Blogger’s Pillow Party

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18 Responses

  1. wendy says:

    WOW! OK, I think we’ve just seen the winning pillow in this competition. That is absolutely AMAZING!

  2. I’m glad you entered this one. So special!

  3. I love all the thought that went into it, how you researched your intended audience so well! Like I said before, I really don’t know how you parted with it, although I know your swap partner would have been super happy.

  4. debra says:

    Now this is one awesome pillow….i want one …..better get off here and get crackin’ ….love it…hoping to join the next swap if i am accepted….fingers crossed for me..hee hee….lovely day

  5. Terriaw says:

    these pillow swaps are so fun to see. I love the variety people come up with. I also love how personalized everyone is making their swap.

  6. Susan says:

    I KNOW we have seen the winning pillow! I have this in a mosaic for the DQS10! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. Cathy says:

    This pillow is really beautiful, I love it!!

  8. Tiffany says:

    I love this pillow, it’s in my favorites too! It’s creative, beautiful, and full of inspiration. I’ve enjoyed the back story of how it came to be. So expertly crafted.

  9. karen says:

    I just love you’re pillow. Been watching it more than once today, just because it looks like a peek of heaven.

  10. Hope says:

    I fell in love with that pillow! You are awesome lady!

  11. I agree with all the other comments…it is a beautifully contemporary cushion wonderfully crafted and well chosen fabric combinations!

  12. Paulina says:

    Wow, that’s a great story and example how people can be creative. I wish I had that gift! The pillow looks incredible and if I had that hard task to choose the best one I’d pick yours. Amazing!

  13. Bec Clarke says:

    OMG the detail in that pillow is amazing, I love it and I hope to try doing something like that one day.
    Maybe I will start off a bit bigger scale though!!!!

  14. Sarah Canney says:

    This pillow is DARLING! It has amazing detail. So cute!

  15. This is officially my favorite pillow ever. Completely inspiring. So glad you shared it in the pillow party!

  16. Corinnea says:

    Wow. That is a VERY cute pillow.

  17. sara says:

    oh my goodness! i LOVE this pillow – found via sew mama sew! the mini scenes are insanely cute & that little bunting is way.too.much!

  1. February 3, 2011

    […] wrote a little about her pillow on her blog here and here. Corey calls this great technique she used to create the mini-scenes on this pillow […]