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Stashbuster Block #2 Tutorial

I designed this fun little block to be used by itself or in conjuction with my original Stashbuster Block (tutorial here).
Stashbuster Block #2 Instructions
Note:  It is very important to use an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance. 
Center colorful section: 
16–1.5″ squares sewn in rows of 4 squares. 
Press first row to Left, 2nd to Right, 3rd to Left and 4th to Right. 
This will nest your seams perfectly and align all of the squares. 
Your middle section will measure 4.5″ square.
1st Gray border: 
2 strips–1.5″x4.5″ Attach these to the top and bottom. 
2 strips–1.5×6.5″ attach these to the sides. 
Your block will now measure 6.5″ square.
1st Colorful border: 
2 strips made of 6–1.5″ squares.  Attach these to the top and bottom. 
2 strips made of 8–1.5″ squares.  Attach these to the sides. 
Your block will now measure 8.5″ square.
2nd. Gray Border: 
2 strips–1.5″x8.5″ Attach to the top and bottom. 
2 strips–1.5″x 10.5″ Attach to the sides. 
Your block will now measure 10.5″ square.
Final Colorful Border: 
2 strips made of 10–1.5″ squares.  Attach these to the top and bottom. 
2 strips made of 12–1.5″ squares.  Attach these to the sides. 
Your block will now measure 12.5″ square.
Even though they are sashed differently you can see how cute they will be in a quilt when used together.
Enjoy & if you use either tutorial I’d love to see pics!!

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  • Wow they are so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  • I'd really struggle with the accuracy of the seams with my ancient sewing machine which swings seams up, down, left, right and all over the place. BUT, I could make this work if I paper pieced it (which I am kind of addicted to anyway) so it would make a great summer holiday (no sewing machine on holiday!) project – keep the blocks coming so I have a whole collection to make by August! I love both blocks!

  • Fantastic block design. I like the strong contrast in them. You could use a honey bun to make them. Add it to the list….


  • Oh, I'm lovin' these blocks–future stashbusting quilt here I come! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  • I, too, would only be able to do this darling square via paper piecing. Voila, straight seams! Love your stashbuster blocks. They would be darling framed.

  • Me! Me! Me!

  • What a creative way to use bright , bold prints. I save any pieces leftover fron my quilts and this a great way to combine small pieces! Thank you, thank you, Dotti

  • I’ve always loved your colors of red and aqua and have used it recently in my quilts. Your two blocks are really nice and show off your fabrics in a wonderful way. The gray really complements all the bright colors in the block.

  • […] first extra block I made is the Stashbuster block by Little Miss Shabby. I am head over heels for this block — I love love love how […]

  • I know this is way late, but I made this block the other day! http://letseatgrandpa.com/2012/06/27/w-i-p-wednesday-7/ Thanks so much for the tutorial — I love it!

  • Thanks so much for this tute! I do save 1.5 inch squares and this makes them very useable! Hugs!

  • How cute these would be done in kid’s themed print, like Mickey Mouse, Star Wars etc and framed on the wall. Thanks for sharing. Love the blocks

  • Hi, and thanks for the fabulous tutorial! I just wanted to let you know I’ve made 9 of these blocks, in different variations, for a couple of bees I’ve been involved in. You can see the pics on my flickr page if you like: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lizziebird/13567135165/
    I also made one with deep slate (manatee grey) and now I saw you had done them too 😀

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