Friendship Circle Quilt Block05.07.15

Friendship Circle on Point

Today is my stop on the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog tour.  Things have been hectic over here with quilt market preparations so it’s nice to pop onto the computer for a minute to share with you all before all of those last minute details take over.


I always enjoy contributing to 100 blocks and this issue has some great blocks.  If you already have the issue, isn’t block #1020 just the cutest little block ever!–It’s on page 20. Check it out if you haven’t already!


My block is the last one in the magazine–block #1100, Friendship Circle.

Friendship Circle

It’s done in a variety of sherbert-y colors–some solids and some C&S basics.

One of my favorite parts about designing blocks for this magazine is playing with layouts in EQ.  I really like this block set on point in a mix of scrappy bright solids with Essex linen:

Linen Brights

It also works really well in a horizontal layout:

Linen Brights Horizontal

If you haven’t had a chance to peek at a copy yet–make sure you do!

For a chance to win a copy here on my blog, leave a comment below.   I’ll draw a winner Monday.

You can pop over to the Quilty Pleasures blog for other giveaways and to see the other featured bloggers for today.

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Blog Takeover!05.01.15

designer-blog-takeover_250x250 (1)


So you may have noticed all over blog land that the Moda Designer’s blogs are being taken over.  I’m pretty sure that’s because if they are like my mom, they haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with their blogs over the past few weeks.

Hi!–it’s me Chloe.  I pop up every now and then on my mom’s blog–so you’ve probably seen me around.


So, let’s take a little bit of time and talk about just what has been going on here over the last few weeks.  First of all, I think we all know what time of year it is—Quilt Market time.  Every year, twice a year, hundreds(maybe even thousands) of people from around the world travel to Quilt Market to look at quilts, fabrics, thread, and other such things.  So, what does this mean for me?  Well, this year my mom is going to Quilt Market as a fabric designer for Moda.  Apparently, that is something pretty exciting.  And, how do I know this?–Well for one thing, check out her face when she sees the UPS guy coming:

Mom Sees UPS

Who knew these sort of boxes would cause such excitement.

Moda Boxes

And once those boxes arrive, there is a lot of work to be done.  My grandma comes over and helps my mom sew, and sew, and sew.  And then piles of quilts start popping up everywhere.

Market Quilts

But there is still more work to be done.  Luckily for my mom, she has my sister and I to help her sew.

Girls Sewing during market prep

I don’t know what she would do without us!

You can get a little behind the scenes peek into some other Moda Designer’s blogs today as well:


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Letting the Cat out of the Bag04.06.15

Moda Boxes


I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret over the last year and boy has it been hard to keep to myself! =)  If you follow me over on Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen a little bit of this secret leaking out.   I snagged these pictures from IG as I haven’t had a proper chance to take any “real” photos.

Just over a week ago, two wonderful boxes of Moda goodness arrived on my doorstep filled with fabric and a lot of excitement ensued.  I have gotten wonderful boxes from Moda in the past but this one took the cake:


That is my name, alongside Moda Fabrics…eep!

Guys, Moda Fabrics introduced me to fabrics.  I very vividly remember the designer and the first line of fabric that I sought out back in the day of dial up internet.  I picked up what I could locally and then spent hours looking for more online–and we all know how slow going that was in the dial up days!  Plus your phone was busy for long periods of time as you looked for fabric…surely I’m not alone in this memory! =p

To say I am excited to have a fabric line with Moda would be an understatement and I can’t wait to share more about it with you all very soon!


I’d love if you’d follow along with me over on facebook or IG (lmsshabby) the first letter is a lowercase L.  I tend to post more on those spots than here when I am busier.  Although, I’ll definitely be sharing more here when I get the go ahead!

Happy Monday!

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Hello Friends and Happy Friday!  So, I am sitting here waiting from some programs to download on my computer(I got a new computer yesterday!–yay!)  and thought I’d shoot up a quick blog post while I wait. =)

So, no pretty pictures–I don’t really have any on this computer.

What I really wanted to post was a huge thank you to all of you who responded to my call for pattern testers!–I appreciate each one of you so much.  I received hundreds of wonderful emails & comments from all over the world from ladies eager to be testers.

Thank you, thank you!

I wish I could have reached out to each and every one of you–and wish I would have the time to thank each one of you personally!

I have several ladies working on my current round of patterns and I will be adding all of you who expressed an interest in pattern testing for me into a data base to pull from as I design new patterns that need tested.  So, if you didn’t hear from me over the last week, no worries–I will have more patterns I’ll need tested down the road. =)

Again, thank you all so much!

I can’t wait to share the patterns with you all!

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Pattern Testers Wanted03.09.15

Hello All!  I hope everyone’s Monday is off to a great start!  Here at the Yoder household it is off to a sleepy start.  The Spring time change is never a welcome one here.  It leaves us all tired, and slightly cranky.  However, I am very thankful not to have to adjust a newborn to the time change any longer–that was even trickier!  I am also excited to have temperatures nearing 50 today–that’s almost shorts weather here in Ohio folks! =p


Winterberry Fabrics

By they way, I don’t have photos exactly pertaining to today’s topic so instead I am interspersing this post with some beautiful Moda fabrics for no other reason than that a blog post needs some pretty pictures!

Fresh Air

Fresh Air Fabrics

January and February have proven to be very busy months.  With Spring Quilt Market just a couple months away, I have kicked things into a higher gear.  The reason for this is that I will be attending market again this Spring and I will be launching a new pattern line.


Feedsack Fabrics

I can’t wait to share my patterns with you. =)  Right now, they are in the testing phase and ready for some pattern testers.  I would love to compile a list of readers who might be interested in pattern testing for me.  Interested testers are those who love to make quilts, have an eye for detail, will give honest feedback,  & can test the patterns quickly(within a 1 to 2 week turn around).


Daysail Fabric

In return for your feedback,  you would receive the complete collection of this set of patterns upon their release and perhaps a little fabric surprise. =)

Daysail Fabrics

Daysail Fabrics

If this sounds like something that might interest you, send me an email(just hit the pink “contact me” button on the top right of my page).  I will be compiling a data base of testers and contacting several of you for this first round of patterns.

Thanks so much!

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Birchen Quilt02.23.15

Birchen Quilt

Happy Monday all!  Fat Quarter Shop has teamed up with Art Gallery Fabrics to release a number of free patterns for you all this year.  I was excited to be asked to participate in sharing the release of the first quilt pattern, Birchen.

For my quilt, I chose 2 fabrics from Petal and Plume (Panache in Fresco as well as Nib and Pluck in Zinnia) , Nature Elements in Green Tea, & Pure Elements in both Nocturnal & Linen White.

Art Gallery Fabrics

We were asked to make the blocks into whatever project we wanted to make.  The original Birchen Quilt pattern is for a 72 1/2″ square quilt, which is what I planned to make when I started my project.  I had my fabrics all cut out and was making the triangles for the blocks when my trusty Bernina of 15 years quit in mid-sew.  Mind you, this was on Wednesday–just a couple days ago Wednesday.

I called my local Bernina shop and was able to get a same day appointment for Thursday to have the machine serviced and ready to go by Thursday afternoon.  I was told to drop off the machine at 9 in the morning.  So, I showed up the next morning to do so–but they were closed!–and remained closed for the 1/2 hour I waited there for them to open.  I called at noon and they were still closed.  Not sure what happened!

I decided to stop at my local Sew & Vac (after I couldn’t reach the Bernina shop at noon)–I’d heard great things about them.  The folks that do the servicing were out of town but I was able to drop off my machine to have it looked at within the next few days–and they give out loaner machines to their customers to use while their machines are getting serviced.

So I have been using a wonderful Elna the last few days–it’s got all the bells and whistles.  My girls think it’s a fancy machine and want me to get rid of my Bernina and buy the Elna. =)  The Elna really has been a great machine to sew with over the past few days.


Because, my time was a bit more limited than I had planned for, I opted to make a Birchen mini–it finishes at approx. 36″ square and utilizes 2 of each of the blocks in a slightly different orientation than the original.  And then I finished off the quilt with some simple straight line quilting.

Here’s a picture of the original Birchen Quilt pattern as designed by FQS.  It features Hello Bear fabric by Bonnie Christine.

Birchen by FQS

Kimberly and the gang at Fat Quarter Shop have put together quilt kits for the Hello Bear quilt which can be found here.  The Birchen quilt pattern is a free pattern which you can find here.  Don’t be alarmed by the number of triangles!–They are made using triangle on a roll paper and are such fun to make.  If my sewing machine hadn’t conked out and my time cut so short, I definitely would have enjoyed making the large version.

In addition, Kimberly has put together a wonderful video to walk you through the making of this quilt.

Happy Sewing!

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Yummy Fabric Mix02.06.15

Fabric Mix

At the end of last year, I purchased a bundle of Mimosa by Windham fabrics.  I first saw peeks of it before Spring Quilt Market last year and knew it was a line that I wanted to have.  I was disappointed that it wasn’t shown at spring market as it was one of the lines I was really looking forward to seeing in person.

Fast forward to this past fall when Mimosa came out.  I knew I needed some of it because I planned to pair it with Flea Market Fancy and Katie Jump Rope.  In my mind, I knew they would be beautiful all mixed up.


Mimosa by Windham Fabrics

However, it wasn’t until yesterday, that I actually opened up my Mimosa fabrics and pulled my Flea Market Fancy & Katie Jump Rope from my stash to see just exactly how well they played together.

Over on Instagram Soak Wash has a great Photo of the Day thing going on where you post a picture based on their word of the day.  Yesterday’s word was “throwback”, so I figured between the reproduction feedsack prints & that FMF & KJR were printed from 2005-2007 that they fit the bill for my “throwback” photo.  Does 10 year old fabric count as a throwback? =p

Flea Market Fancy and Katie Jump Rope

Flea Market Fancy & Katie Jump Rope

And, oh my!.. they are beautiful together in all their feedsacky goodness.

Flea Market Fancy and Mimosa

FMF/KJR on the left, Mimosa on the right

I have no idea what quilt pattern I will be using for these fabrics, nor when I will have time to make said quilt.  But I am excited about it nonetheless!

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Vintage Fancy Medallion Quilt02.03.15

Vintage Fancy Medallion

Hello, Hello everyone!–First blog post of 2015..craziness!  So what has been happening here at the Yoder household?  Well, since my last post, we Christmassed & we New Yeared, got some stomach flu and some regular flu–battled some coughs(are still battling).  Traveled to Sight & Sound in PA with the girls as a surprise Christmas gift(some of the stomach flu was happening then).  Our little pup, Lilli, got really sick but she is much better now.

Some trunk shows happened, some classes were taught, a lot of great quilty friends were met, some meet-ups with blog readers were had.  And of course plenty of sewing has gone on.

Vintage Fancy

It’s been a busy start to what promises to be an exciting year.

If you follow me on IG (lmshabby the first letter is a lowercase L) or facebook you’ve seen snippets and pictures here and there of my Vintage Fancy Medallion quilt.  This is an additional pattern I have designed as a companion pattern to Playful Petals.

Medallion Center

Vintage Fancy finishes at 66″ x 66″ and features a little bit of everything; half square triangles, flying geese, and of course petal applique.


I machine quilted my quilt on my Bernina with only about 6″ of throat space–that was certainly a challenge–and a lot of bobbins!

Vintage Fancy Cover

Vintage Fancy PDF Pattern

Just click the link above to access the pattern.

For all of you Playful Petals fans, you now have 3 extra patterns made especially to compliment the patterns in the book:

Tiled Blooms Quilt

The Tiled Blooms pattern can be found in this post.

Mini Buds

And the Mini Buds pattern can be found here.


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More Spoonflower Fabric12.04.14

Spoonflower Fabric

The Spoonflower fabric I designed and had printed has arrived.  I think it turned out pretty cute and I was eager to turn it into handmade Christmas gifts.

The squares on this fabric are 2″–I designed it that way because I knew it’d be quick and simple to create cute patchwork by adding just a bit of machine quilting or hand quilting.  I decided I wanted to make some zippy pouches for teacher gifts/bus driver gifts etc.  Just tuck a little gift card inside along with a little lotion and lip balm and it’ll be a cute gift.

I pulled a few coordinating fabrics from my stash for the pouch linings.


I used this tutorial to create several quick (and easy!) zippy pouches.

Zippy Pouches

I played around a little bit with the machine quilting to add some easy snowflakes on one of the pouches(stitch #24 on my Bernina).

Snowflake Quilting

If you are interested in purchasing some of this fabric for your own projects you can find it here.

Are you working on any fun handmade Christmas gifts?

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Winged Blog Tour12.02.14


Hello, Hello!–I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We made it through–complete with the requisite holiday germs.  What is it about holidays and the sickies?…almost seems like you can’t have one without the other!  The girls are mostly on the mend–with some lingering coughs..and I was lucky enough to not get hit with it until yesterday–only one holiday party had to be missed.  I call that a success! =)

A few weeks back, I shared this wonderful stack of fabrics.  All Bonnie Christine fabrics for Art Gallery–it’s a mix of Reminisce, Sweet as Honey, & Winged.  And they go so beautifully together.  As soon as Bonnie asked me to participate in the Winged blog tour (to showcase her latest line of fabric, Winged), I knew that I wanted to mix these collections together–it’s “sherbety” goodness.

Bonnie Christine

When, I first started my project for this blog tour I had something completely different in mind.  I was going to share a quilt top with you along with a quick tutorial.  However, when I finished up the quilt top a couple weeks ago, I was so happy with the way it turned out that I ended up submitting it to a magazine to be considered for publication.  There’s one elusive magazine I’ve had my eyes set on that I’m hoping to get into–so we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, here’s a little peek at the quilt top.

Quilt top

So, that left me with a project still needing to be completed for today–and very little fabric left over with which to use.  I decided to make a table runner using my Stashbuster Blocks (1 & 2)


I added in a few more of the browns and charcoals from Sweet as Honey to add a bit more contrast.  I machine quilted the runner and surprisingly enough, I machine bound it as well.  The machine binding turned out very well, cutting my binding strips at 2 1/8″ instead of 2 1/4″ made a world of difference.  I almost always opt to hand stitch my binding–but decided to machine bind and it turned out wonderfully.


The completed runner measures 12″ x 36″ and will be a welcome addition to my coffee table.


The Winged Blog Tour will be running through the 18th of this month.  Yesterday, Jo, shared her Winged project &  tomorrow Taylor will be sharing her project.

Are any of you working with Winged right now?–what are you making if so?

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