Mini Mushroom Pin toppers

  • HI, I had a chance to see Tasha’s shop and the cute patterns she made. I love to embroider so her patterns are on my list to try. Great to see them here as a give-away offer!

  • I am your follower

  • Thanks for the fabulous giveway – such lovely things

  • I follow – via google reader both yours and Tashas blogs

  • My favorite item in Tashas shop is infact the illustration in the giveaway. I love the quilt shop!!!

  • All Tasha’s pattens are great, though when I buy them one day ( because I will :)) it will be: A Little Bird Told Me and Laundry Day patterns.

  • I think I’m going into a cuteness coma!! Only a prize will revive me hahahaha 😉

  • I follow

  • Follow the Little Miss Shabby…. Follow the Little Miss Shabby…. folllow, follow, follow, follow, follow the Little Miss Shabby
    (if you don’t get my silliness, it’s just me saying I’m a follower 😉

  • These are so cute!

  • Thanks again for the great giveaway

  • I checked the Gigi’s shop and like the Mermaid Candy pins the most.

  • A really cute bunch of giveaways!

  • Great giveaway!!!

  • I am a follower!

  • I think my favourite from Gigi’s shop is the robot butterfly because every sewing room needs a robot butterfly. Come to think of it, I don’t know how I’m doing anything without one now!

  • Im’ve been a follower for a while now.

  • I love Tasha’s little dresses notecards – adorable!

  • Gigi’s cotton candy pin toppers look so yummy – what a cute idea!

  • It is so adorable !!!

  • I am already a follower of your blog !

  • I love embroidery too!

  • and my favourite of Tasha’s is the laundry day embroidery as you have featured above. I would love to get in and do all those little stitches to embroider the quilt! Oh, and I love the photo of it on her lap where you can see her spotty skirt and stripey socks!

  • I’m your follower 🙂

  • I didn’t know how much cute stuff I needed for quilting!!! I love this giveaway week. Cheers

  • so cute……..thanks for a chance to win!

  • I’m a happy follower!

  • I so love Tasha’s stuff. I’ve purchased cards and prints from her. And I’d love more!

  • Definitely a follower. I’m doing the Birdie Stitches with you 🙂

  • Just ONE favorite from Tasha’s shop. That’s tough. . . I guess I’ll go with the Quilt Shoppe print. It is my fave today. She has so many cute things though that it’s hard to make up my mind.

  • I love the little illustration buttons on Tasha’s laundry day pattern site. The spotty dotty socks and the gorgeous quilt make me want the pattern even more.

  • One more day till your birthday. YEAH!! This IS a really cute giveaway! 🙂

  • Happy birthday! Such a cute giveaway!

  • I already follow you.

  • Gigi has some awesome stuff but I’m going to say my fave is the Robins eggs in the nest pin topper.

  • Gorgeous give-away, thank you!

  • Oooh just gorgeous!!

  • And I’m also already a follower.

  • And from Gigi’s place I need the ‘eat me’ cupcake topper. Wonder what my Mum would need? Thanks for introducing me to all these new places.

  • Happy Birthday – great giveaway!

  • I am now officially a follower.

  • I visited Tasha’s shop and had a hard time choosing a favorite – everything is so cute. I really like Dear To Me Notecards – Set of 8 – Blank.

  • My favorite item at Tasha’s shop is the “Dresses Embroidery Patterns”. Love it!

  • Another fabulous giveaway. Those pins are so cute! I follow your blog, and off to investigate Tasha’s right now!

  • My favorite item(s) at Gigi’s shop are the pin toppers – I can’t pick just one – they are all great!

  • At Gigi’s shop, my favorite is I Love Paris in the Springtime Pincushion and Pin Topper Set. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • You’re so right about the cuteness factor… those are adorable and it would be so much fun to win them. Thank you and Tasha and Gigi for the chance.

  • Fabulous! I love it all!

  • Almost too much cuteness for this early! Thanks for the lovely giveaway! happy birthday!

  • I’m a follower of you, your blog is fabulous!

  • I am a follower!!

  • My favorite at Tasha’s shop are the dear to me notecards, adorable!

  • I love the hedgehog embroidery in Tasha’s shop!

  • In Tasha’s shop, I’d have to say the Fabric Sale illustration is my favourite, of course, followed by her Window Shopping illustration. Wouldn’t they be perfect to hang in your sewing room.

  • I love the golden delicious apple pin topper in GiGi’s shop!

  • What cute items! thanks for a great giveaway and have a wonderful birthday too!

  • you have outdone yourself today with the photos of beautiful things , dear girl !!

  • i follow you down the path of beauty

  • I GiGi’s shop I love her Robot Butterfly pin topper! they are all very adorable!

  • My favourite in Gigi’s shop is the Little Pink Sewing Machine… so much detail on something so small. Her talent is amazing.

  • I love Tasha’s patterns – particularly Laundry Day – just too sweet

  • My favorite at Gigi’s shop is the pink and white daisy, its adorable.

  • What a fun week of giveaways!

  • I love Tasha’s embroideries! I would be so very happy with either set. The pins are new to me, will check out her site though! Happy Friday!

  • From Gigi’s I love all the cupecake toppers, talk about cuteness!

  • I’m a follower!

  • and from Tasha’s I really enjoy her laundry day pattern, perfectly sweet!

  • These are so cute! Thanks for all this fun this week!

  • gigi’s Robot Butterfly Pin Topper – oh my – now that is cute !

  • The Laundry Day pattern has been a favorite of mine for awhile now! Close second is the A Little Birdie Told me illustration.

  • I do follow your blog also.

  • I think my favorite is the button card pin toppers. What amazing detailed work she does, that cotton candy and all of them really are very cool.

  • unbelievable! so cute.

  • i follow you

  • loooove the russian dolls embroidery

  • All of these are way too cute!!! So thrilled to have the opportunity and chance to win any of them – thanks to all of you….

  • the baby hedgehogs are my favorite!

  • I am a follower!!

  • Very cute! Greetings from Slovakia 🙂

  • Such sweet cuteness! Love it all. You can never have too much cuteness 🙂 Thanks for another wonderful giveaway.

  • I’m already an LMS blog follower 🙂

  • My favourite thing is Tashas beautiful shop is the Favourite Dresses notecard set. I love notecards!

  • My teeth ache after looking at all the sweet lovlieness in Gigis’ shop. My absolute favourite item is the Robins eggs in a nest 🙂

  • I’m a follower!

  • So cute-thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • At Tasha’s I love the mushroom fabric!

  • At Gigi’s the vegetable pin toppers are so cute!

  • These have got to be the sweetest things ever!! Oh my gosh!

  • I am a follower and having a blast with your birthday giveaway week! Yay!

  • What cute patterns.

  • I am a happy follower.

  • I LOVE Tasha’s little Russian Nesting Dolls. They are adorable!

  • Gigi’s felted Bumble bee pincusion is really cute.

  • Wow, totally awesome giveaway!

  • I love following your blog!

  • Love this embroidery giveaway!

  • I am a follower of your blog

  • Big decision… I love the quilt shop illustration but all the note cards at Tasha’s shop are just adorable too!

  • Oh my, Gigi’s shop is awesome. I love the scissors, the sewing machine, and the thimbles. So cute!!!

  • Cuteness overload is right! These are amazing. I would love all of these things to come make my dark dingy sewing space happy and girlie. Please pick me! Pick me!

  • Your giveaway is amazing. Thanks!!!

  • I already follow your blog, but then again who wouldn’t with all the great inspiration.

  • Wow! I mean WOW! Thank you for the chance to win these!

  • I just love Tasha’s Quilt shoppe illustration. It’s really stunning.

  • I am a follower of your blog!

  • My favorite item from Gigi’s shop is the I love Paris in the Spring pincushion and pin topper set. They are so cute!

  • In Tasha’s shop I am really torn between the Laundry Day Illistration and the Bunny Love. They are both super cute. But I guess in the end I would probably go with Laundry Day because it would be the perfect thing to hang in my sewing space to remind me I need to do the laundry while I quilt and besides it has a quilt in it. Doesn’t really get better than that.

  • I love that Laundry Day pattern. It is so cute and I actually love hanging out the washing!

  • Cotton Candy? Really. I love that stuff so those would be my favorite little pin toppers. How cute and amazing are they. Gigi has a lot of great stuff but how can you go wrong with cotton candy.

  • How can I pick a favourite pin topper? I love the buttons and the pastel pincushion pin…but I adore the nest with the eggs!

  • In Tasha’s shop, I love the Russian Dolls embroidery patterns…so sweet for my granddaughter!

  • Wow how cute….. LOVE everything…


  • I am also a follower… LOVE all of your designs…


  • Little Bunting Bird from Tasha’s shop is very sweet!! I would love one of those in my kitchen!!

  • Gigi has so much to enjoy in her shop but I think my favorite is the shrinking violets!

  • So much sweetness in one spot at Gigi’s. Love the Shiny Silver Scissors!!

  • Super Cute! I would be so happy to win!

  • I am a follower of your blog.

  • I love Gigi’s stuff! I would so love to win this one!

  • Why? Why must taunt me with the cuteness right before work?
    All I’m going to be able to think about this morning is the cuteness.
    I totally want.

  • I am also a follower of your blog. But I’m behind on my birdie stitches. :/ Oops. 🙂

  • Oh yes, I am a follower.

  • From Tasha’s shop I love the Russian dolls embroidery pattern the best.

  • I couldn’t get to Gigi’s shop fast enough! I love the tiny spool pin toppers!

  • I am really enjoying your birthday giveaway week and today tops it off for cuteness!! Thanks for the chance!

  • It all just puts a big smile on my face!

  • I am totally digging the Russian dolls from Tasha’s shop too.

  • From Gigi’s shop I love the vintage carnival lollipop pins.. surrounded by sweets without the calories 🙂

  • I absolutely love the Bunting Pin set – how much cuter can it get??! Great idea!

  • Oh My Gawd. Cuteness to the max!! I must win the bunting!!

  • Would love any of the card sets from Gigi’s – adorable!!

  • And I follow youuuuu!

  • From A Little Sweetness, I love the russian doll pattern, and the mushroom house pattern.

  • And from Pinks and Needles, it would have to be the bunting. Adoreable. Or the mushrooms again. I have a thing about mushrooms.

  • My favorite thing in Tasha’s shop is actually the dresses embroidery patterns. They are just so sweet.

  • My favorite thing(s) in Gigi’s shop are the Mermaid Candy toppers. They are all so beautiful. It would be difficult to choose just one. Of course, I’m also quite fond of the cupcake pin topper.

  • Gigi’s Mermaid Delight toppers are fabulous!

  • my heavens these prizes are just so beautiful!

  • I’m a follower

  • Tasha,s dresses illustration is lovely

  • You saved the best for last!

  • Gigi’s shop had a cute sewing machine but it disappeared before I could get a good look so the thimbles would be second favorite

  • Oh my gosh @ the cuteness!

  • I am a follower of yours.

  • Following all the way to the cute etsy shops! 🙂

  • What a week! Thanks for all the wonderful posts and opportunities to win prizes, and for introducing me to so many new blog friends! Had to buy the super cute little hedgehog for my Mom, she will be over the moon.

  • I’m in love with the laundry day pattern at Tasha’s shop.

  • Gigi’s Pink Kawaii Deer Pincushion and Pin Toppers Set is one of my favorites.

  • And the black apple at Gigi’s is lovely!

  • I’m a follower!

  • happy birthday again. mine is tomorrow…

  • also a follower.

  • i loved the laundry day embroidery.

  • i loved the “I Love Paris in the Springtime Pincushion”

  • What an awesome give away! My fingers, toes, legs, and arms are crossed.

  • I follow your blog, Tasha and GiGi’s blogs as well.

  • Tasha’s shop’s Dear To Me Notecards are too cute.

  • Oh my gosh! These are so cute! Thanks for introducing these lovely crafters

  • These are too sweet! Such talent and patience they must have. Thank you for sharing!

  • I follow your blog, and will definitely be signing up for the others, too!

  • I love the Little Gnomies embroidery patterns in Tasha’s shop

  • and from Gigi’s I love the Robot Butterflies! And also the robin’s nest eggs.

  • Happy Birthday!!! These giveaways are so cute, I can’t wait to check out Tasha’s and Gigi’s shops!

  • I’m a follower!

  • My favorite from Tasha’s shop is the Story time illustration, I love images of people enjoying books

  • Happy day 6 of your celebration week!

  • My favorites from Gigi’s shop are the sewing-themed pin tops, especially the classic red tomato pin cushion one and the different thread spools

  • we’ve really been spolt for choice this week. the pin topper is gorgeous

  • I love everything on this page! Too cute!

  • Beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!

  • The Russian dolls embroidery pattern is my fave!

  • I am a follower!

  • I had no idea about pin toppers.

  • I follow you. Can’t wait to see what sewing you have been up to.

  • Gigis button card pins are my favorite! Amazing little sculptures.

  • Gigi’s veggie pins are my favorite! However I would love to see a snail one. Might have to see if I can get a custom one done.

  • Please include me in the Giveaway – The Russian Dolls are too cute !!!!

  • I am a follower 😉

  • Oh My Gosh, Dresses Embroidery PATTERN – Set of 5 is my absolute favorite, but that hedgehog is pushing in there, so cute. scarlette

  • I have never seen either blog/shop….love them both!

  • I am a follower of you!

  • I did not realize that you could keep outdoing yourself every day. More and More and More fun. thanks for the sites we might not have known about. scarlette

  • Good thing today is my birthday, i’m gonna have to do some shopping at some of these places. scarlette

  • I like Tasha’s Russian Dolls embroidery patterns the most –
    They are wonderful –

    Although I must admit the laundry pattern is running a close second 🙂

  • That Baby Hedgehog Pin Topper is fantastic. I must have something for hedgehogs since i liked them at both sites. Thanks. I am definately following everything this week. scarlette

  • I adore Gigi’s veggie pin toppers – I am stitching a pattern right now that has a gardening motif that would look cute with those (tomato, corn, & carrot)

    Such a creative giveaway from two very talented ladies !!!!
    Thank you for the opportunity 😉

  • Whoops, i forgot to ask, where does she get all those darling pin cushions? I need to make some of those. scarlette, maybe i should ask her, huh? s

  • Thanks for the giveaway – such cute stuff! 🙂

  • I’m a follower! Thanks!

  • Happy Day!
    I love the laundry day pattern, it is hard to pick favorites of the pin toppers.
    Thank you!

  • You promised cuteness overload and you certainly delivered!

  • I’m a follower!

  • I love all the Little Red Riding Hood things in Tasha’s shop!

  • Gigi’s apple pin toppers are gorgeous!

  • Have a terrifc Birthday tomorrow!!!
    Hope you are having fun all week!!

    Your creativityis amazing!! Thank you!!

  • Ok, I’m officially in love with A Little Sweetness!!! I love her embroidery patterns like the Boy & Girl Little Gnomies, the Mushroom Fairy, and the Little Bird Told Me. I guess that’s more than one, but I love ’em! LOL!

  • Such cute items!

  • On Tasha’s etsy I love Laundry Day! That is soooooo cute.

  • Love Tasha’s Little Sweetness illustrations and the Russian dolls – so whimsical!! Gigi’s pins are adorable and so creative!! I like the Mushroom set and her Parisian designs!!

  • My favourite items at Pinks and Needles have to be the little sewing machine and the I love paris in the spring sets. So cute!

  • Thanks so much for the contest. Happy birthday!

  • You are having the best birthday giveaways! You are inspiring me to enjoy my own birthday at the end of the month.

  • I am SO a follower of yours!

  • At A Little Sweetness I fell in love with Laundry Day and a Woodland walk. Sigh…. very charming.

  • Love the shrinking violet on Gigis shop

  • Love the note cards! Happy Birthday! What an wonderful way to celebrate!

  • I am so glad I found your blog. You find the most charming things to share with us.

  • I adore Tasha’s Litte Red Riding Hood Embroidery patterns. Ohhhh what fun! And portable.

  • Cute cute this giveaway ^___^

  • I’m a follower

  • My favourute Tasha ‘s item is
    “Russian Dolls Embroidery PATTERN “

  • My favourite Gigi’s shop item is
    “I Love Paris in the Springtime Pincushion and Pin Topper Set”

  • So cute…i love me some embroidery too!

  • Very cute giveaway today. Almost your birthday so about time you got some gifts. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Tracee xx

  • I am a follower too

  • On Tasha’s store I love the hedgehog stitcheries

  • From Tasha, it’s Favorite Dresses Illustration but it was really hard to pick just one!

  • From Gigi’s, the mermaid candy or any of the lollipops. I liked everything I saw, though!

  • You’re so right – there’s so much cuteness today! Everything you shared is absolutely darling.

  • How sweet are the embroideries and pin toppers?! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • And I’m still following

  • In Gigi’s store I love the ‘I love Paris is the spring pincushon & topper set’. Too cute!

  • At Gigi’s shop the Shrinking Violet Pin Topper is adorable but so is the thimble pin toppers too. . CUTE

  • I’m a follower!

  • OK, love the pin toppers, too! My faves are the hedgehog love sewing machine pin and the personalized fag bunting – how cute! Thanks!

  • Oh my, you sweeten up my day with just looking at all this lovelyness! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I am already a follower!

  • They are the cutest pins and patterns ever!

  • I am follower! Yay!

  • Adorable and sweet! It brightens my day! Thanks for a chance to win.

  • I am a follower!

  • There all so cute! Little Bunting Bird , A Little Bird Told Me Illustration and ,Hedgehog on a Mushroom – A winter wish are some of my favorites! I just love the color combinations

  • I really do love the “a little bird told me note”. So cute!

  • And the pin “Robins eggs in a nest” is my favourite!

  • Favorites are Grape Ice Berry Colored Thread Spool Pin Topper, and the Personalized Flag Bunting Pin Topper! Your so right every pincushion needs at least one or 50 of these cuties! 🙂

  • HOLY CUTENESS!!! Beautiful stuff!

  • Love those pin toppers–they’re gorgeous!

  • I love the emboridery patterns!!! You have gotten me into this! Now I can’t stop!! I am actually embroidering a birthday card for my granny’s 80th birthday…sending it out next week! =0)

  • Tasha’s Hedgehog embroidery patttern is super cute!

  • Oh, and I L-O-V-E the Springtime in Paris pin toppers! 🙂

  • Love the silver scissors and silver thimble pin toppers!

  • Sew cute! Love everything!

  • I’m a happy follower!

  • SUCH CUTENESS today!! Thanks for sharing those sweet little images.

  • So stinkin cute!!!

  • I’m a LMS follower.=)

  • I am a follower! 😀

  • From Tasha’s shop I would choose the “My Favorite Dresses” Notecards. I don’t embroidery at this time so that narrowed my choices way down. 😉

  • My favorite item from Tasha’s is the Miss Lolly embroidery pattern.

  • Soooooo hard to decide at GiGi’s shop….I think the Cotton Candy pin topper tops the list though. 🙂

  • Happy blogiversary week!!! I am a follower… thanks for showing new places to visit!

  • What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  • At Gigi’s place I loved the “I love Paris” group of pin toppers. Very cute things:)

  • My favorite item from A Little Sweetness is the Woodland Walk Embroidery pattern.

  • Tashas embroidery patterns are so stinkin cute! But I really do love the little dresses note cards too!

  • eep! those thread spool pin toppers are ADORABLE! i can’t wait for this give-away, i think i have to go buy some right now!
    tamara_maxwell at hotmail dot com

  • My favorite from Gigi’s shop is All About Apples Pin Topper Set.

  • oh, the cuteness of it all is too much for me! love it!

  • I’m one of your faithful followers and ever so grateful for all your wonderful giveaways! thanks so much

  • everything in Tasha’s shop is wonderful ~ if I have to chose, it would be the embroidery pattern ‘Some Bunny Loves You’ OR any thing else, cause I like it all!

  • and from Gigi’s shop I especially like the ‘Pink Kawaii Deer Pincushion. Everything is lovely, she’s very creative!

  • Oh my gosh, you were not kidding. The cuteness of these things is over the top!! Love it all!

  • I’m a follower!

  • I am loving your giveaways sooo much. You are right these are way cute!

  • I am a follower of yours.

  • My fav in Tasha’s shop is the Window Shopping Illustration! It’s so perfect.

  • I really like Tasha’s embroidery pattern-Laundry day–it could actually make doing the laundry not so unbearable!

  • My favorite in Gigi’s shop is the pretty pink petal blossom topper. Say that one 3x’s fast!

  • Okay seriously how cut are Gigi’s pins and cushions? Wow, so if I had to pick something and only one, I love the bunting one that is offered in the giveaway…but I super love the felted bee pincushion and flowers too!

  • Those are the cutest pin toppers I’ve ever seen. They will make a great addition to gifts for quilty friends.

  • I’m a happy follower.

  • My favorite item from Tash’s shop are the notecards.

  • Gigi has a great shop. The flower pin toppers are my favorite and the cutest one is the red rose.

  • Oh, this one is MINE 🙂 !! EEPPPPPPP!!!!

  • I follow you 🙂

  • My fav thing in Tasha’s shop is the Window shopping Illustration and has been for quite some time 🙂 My close second is the little dresses print- oh, I’m just dying that they are BOTH part of the giveaway!!!!!

  • And how do you pick a pin topper??!! I love the Hedgehog Love Little Pink Sewing Machine Pin Topper and the Bunting ones- too stinkin’ cute :)!!!!!

  • OMG!!! It’s all so cute!

  • I’m a follower! Yay!

  • SWEET!!!! NESS!!!

  • I love Tasha’s favourite dresses illustrations 🙂

  • I’m a follower 🙂

  • gigi’s shop is A.MAZING!
    love the spools toppers!
    I will be ordering!

  • Hi Love the giveaway today – it is all such cute stuff. Thanks C

  • I do follow your blog using Google Reader – love it. Thanks C

  • Looking at Tasha patterns and illustrations how do you choose a favourite? I have it down to two – the Laundry day embroidery and the Russian dolls – they are just too cute. Thank you. C

  • Looking at Gigis pins – they are so cute and would make even the dullest pincushion look amazing. I love the thimbles and the vintage button card pins. Thanks C

  • Oh that is cuteness big time. Great giveaway – as they all have been.

  • And I am a follower.

  • I am a follower.

  • They are so cute! I do want the embroidery.

  • Ofcause I’m a follower.

  • At Tasha’s shop my fave is the laundry embroidery and the Fabric Sale Illustration.

  • I love the Russian Dolls and those pin toppers would be great gifts to my quilting friends! Happy Birthday!

  • At Gigi’s shop my fave is the Hedgehog Love Little Pink Sewing Machine Pin Topper.

  • Although I love Tasha’s Gardening Day embroidery pattern, the dresses are super cute and probably more my stitching ability!


  • Total cuteness!!!!!!

  • I’m a follower too!

  • Oh, how adorable. Such sweetness all in one place.

  • I’m a follower.

  • Oh, how cute!! I love these so much!

  • I’m a follower

  • Tough choice choosing a favourite in Tasha’s shop! Probably the laundry day embroidery pattern but I wouldn’t say no to any of them!

  • And another tough choice over at Gigi’s… I nearly went for the sewing machine, but then I saw the bunny!

  • I think Gigi’s red polka dot tea kettle pin topper is adorable!

  • You certainly know how to celebrate your birthday! This is fun!

  • I am a happy follower.

  • I LOVE Tasha!!! All of her things are adorable!

  • Already a follower

  • Miss Red is always my favorite form Tasha but I would love to have it all!

  • Love the buntings!

  • Happy birthday week again! (Birthdays deserve more than a day, don’t they?) This giveaway is too darn cute! Thanks for the chance!

  • That is just too much cuteness in one spot. Loved everything. Adorable.

  • I am a follower of your blog.

  • Great giveaway – love these shops.

  • Love the laundry embroidery in Tasha’s shop.

  • Love the sewing theme pin toppers in GiGi’s shop.

  • I am a follower.

  • THANK YOU for a chance at such a fabulous give away! There is some extreme cuteness overload here!!!

  • I am a happy follower of your blog! 🙂

  • While everything in Tasha’s shop is oh-so-sweet, my hands-down favorite is the Russian Dolls Embroidery Pattern. I love matryoshkas like no other! 🙂

  • Gigi’s shop is full of so many cute pin toppers. My favorite? It is a toss up between the veggies and the Parisian set. But in the end, I think the I Love Paris in the Springtime Pincushion and Pin Topper Set is my favorite.

  • How cute!

  • I follow you.

  • I would love to be entered!! They are so cute!!

  • A Little Sweetness is one of my Etsy faves, adorable!

  • I’m a follower

  • I also follow you!

  • One of my faves in Tasha’s shop is the Laundry Day pattern.

  • I like the Dear To Me Notecards at Tasha’s Shop!!

  • Love the robins eggs in nest pin in Gigi’s shop

  • From Gigi’s shop my favorite is the Pink Bunny and Mini Blossom Pin Topper Set.

  • Omygoodness! It cannot get any cuter than this! Those doll embroider patterns are EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for for a special project!!

  • I’ll just BREAK the bank CAUSE I want it ALL!

  • So sweet all those presents. I really want to win.
    Debora (debora.aguirre@gmail.com)

  • I am your follower, so I leave a second comment.
    Debora (debora.aguirre@gmail.com)

  • I have visited A Little Sweetness and I adore the laundry stitchery pattern.
    Debora (debora.aguirre@gmail.com)

  • I have visited Pins and Needles. I think “I Love Paris in the Springtime Pincushion and Pin Topper Set” is absolutely gorgeous.
    Debora (debora.aguirre@gmail.ccom)

  • You are just too generous and kind. I’d love any one of your prizes.

  • I am a follower of yours, in fact I think I could be tempted to follow you to the end of the earth to keep seeing all your wonderful projects!! LOL

  • I went to “A Little Sweetness” and I’d really be hard pressed to say which is my favorite…but I do love the girl hanging out the laundry…scarf on her head and all those little details…they just tug at my crafty side.

  • That Blossom topper (mini) is just so cute!!! too cute for words. Where do these ladies get all that talent?

  • The embroidery is so cute and would look great on so many things. The pin toppers dazzled me silly!

  • Everything is just so beautiful!

  • I’m already a follower!

  • Hope you have a happy birthday. Your giveaway is definitely sweet. those little russian embroidery dolls and the pin toppers. So cute.

  • I visited Tasha and I love her Little Red Riding Hood.

  • I am a follower.

  • On Gigi’s site, my favorite is the pink Kawaii deer pins. They are so cute.

  • On Tasha’s site, my favorite is the little bird notes.

  • It’s very hard to choose a favourite from Gigi’s but I’ve decided on her Personalized Flag Bunting Pin Topper. They are just so cute.

  • oh what a fun giveaway! I love the embroidery and the pins.

  • These are adorable embroidery patterns!

  • I’m a follower!

  • So cute! What an awesome giveaway!

  • Super cute 🙂

  • I follow you and will skip on over to Tasha and Gigi’s for more cuteness!!

  • Oh, those embroidery sets are just the cutest!! Love them 🙂 And the pincushion toppers are such fun! What a great giveaway!!

  • I’m a follower of your blog 🙂

  • My faves at Tasha’s is the hedgehogs and the little dresses! Soo adorable!!

  • From Tasha’s shop, I really love the two embroidery sets in the giveaway, but also love the Window Shopping Illustrations. Just lovely.

  • From Gigi’s shop, I love the icecream cone toppers – so cute.

  • My faves at Tasha’s is the hedgehogs and the little dresses! Soo adorable!! and at Gigi’s, my faves are the reserved ones for ButterfliesandBeesSew (lucky her:) and the ice cream pins!!

  • Love, love, love this.

  • I am a follower of your site.

  • Thank you for showing me these great blogs, I love the sweetness!!!

  • I am follower of both her personel blog and all the sweetness etsy blog. thanks

  • I am follower of both her personal blog and all the sweetness etsy blog. thanks

  • I can’t pick between Laundry day embroider pattern or Little red riding hood pattern. Both that’s my pick, thanks,

  • I like the rustic log cabin special order.

  • So adorable! Great giveaway!

  • I follow your blog.

  • Cuteness indeed! Not overloaded yet 🙂

  • I’m a follower too!

  • I already follow your LMS blog.
    Happy Birthday!

  • You are right…C.U.T.E.ness overload for sure!!

  • I am a follower.

  • For Tasha’s it would be Little Red Riding Hood. I think I will be ordering it for sure!

  • On Gigi’s I love the pink sewing machine pin! Ohh so cute!

  • Following your BOM Birdie Stitches has increased my interest in embroidery.

  • Fabulous giveaway! Pretty is my middle name, did you know??

  • AND i am a follower, of course!

  • Sad the birthday week is almost over!

  • I’m a follower too!

  • Oh! Love the heDgehog embroidery at Little Sweetness!

  • Love Gigi’s shrinking violet in toppers!

  • Soooooo cute!!! Thanks for the chance to win such a sweet giveaway.

  • I follow your blog.

  • I love the Window Shopping illustration at Tasha’s shop!

  • i’m crazy about bunting. combine that with “a little sweetness” and pin toppers and you’ve got cuteness overload for sure. love it!

  • I love Gigi’s Paris in Spring pin topper set!

  • What generous giveaways! Thank you so much for the chances to win!

  • I’m also a follower as well.

  • I’m a follower.

  • Love the cute look of this stuff!

  • Happy birthday tomorrow, thanks for a great week of give aways.

  • this are so cute. My children woud love them. thanks for the giveway

  • i am a follower

  • Thanks for a great week of giveaways

  • I am a follower

  • From Tasha’s shop I like Dear to me illustration

  • from Gigi’s shop I like Rustic log cabin

  • Gorgeous embroidery, I wish I could do it!

  • I am a follower:)

  • My fave in ‘A Little Sweetness’ Any of the Russian Dolls embroidery patterns, I think they would be simple enough for beginner and are super cute!

  • those little pins are so sweet, WANT!

  • Love the giveaway! What beautiful beautiful things!

  • These are adorably cute! So much cuteness, I can barely stand it!

  • I follow you!

  • I’m liking the thimbles at Gigi’s shop.

  • I love the Russian dolls pattern, and the garden gnomes at Tasha’s shop. So cute!

  • Cuteness overload alert!! I need some pin toppers! I’ve never seen such items!

  • following Gigi now. Love the thread spools the best.

  • Tasha has some great inspiration. She is sew like me!! I follow her now too.

  • my DD loves russian dolls…..

  • You have very talented friends!

  • I am already a follower. 🙂

  • My favourite pattern of Tasha’s is the sewing line embroidery – I love hanging clothes on the line so this one really caught my eye!

  • My favourite design of Gigi’s is the Paris set with the rose and the cute umbrella.

  • Happy Birthday!!What a great giveaway!
    This is my #1 entry!

  • ohhh this is crazy like I have a chance but, hey someone has to win!
    But, please count me in!

  • This is my #2 for today – I follow on google reader!

  • yes, I am a follower!

  • My #3 – I love tasha’s Russian Sweeties notecards (and the embroideries!!)

  • my last entry for today – I love Gigi’s mini bunting – not sure what I’d do with it, but it’s just so cute!!

  • OMG what a generous giveaway. You are having fun with these aren’t you?

  • Yes, I am a follower.

  • Since I may never get there in my lifetime, I can but dream. Gigi’s “I Love Paris in the Springtime Pincushion and Pin Topper Set” is so gorgeous and would definitely put me in a great frame of mind every time I looked at it.

  • Since I have a brand new grandson, I really like Tasha’s “Hedgehog on a Mushroom – A Winter Wish – Embroidery Pattern.” Too cute!

  • Oh, how absolutely, positively, ridiculously CUTE! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I follow your blog 🙂

  • Those are just adorable….. thanks to you and the sponsors…

  • … and I am a follower…..

  • My favourite in A little Sweetness shop is The Little Bunting Bird embroidery…. too cute…. but then they all are.. what a gift she has…

  • and my favourite in pinks and needles is the one that is in the giveaway…. really lovely.. but the bumblebee is a very close second…

  • So cute! I’d love the nesting dolls embroidery – I have a thing for them!

  • I’m a follower –

  • it seems I became a follower at the right time. Would love to win some of this cuteness.

  • I am a follower

  • My favorite item on Tasha’s site is the Laundry Day Embroidery. So cute

  • Since I am an avid gardener, my favorite’s on Gigi’s site are the vegetable pin toppers; Tomato, Carrot, Corn and Eggplant! Love them.

  • Shop faves: From Tasha’s, I love her Laundry Day embroidery best, but that Hedgehog w/ his little blue nose is too cute!

  • From Gigi’s shop, I just love her Portabello Mushroom Pin Toppers w/ the little blue birds sitting on top 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! This is such a lovely giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

  • My favourite thing in Tasha’s shop has to be the Little Bunting Bird embroidery.

  • My favourite thing from Gigi’s shop has to be the Portobello Mushroom pins

  • Oh what a sweet giveaway!

    thanks also for a chance to win!

  • I follow you!

    thanks also for a chance to win!

  • Pure cuteness today! Happy Birthday!

  • I follow your blog!

  • Love the embroidery! And the pins are so cute! Wow! Thanks for the fun!

  • I’m a happy follower. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! I love everything in this giveaway.

  • I like Tasha’s Laundry Day Pattern and her Storytime Illustration best.

  • I like Gigi’s robins eggs in a nest topper.

  • So cute. I would love to see some of these in my pincushion!

  • I follow your blog and I am stitching along with the Birdie Stitches designs.

  • Fabby giveaway – how cute count me in please!

  • I already follow you!

  • My favourite item in Tascha’s shop has got to be the ‘Fabric Sale’ illustration – so cute!

  • My favourite thing in Gigi’s shop are the vintage button pin toppers

  • Aww, so much cutie cuteness!! Thanks for the awesome giveaways and Happy Happy Birthday to You 🙂
    I am a complete sucker for Russian Dolls – here’s hoping!

  • Still following you!

  • Such cuteness!

  • I follow your blog.

  • I like Tasha’s Little Red Riding Hood illustration.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

  • I am a follower.

  • I like the “my favorite dresses” note cards in Tasha’s shop.

  • I like the shiny silver thimble pin topper in Gigi’s shop.

  • I so want to learn to embroider! This would be a great score!

  • Happy birthday and what generous giveaways. Thank you for sharing.

  • My favourite thing from Gigi’s shop is the Portobello Mushroom pins.

  • From Tasha’s shop my favourite would be my favourite dresses note cards

  • Sweet! I don’t have any pin toppers for any of my pincushions!

  • I’m one of your followers.

  • My fav item at Tasha’s shop is her Hedgehog embroidery on page 2. So whimsical and cute as pie!

  • My fav item at Gigi’s shop is her Triple Layer Daisy Pink and White Pin Topper. I love daisy’s, have always since I was a child. Too cute!

  • Oh my goodness, those embroidery patterns are adorable! I’d love to stitch those Russian dolls!

  • I’m a follower!!

  • Happy Birthday – great giveaway

  • So much to choose from but I couldn’t resist the russian dolls

  • I love the bunting in Gigi’s shop – so cute

  • I have just found your blog and become a follower.

  • Happy birthday 😉

  • Happy birthday from me too 🙂

  • I am follower 🙂

  • So cute, Corey. What a fun give-away. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I’m a follower!

  • So hard to choose my favourite item in Tasha’s shop…but I love her sprouts and mushroom fabric!

  • I love the Fuji Apple Pin Topper from Gigi’s shop…my favourite apple!

  • OMG, so beautiful. What a fantastic giveaway. I so love everything. What talented women.

  • I am a follower and love your blog.

  • There is so much to love at A Little Sweetness but my favorite is the story time illustration. I love the the cute critters listening to the story.

  • Favorite from Pinks and Needles is the Hedgehog and pink sewing machine pin topper. OMG, toooooooo cute.

  • I follow! love the patterns!

  • Yes, I follow!

  • Little Sweetness-love all especially anything doll dress related and the russian dolls…

  • Pinks and Needles…love all the whimsy…especially garden bug pins…

  • OMG!!! If I never win another giveaway…..this stuff is all so cute, and I love both these girls to pieces! Cuteness overload, indeed!

  • Already a devoted follower! 🙂

  • From Little Sweetness, I’ve been dying for the Fabric Sale and Window Shopping illustrations since they came out. I adore all her embroideries, too. Right up my alley.

  • From Pinks & Needles, there are so many! I love everything from the little button cards, to the bunting pins (obsessed with bunting!), to the sewing machine. All so fabulous!!!

  • Oh what lovely things! I would so love to win, they would love great in my girls bedroom!

  • I follow you in google reader

  • A Little Sweetness – oh I found Sprouts and Mushroom fabric in aqua and orange! mmmmmmmmm

  • Happy Birthday! I adore embroidery and have all the blocks made for the Birdie Stitches quilt! Hope I win this giveaway!

  • this post is oozing with adorableness!

  • I’m a follower 🙂

  • What an array of “gorgeousness”!!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  • I love the little pin toppers!

  • I’m a follower!

  • I’n Tasha’s Shop I love the little dresses picture!

  • In Gigi’s shop my fave is the apple pins!

  • Love quilting, just discovered BLOGS!! Yours is the first I am commenting on. It’s amazing!

  • Just became a follower!

  • My Favorite item in Tasha’s shop

    The quilt shop mini series

  • My favorite item in GiGi’s shop

    Flag bunting pin topper

  • Those are all just the cutest things!
    I am a follower of your blog

  • The adorable things on “A Little Sweetness” are just awesome. Super cute stuff! I’ve added her shop to my favorites.

    VERY hard to pick my favorite there because they are all so cute. I suppose picking just one since I have to, that my favorite has to be “Little Red Riding Hood” embroidery pattern.

  • Wow! When you say cuteness overload, you aren’t kidding! These are adorable, thanks for the chance to win!

  • great give away

  • These are cute prizes! I love Tasha’s drawings, and the pin toppers are adorable!

  • I love A Little Sweetness and all her lovelies!!!

  • Ok so I am THE unluckiest comp enterer, but im going to do everything I can to win this as its a gorgeous giveaway! im a follower!

  • Gorgeous gorgeous giveaway I would be thrilled to win!

  • Tashas blog: laundry day embroidery pattern is my fave but its tough to choose I love all the patterns!

  • oh!!definitely the sewing machine pin topper….divine…from gigi’s shop

  • I have always loved Tasha’s laundry day embroidery pattern….its adorable…sweet sweet sweet

  • already following

  • Gigis shop: oh my, this is a real treat on my buy list right away i love paris in springtime pincushion and topper set- stunning!

  • I’ve been drooling over Tasha’s prints for a while now! And that pin topper set is the cutest! Thanks so much!!

  • I follow you!

  • I LOVE Tasha’s A Little Bird Told Me illustration.

  • In Gigi’s shop I love the Swirly Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Pin Topper!

  • Too Cute!! gougeonathome@charter.net (Allison)

  • I follow you! gougeonathome@charter.net (Allison)

  • HER STUFF IS AMAZING so talented!!!

  • What a sweet giveaway. Thanks for spreading so much birthday sunshine.

  • From Tasha’s shop, I especially like the illustrations…I think my favorite is “Storytime”, although I can also relate to “Fabric Sale”!

  • From Gigi’s shop, I adore the silver thimble pin toppers. Very sweet.

  • Happy Birthday Giveaway Day 6

  • How could anyone not follow your blog!
    I do

  • From Tasha’s shop I love the Little Deer and Miss Lollie Embroidery Patterns

  • From Gigi’s Shop my faves are the Shrinking Violet and the Silver Thimble Pin toppers

  • This is a truly delightful giveaway, thank you for the chance to win… and Happy Birthday!

  • I am now a follower. Can’t wait to find out what you’re all about! 🙂

  • I have admnired Tasha’s items for quite some time and purchased her gorgeous fabrics! (Hoping for more fabrics too.) I honestly love everythig in her shop and my favorite right now is the pritn you are giving away of the quilt shop. I am redecorating my craft room and it would look perfect in there!!!

  • My favorite of GiGi’s is defintiely the buntings (the one in the giveaway or the personalized banner in the store)! These just melt me!!!

  • I am dying over those Russian dolls !

  • I am a follower

  • Oh, embroidery, I love thee so! Thanks for the link to Tasha. I love the woodland one with the mushroom, BUT of course I’d go for the dresses and the Russian dolls too. Thanks for the chance to win these patterns.

  • I’m a follower!

  • Hope your birthday was/is SWEET!

  • From Gigi’s shop, I love the button card pin toppers. Who would have thought there could be so much creativity in this beautiful world?! Thanks again.

  • I love the Woodland Walk embroidery pattern at A Little Sweetness–and everything else!

  • I like the apple pincushion toppers.

  • Oh I love these two shops! Thanks for the giveaways.

  • Pick me ……Pick me Pleeeeze!
    I am a follower and love this beautiful give away!
    Thank you for kindness!

  • Thanks thanks thanks for the giveaways–it’s my birthday week too 🙂

  • I adore Tasha’s embroidery patterns (have several of them in fact). So, ose are my favorites.

  • My favorite pin toppers are the mushrooms.

  • Adorable! This is great!

  • My favorite item in Tasha’s store is her Little Red Riding Hood embroidery patterns.

  • From Gigi’s store, the personalized bunting pin topper is the cutest thing ever!

  • I’m a follower! Entry #4!

  • The embroidery patterns are the cutest ever!

  • I’m a follower!

  • I love the little mushroom house pattern from Tashas shop!

  • The carnival lollipops are the cutest thing in Gigi’s shop!

  • What a great give away! I have a few of Gigi’s pins and I LOVE them!

  • I am a follower of your blog!

  • I love the Vintage Carnival Lollipop Pin Topper!

  • I need the Window Shopping Illustration – The Quilt Shoppe Mini Series From alittlesweetness it is super cute!!!

  • Everything is so cute! I wanted to check all the blogs I follow lat week, but, blogger was down, so. today it is.

  • Adorable, and I do love embroidering. Happy Birthday!

  • Just came from Tasha’s shop, and my favorite thing are those Russian Doll embroidery patterns (can you guess what I’d pick if I won?) The hedgie was a close second, though…

  • And my favorite from Gigi’s shop is the personalized bunting — so festive!

  • great colors, I love the purples and yellows. Good yellows are hard for me to find.

  • I am a follower

  • Everything is darling!

  • It’s hard to pick a favorite from A Little Sweetness but I narrowed it down to 2, Little Bird Bunting and Dear To Me.

  • From Pinks and Needle I really like the Portabello Mushroom Birdie Pin Topper.

  • i really want to win this!!!!! Great giveaway!!

  • i follow on gfc

  • my favorite from tasha’s shop is the Russian Sweeties Singles Notecards – Set of 20

  • my favorite from gigi’s shop is the Deep in the Forest Pincushion

  • Love this, and your blog!!

  • Ooooh, I think I need some pin toppers, going over to the shop now!

  • I am a follower 🙂

  • My favourite product in Gigi’s shop is the slices of cake in the photograph for reserved for minifleur but I can’t see a product page for them.

  • My favourite from Tasha’s shop is the embroidery pattern “Laundry Day” I just love that mini quilt!

  • What great shops these are and a big fan of them all the way over here in australia!!!!!!!!
    Gigi would have to be the Vintage carnival lollipop is to die for
    and for Tasha…….mmmm that is a hard one as I love all her stuff but I love red ridinghood.

  • oh i love that quilt shoppe print.. adorable!

  • and I’m now a follower of you too! great blog.

  • Happy Birthday! I have recently re-discovered the joy of embroidery and those Russian Dolls are calling my name! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  • And now I’m a follower too!

  • Oh my that was so sweet, I think I need to make a dentist’s appointment! OUCH! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I am a new follower too! 🙂 Thanks so much!

  • So very, very sweet! Just love them.

  • I am a happy follower.

  • I’ve gone to Tasha’s shop and it shows up empty…

  • Oh, my goodness 🙂 Perfect items to wrap up the wonderful week of giveaways. They are so sweet my teeth ache! 🙂

  • I am follower (sweet tooth and all 🙂

  • From Tasha’s store i like the Fabric Sale illustration. Her face says it all….hmmm…how much fabric should I buy? It’s a great expression!

  • In Gigi’s shop, hands down, LOVE the Robot Butterfly!!!!

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